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More Directorial Changes at BIHL

A second executive director in ten days has resigned from the board of BIHL this morning.

Mr Jiang Hong Qing has reportedly left the board to concentrate on his personal career development. Mr Jiang was appointed to the board on 31 August,  at the same time as the other recently departed director Hua Yong and deputy chairman Yang Yuezhou.

Mr Jiang, a 44 year old architect, has confirmed in the announcement that he has no claim against the company and that there is nothing to be brought to the club’s attention.

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18 Responses to “More Directorial Changes at BIHL”

  • quokkasskip says:

    This could be a good sign as I am sure Deputy Chairman Yang Yuezhou would not let his cronies leave the board if there was any risk of him not getting his money back. Alternatively, it could be rats jumping of a sinking ship, but i doubt that.

  • bluenose11 says:

    wont pretend to understand the complexities of all thats going on here but i must admit it does look like rats leaving a sinking ship from where im standing. it seems there are mixed signals first we need a firesale in january then theres money and we dont need to sell and directors leaving bih by the week (is there any significance they are both yang yuezhou s people ) sorry if this post seems a little confused but its because i am ????????

  • kfpkelly says:

    Its not unusual for an investor to appoint non executive directors into a company such as BIHL to report back and protect their investment. When they leave for polite reason of career development it is a result of investor being comfortable and confident willing to be more hands on or it could be more simple in trimming the fat off in terms of directors salaries and running the company on a minimal compliment to be cost effective. One thing is absolutely sure when you invest multiple millions you do not walk away or relinquish your investment lightly and BIHL and BCFC are viable concerns hence the likely action is to invest further to bolster your existing commitment. Even if your prepping for sale you need to improve the balance on the books and make BIHL reasonably attractive. I believe BCFC will either get investment imminently or be sold before end of this season as a potential entry point into the Premier League. Keep the Faith KRO

  • bluenose11 says:

    would the source of the incoming finance not have to be declaired anyway especcially with carsons recent history

  • bluenose11 says:

    sorry alleged history

  • pierre says:

    i am not a financial expert but if we continue our present good form into the second half of the season, surely we will attract more potential investors to our club.

  • onlyme says:

    We can all speculate and throw theorys in the air, but it may just be as simple as new money coming in, with whoever investing wants those seats on the board filled in with their man……….Simples…..

    Whatever happens, its all fun at the fair………KRO..

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I had always thought Jiang Hong Qing was there to work on the property side of the BIHL entity given his qualifications (architect).

    As BIHL haven’t been doing any property development I gather there isn’t a definitive role for him so he moves on.

    Theoretically a director is there to represent the interests of ALL shareholders, not single investors.

    • Dirty Bertie says:

      People forget, while BCFC is 96% of BIHL, BIHL wants to be a lot more than a football club. They’ve tried and seem to have failed with a lot of deals in China and the outlook for the Chinese economy is not good, tho’ not as bad as for the rest of us.

      BIHL may be getting its ducks in a row.

      (Not quite as exciting as playing Wolves – just)

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