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Trophy on the Pitch?

Would you want to see Reading presented with the Championship trophy at St Andrews this weekend? It’s a question that’s doing the rounds of the forums at the moment and it’s one I’ve been thinking about myself.

I can easily understand why many people are inclined to say “no” straight away. It’s almost like the ultimate insult in some ways to see the opposition handed a trophy on our turf; to let them celebrate in front of their away following winning a trophy whilst Blues look on like the forgotten bridesmaids. As much as it’s the “proper” thing to do to applaud the winners I can agree with those that say it would stick in their craw somewhat.

The other thing that would worry me about them having the trophy on the pitch is that I think some fans would take it badly enough to maybe do something that we really wouldn’t want to see; whilst I have no problem with fans making St Andrews a hostile place to come with intimidating noise etc I have no desire to see the club penalised because some fans can’t see the line and are willing to take things too far.

I can see reasons to be happy with the idea too. As much as it’s in the Corinthian spirit to be sporting losers and allow the winning team some glory, I think there are good reasons for allowing it that are maybe not quite so moral. You see, what concerns me is that Blues really could do with winning the game this weekend, and Reading are on a bit of a run – 48 points from their 54 points to a team that just don’t stop winning games. However, they were held to a draw on Saturday by Crystal Palace at the Madejski stadium and I wonder if a feeling of “after the Lord Mayor’s parade” might creep in if they know they’re getting the trophy at St Andrews.

I mean, with the trophy won, promotion sorted and everyone happy wouldn’t it be just possible for the Reading players to be mentally on holiday against Blues? Is it all likely that despite there being a whopping 4250 away following wanting a successful end to the season it could end in anti-climax? I’d like to think there is a chance – and beating Reading on our turf would be enough for me to be happy with them parading their trophy.

I’ve not seen anything to say one way or another what will be happening with regards to the trophy. I suspect much will be decided tonight by West Ham; if they turn over Leicester then I reckon Sky will be covering the Southampton v Coventry and West Ham v Hull games on the final day as the battle for second; if West Ham lose then everything is pretty much decided barring the outside chance Middlesbrough getting into the playoffs and it might just be that Sky will want to cover the champions. If that’s the case, then I don’t imagine Blues will have much say in what happens re the trophy presentation.

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24 Responses to “Trophy on the Pitch?”

  • Mark Peacock says:

    Reading will be given the trophy on our pitch on Saturday.

    They will have to wait until our players have done a lap of honor and our fas have left and then they will get their trophy which I have no problem with!

  • Oby says:

    I have no problem with it at all, after all they deservedly won the title, and if as what Mark has said above they are presenting the trophy at the end of our lap of honour, our fans can simply leave the ground then.

  • William Oddie says:

    Hi, Reading fan here. Just to note that RFC will NOT be being presented with the trophy at St Andrews on Saturday. Football League safety rules state that the trophy can not be presented away from home for the obvious reasons. Reading have a planned parade through the town on Sunday which concludes with the trophy presentation on the Madejski pitch. Looking forward to a tough game Saturday! All the best in the play offs, hope to see you all again in the prem next year.

  • quokkasskip says:

    Dont think our players will do a lap of honour on Sat. The season is not over!!!!
    Happy for Reading to be presented with the Trophy they have deservedly won. If you dont want to see it you can leave the ground at the final whistle!!!

  • Tom Wallis says:

    I’m a Reading fan. I was hoping to be presented with the trophy after the final whistle this Saturday at St Andrew’s. I thought this would happen as the F.L have allowed West Brom to receive the trophy at QPR a few seasons back. But our club have announced that because of a F.L regulation we won’t be receiving the trophy on Saturday and we’ll get it on our parade on Sunday. So I guess you dont have to worry about us getting it at your ground.

