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Mudanjiang and Vico

Regular readers will know that one thing I have striven to do with this website is to keep track of what is happening in China with BIHL. Whilst looking for information on what is happening with Birmingham City’s parent company I came across this article concerning erstwhile Chairman of BCFC and Chief Executive of BIHL, Vico Hui.

On December 15 Mr Hui met with party apparatchiks from a fast growing city in the Northeast of China called Mudanjiang. The main gentleman in question, Mr Li Dexi was in Hong Kong to give a keynote speech at a forum for urban competitiveness, and it is thought he met with Mr Hui (alongside various other Hong Kong businessmen) to discuss projects that might take place in Mudanjiang. This isn’t anything new for BIHL – this website has before brought details of deals with cities like Ordos, Qufu and Dafeng – of which little has come of fruition.

Whilst this is the case we must hope that Mr Hui is doing what he can to diversify the business interests of BIHL which would in turn benefit Birmingham City. As more news breaks on this I will endeavour to update the site.

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