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The Season So Far In Numbers Pt II

A little while back I wrote a piece about some of the facts and figures surrounding this season, and after coming across an excellent statistics website (courtesy of NevBCFC on the BCFC Free Forums site) I thought it might be time to add some more.

One thing I’ve spoken about consistently this season is how much more enjoyable it seems – Blues are more attacking, more likely to score and more likely to win last season. However, it’s a fact that Blues are playing at a lower level than last year, so is this just par for the course because of that? Let’s look at the breakdown.

So far this season, Blues have failed to score in only 6 of their 40 league games – or 15%. 3 of those have come at home – Southampton, Brighton and Hull and three away – Reading, Cardiff and Crystal Palace. This compares favourably with our last three seasons, which read as 29% last year (10/38), 24% the year before (8/38) and 20% the year before that (9/46).

Blues have now scored three or more goals in a game ten times – (Blackpool, Middlesbrough, Watford and Millwall at home, Leeds, Burnley, Barnsley, Forest, Millwall and Doncaster away) which is double the amount of times they’ve done it in the league in the last three seasons combined. Last season Blues failed to score three times in any league game; the year before they did it once (the 3-2 win away at Wigan) and even in the Championship promotion season of 08/09 they only managed it four times (Sheffield Wednesday, Watford and Charlton at home, Swansea away).

Another pointer to a more enjoyable season is that Blues have won by two or more goals twelve times this season – again, vastly superior to the past few seasons. We managed it twice last year (Blackpool and Sunderland at home), zero times in the season we finished 9th and in the Promotion season of 08/09 we managed it five times (Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, Forest and Barnsley at home, Doncaster away).

I think this proves without a shadow of a doubt that Chris Hughton’s Blues side is more attacking. There seems to be an intent to really kill off teams, and it shows in our goal difference which is a very respectable +23. No team in the division has scored more than Blues 36 goals away and only 2 have scored more goals than Blues in total.

For those who want to take heart in how things are doing for our promotion push, it does appear that Blues have hit form at the right time. Right now, their form is seventh best in the division over the last six games (P6W3D1L2F12A10). More impressive to me is the graph of where our standings in the division, which have gradually trended upwards throughout the year.

All in all, there is a lot to feel positive about Blues right now. We’re scoring goals, we’re winning games and we’re looking useful for promotion. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this season and I hope wherever we end up next season, we can keep it up.

All stats taken from Statto.com

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14 Responses to “The Season So Far In Numbers Pt II”

  • Griff says:

    Blues have now scored more than three goals in a game ten times – ……. Burnley…. away)

    Blues scored three goals away to Burnley last night. That’s not “more than three”.

  • If you draw the best line through your graph it alights at second at game 46! Wishful thinking in all probability (another statistical term) but it can’t be denied on the evidence. :-D

  • Only-Me says:

    Some good stats there, absolutely chuffed with the win against Burnley, a couple of home wins now would really set the torch alight.
    keep up the good work almajir, this is one of my first ports of call for a good read.

    on another note, heres another good little read…


  • Andy says:

    Here’s one negative stat for you which might explain why CH goes for the goals.

    Blues have lost the most points in the league from a winning position:


  • Oldbluenose says:

    Whatever the stats show, There can be no doubting that under C,H’s, stewardship, We are a forward looking team, [ not defensive minded ],!!.
    It makes one wonder, that if C,H. ever gets the financial backing, he/we, deserve, Then it definately will be upward and onward for us,!!.

  • I wonder how the same plots would look for the other promotion contenders

  • Only-Me says:

    Pedantic pete…

    Have a look for yourself, just looking at the stat site, our away form has drasticly picked up, if we can keep putting in the performances, we could jump into 3rd, which would mean we play the 6th team in the playoffs to start with.


  • Paulo says:

    Another very illuminating piece almajir! ..and yes I believe that the previous stats reflect what was Alex Mc(4-5-1)leish’s passion, which was more than questionable at best.
    It also shows Chris Hughton’s drive and commitment to his team, and always praises us when we’re noisy as hell …so it comes as a pleasing surprise to see the results so far in this way.
    The results are pointing in the best direction possible, and although we have suffered losses and a few continual draws, this shows something to be proud of!

    I wonder what seeing the stats for ‘the vile’ would be like (ha ha), not that i’m interested ..honestly!!!

  • BowThai says:

    Enjoyed that again.Stats are good,facts are Great and the facts are we are 4th and CH has done one hell of a super job!I think we will come 5th,play Bpool and end up V westspam in the final.KRO

  • Stevie Blue says:

    Another stat. All this is feelgood factor, goalscoring and exciting football being played out with a first team squad containing by my reckoning just 6, yes 6 players that cost a fee. Murphy, Davies, Ibanez, Fahey, Elliott and Zigic. (I stand to be corrected Almajir!).

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Unfortunately the attendance stats are not encouraging. One reason given by fans in the past that I know and in the press and on websites for their not coming is the safety first football we have had to put up with in recent times under our two previous managers. As you have outlined above that is not the case now yet our top attendance in the league this season is 21426 ( helped by a large Leeds contingent). Too many people have lost the habit of going to matches and this trend shows no real sign of reversing. If we got to the Premiership the gap between us and the haves is already massive- large empty spaces compound the problems. Everton and the Vile with their capacities and attendances have found the gap impossible to breach and we are at even more of a disadvantage unless we have an owner with bottomless pockets.

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