  • Dave says:

    Personally would happily applaud reading if they were presented with the trophy at St Andrews. They won it and they won it well we should show some class as supporters and honour what they’ve done… We have had a great season under the circumstances and I’d hate to think anyone would begrudge Blues what try had earnt over the course of a season

  • Woodster04 says:

    As a true blue nose living in Reading the last thing me or my son need is to loose the match at St Andrews as we’ve been having banter with the Royals since we got our tickets. Don’t fancy the M40 or A34 on the way back down if we’ve lost. With regards to the trophy I don’t think it’s wise to present it at our place, just not sensible. I will say though that I think Reading have done superb this season and credit to their manager, with the new investment they should have a great future. Just hope its not investment like we had, Portsmouth or Rangers!!!!!

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Has anyone thought if BLUES did go up,would they be allowed to play in P/L ??

    Thought the chairman had to be “FIT & PROPER” ??

    Are the accounts out soon ALMAJIR ??

    K`R`O. ;)

    • almajir says:


      First of all, the chairman has to be fit and proper in the Championship too. Carson doesn’t fail the test in either division; although he may well do if he is convicted.

      As for the accounts – they are due out April 30. We shall see what happens then.

  • NooBloo says:

    The Sponsors of the Championship pay good money to have their trophy presented in public and the fact that it is at st Andrews is just the way things have worked out. So lets applaud the champions and then go and beat them

  • chris says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, I think it would be good to see a league title at St. Andrew’s. The thing I wouldn’t like is if we give them a guard of honour

  • andy says:

    I hope Reading get the parade through their town unlike Blues did after winning the Carling Cup last year! Im not keen on the idea a team should be presented with the Championship trophy at an opposition ground, though i feel we should applaud Reading on saturday for their achievement.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Were any trophy to be presented in ‘fait accompli’ situation, then surely it should be presented BEFORE the kick-off. Reading have earned it and secured it before the outcome of their last match, so it could be presented beforehand.

    BUT…as they’re going to get it at their own home, the next day – I’m fine with that. More of their supporters get to see it.

    Wonder what the Reading fans thought of Blues’ celebration at their ground when we secured Promotion last time?


  • CH-FreeArmy says:

    Coming from a completely different angle – Seeing the trophy presented, could spur the Blues players on that liitle bit more to gain promotion themselves.

  • andy says:

    Why on earth would we want to see somebody elses trophy anyway? Next time we go the Emirates maybe we should parade the Carling Cup there! Load of nonsense, Reading, or any other team for that matter, should have the Championship trophy presented on their own turf.

  • Clyde says:

    We won’t be collecting the trophy at your place – a real shame. Several Reading fans have complained to the Football League, including myself, but we’ve all received the same response =(:

    “The Football League competitions department has reiterated that this is League policy for a number of reasons relating to supporters and safety. Allowing the trophy presentation to occur at away grounds, even if only in front of relatively few supporters, may present logistical difficulties for both clubs and supporters in relation to safety. With the agreement of clubs concerned, they will organise an opportunity for all their fans to celebrate their achievement, and Reading have stated they will hold a civic reception on Sunday. This obviously ensures a large number of their supporters can enjoy the presentation and celebrations at the same time.

    I’m afraid we would be unable to elaborate any further on this policy but we would advise you contact the club directly for further information on their planned civic reception.”

    So we’re having a bus parade with no trophy and collecting the trophy in the Mad afterwards. Very poor planning by Reading.

  • Pandiani says:

    We were given the trophy at the McAlpine in 1995. We all had to wait a while whilst the ground was cleared of hostile Huddersfield fans but Daishy eventually came back out with the trophy. There are a few clubs I wouldn’t want to see lording it around B9 but good luck to Reading, they’ve deserved it. Let’s show a bit of grace and give them a guard of honour onto the pitch too.

  • Paulo says:

    I personally would NOT want my face rubbed in it, by seeing a winners trophy, on our pitch ..in Small Heath, presented to someone else.
    However, I have no ill feeling for Reading, they have played well and proved themselves to be worthy of promotion, and have a manager that has achieved it with them.
    I only hope that on Sunday they actually have the ceremony at the Madejski, where their fans can be involved on their turf.
    ..and probably no hostilities and safety issues as well …imagine the policing???

    KRO to the play offs! ..cos it aint over till the fat lady sings!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Present it to them in their own place. That way more of their fans can see the presentation. The FL has for once made the correct decision.

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