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Chinese Media: The beginning of the end for Carson?

There was a small announcement made to the HKSE this morning by a company called iMerchants which could have significant bearing on Birmingham City’s future.

The announcement was in relation to a loan made to SMI Publishing (the company behind Sing Pao newspaper), which was guaranteed by Carson Yeung. The announcement talks about how the loan is now suffering impairment. What this means in layman terms is that the loan amount is being written off as the company loaning the money (or more likely their auditor) doesn’t think that they’re going to get their money back. The reason given for the impairment is because of Carson being charged with financial offences.

This is important because this is first definitive proof of an auditor or company deciding that Carson cannot or will not be able to pay back a loan. While it’s with a company that isn’t connected to BCFC or BIH, it would have to be inferred that if Carson cannot afford to pay this loan back then there may be other loans that require servicing that he would also no longer be able to guarantee – and if these loans were held by BIH then it could spell trouble for the club unless someone like Yang Yuezhou continues to pony up dough to ensure that they’re paid.

As ever, as more comes in, I’ll update on here. I’d also like to take the opportunity to make it clear to people wishing to comment that libel laws are very strict and that if something can’t be proven in court of law then it probably shouldn’t be posted on here as a comment.

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22 Responses to “Chinese Media: The beginning of the end for Carson?”

  • jmc says:

    The chairman of iMerchants happens to be Raymond Yau Yan Ming who is also a Independent Non-executive Director of BIH.

  • Pete says:

    So this means there isn’t any proof yet of carson not being able to pay – the guy writing off the loan is in a roundabout way, investing in the club then? Do we know how much the loan was?

    • almajir says:

      No, because it’s nowt to do with the club – it’s to do with another of Carson’s companies – and it is proof because effectively his company accountants have said “don’t bother sticking that 2 mil loan as an asset on the balance sheet cos you ain’t getting it back”

  • gary says:

    This is most likely just a bit of accountancy. Writing off debts when the debt itself has actually been used as a benefit is common and easily written of against tax. The benefit is not obvious like purchasing something that has a future value but it will have benefitted in meeting costs or debts. I have no idea how it works in HK but I wouldnt read into it too much as there could be dozens of reasons for doing it. Taxation and asset value being the main ones.

  • bassman says:

    or its some mate of carson’s who doesn’t want ,or need to be the straw that breaks the camels back, while the man is in such a vulnerable position.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    Hypothetically speaking, just say that this is the ‘end’ of Carson Yeung and he is found guilty does this also mean the end of BIH and presumably BCFC? I am right in thinking that there are other shareholders in these companies but can they keep going as independent concerns if Carson was jailed?

  • hammy says:

    there will be people watching the events at BCFC, and im pretty sure were gonna have new owners sooner or later…..

  • P.J.Nicholls says:

    I believe CY has a 23%stake in BCFC.
    What is not clear is who owns the other 77%.
    The overall value then has to be worked out as we hear that CY paid too much for the company from Gold & Sullivan.
    The important part as I see it is what is the company worth now not what CY would ask for it.
    This is relevant now because in the event of a break up I am sure there must be a sum that investors would be interested in paying out & which the banking institutions would be prepared to allow money to be raised to buyout CY’s 23% which is considerably less than when he bought it.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Isn’t Carson Yeung’s stake in BIH 29%? Will it mean a new share issue if he drops out?

  • John says:

    I didn’t sell my shares when Carson took over, I live abroad and didn’t receive the forms. Does this mean I still have a small stake in BCFC?? I think I am classed as a minority shareholder. If anyone knows I would really appreciate some feedback, thanks.

  • jaffa says:

    I only hope that all the money raised from player sales and parachute payments does not end up in CY pocket.

  • chris says:

    John you should also be receiving the annual accounting information.
    You may get this by contacting the club who’s registered office is at St Andrews Stadium, Birmingham, B9 4RL

  • Bluehobba says:

    Good work again Almajir

  • bestcover says:

    CY does not own any part of BCFC. The majority shareholder of BCFC is BIH with the remaining shareholders being people like John. CY I believe owns 26% if BIH. He cannot sell his shares in BIH even if a white knight comes along – as his assets are frozen. If the Court gave him permission to sell, the money would be frozen.

    • almajir says:

      Not strictly true. As Carson owns a percentage of BIH he therefore owns a similar percentage in BCFC (BIH own something like 96.5% of BCFC).

      Also, I’m very sceptical that his assets have actually been frozen. Not seen any concrete proof – ie court documents – to substantiate that the application has been successful.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    CY’s position reminds me of playing Monopoly, everything’s mortgaged to the bank, you just hope you can get to GO without landing anywhere expensive. I just think he’s landed on Mayfair and he don’t own it….

  • Aussie Blue says:

    Not sure if this is old news …. but Carson paid his bail in cash

    “Carson Yeung out and free to travel on a CASH bail (HK$8 Million or 650,000 quid), next court appearance is on 7 December. ”
    …. he is accused money laundering, and then just happens to be able to pay his bail in CASH… nice work if you can get it

  • Matthew says:

    can you shed some light on the name Yáng Jiāchéng?? it has popped up on several photos of Yeung?? is this his actual name?

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