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Directorial Changes at BIH

Birmingham International Holdings have announced in the last few hours that executive director Hua Yong has resigned from his position.

Mr Hua, who was appointed when Yang Yuezhou joined the board on August 31 2011, is a manager from Mr Yang’s development company based in Qinghai. As of yet I am unsure if this will change anything for BIH, but I would infer from his job and from the timing of his appointment to a director that he was one of Mr Yang’s men on the board and Mr Hua’s resignation means Mr Yang will have less influence.

As and when more news breaks I will try to update the blog.

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9 Responses to “Directorial Changes at BIH”

  • Donner Blixen says:


  • poppa999 says:

    Do you think things will become clearer when financial dealings are reveal on 31 Jan?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    No racial slurs concerning the Chinese ownership,!!. but their way of conducting themselves are a million miles from our ways, — Hence all the uncertainty which abounds amongst us Bluenoses,!!.

  • viperblue says:

    Great info as always but
    all getting boring…we just have to wait and see what happens when accounts revealed.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Pannu actually provided a review on the website, but as one woiuld expect, he said diddly about what matters and rambled on about everything we know about. Like you say its dead boring!

  • Danny B says:

    Do you know if he had much involvement whilst on the board? Also how long do you think we can survive in this current situation, I expect the end of yr results should help clarify things a little but my feeling is that if was in serious trouble then Foster would be offloaded permanently and not left out on loan for the next 6months and of course other regular 1st team players would already have been sold.

  • […] was appointed to the board on 31 August,  at the same time as the other recently departed director Hua Yong and deputy chairman Yang […]

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