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Pride, Passion and the Right Mentality

So here we are. The first of two, possibly three games that will govern which division Blues will play in next season and may well decide the future path of the club for the next few years. A lot has been talked about – tactics, players, and momentum to name but three and I don’t really want to rehash that sort of thing again. Instead, I wanted to jot down my thoughts about it all.

I’ll admit here and now I’m excited about the games coming up. I’m not sure if Blues can do it and finish the job to take them up, but I am looking forward to seeing us try. For me this season has been about Blues trying to win games, and yes, whilst we may have dropped 31 points from a winning position we’ve also gained 18 from a losing position. It’s been a helluva difference from the “must not lose” mentality employed by our previous manager (and it’s fair to say a few others in the top flight), the whole “every point is a prisoner” thing – and it’s meant for exciting games.

I listened to this interview with Steven Caldwell on Talksport, and he made it clear that Blues wouldn’t be playing to draw the away game. The attitude of “playing to your own strengths” rather than trying to counter the opposition speaks volumes of Hughton’s management. I think he’s tried to instil the belief into the players that they can win any game and I hope it translates onto the pitch into a confident performance. It’s funny, but when he says that they won’t be “sitting tight” away from home it makes me think just how much different things are to last year.

I’m somewhat jealous of the people who are going to the game too. I had absolutely no chance of getting a ticket as I haven’t got an away travel card, and I wasn’t surprised at how quickly the 2000 tickets available were snapped up. Blackpool on a Friday night with a three-day weekend to follow has got to be an absolute gem of an away trip and I hope all those that do go have a great time.

What has also impressed me is just how many home tickets have been sold; we’re five days away from the event and the last update I saw on Twitter was that 350 restricted view tickets were all that was left – and this was about 5pm on Thursday afternoon. If the game can have the intensity of the Nacional or Brugge games from the crowd I think we’ll frighten Blackpool into submission.

Whatever happens though, I’ll be proud of this Blues team. Whilst we may not have reached the dizzying heights of a cup final and the number of household names has been few they’ve played this season with a passion that has made me proud to be a Bluenose. I think most fans would agree with me that if the team gives all it can on the field it’s all we can ever ask of them and for the most part of this season that’s exactly what we’ve got.

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20 Responses to “Pride, Passion and the Right Mentality”

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Spot on – This season has been a breathe of fresh air…watching a team that passes & moves ,
    always looking to win the game.

    The Blackpool games will be epic , with two attacking teams having a right old go..
    would have made a great final.

    However , West Ham , Sullivan , Gold & Brady are our destiny… & how ironic …
    They couldn’t sell us quick enough & wrap themselves in Claret & Blue..

    What goes around , always comes around….!!!

  • Macc lad says:

    Win or lose its been a fantastic season. Much better than I dared to imagine. Thanks for this has to go out to Chris Hughton, and to Peter Pannu for the foresight in appointing him.

  • Spotlight Kid says:

    I’d swap ‘pride, passion and the right mentality’ for ‘tactics, concentration & resolute professionalism’ any day…!

  • jake says:

    Hi Almajir,

    Does the away goal rule count?

  • Subber says:

    Hope you’re filthy club stay down.

    Inbalanced articles like this are one of a number of reasons why I will never by that awful blue nose rag that is the mail.

    • almajir says:

      Firstly, it’s “your”, not “you’re”

      Secondly, a villa fan complaining about a pro-Blues article written by a Blues fan on a Blues website? Hmmm.

      Thirdly, don’t bother commenting again.

      Ta ra

    • Blue in Spain says:

      You mean that Bluenose rag thats been touting our manager for the Baggies? Pleb, then again it’s difficult for you Villans to be anything but negative when it costs you 8 million a year per manager!

    • B'ham Mail says:

      Please ‘Subber’ don’t leave us…

      We love you….

  • Will all Bluenoses remember how our season started if we don’t make it through? I doubt it. I agree Almajir, we can be rightly proud of how far we’ve come this season. The value added by CH on joining us has been immense and the challenges we’ve faced have been considerable throughout. I hope the players don’t feel fan pressure not to lose, but just go out there and play their way – AND WIN!

  • Tom says:

    This will be a nail biting night for me here in Germany. BEST WISHES. BiG – Blues in Germany

  • Ted says:

    I’ll be following the game from San Francisco International Airport en route back to Brum for next weeks leg. If we go up the travel will be worth every penny and if we don’t it’s still be a great season that I’ve enjoyed tremendously. KRO Go out and play Blues… enjoy it. Viva Hughton!

  • mitchell says:

    Bricking it and excited in equal measures!

    If we play our usual style and try to win a football match, we will prevail.


  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Blues will win in style.

    Stick a few shillings on it. All previous form and statistics will go out the window. MK to get a brace.

  • Kaje says:

    None of the three title words shown tonight. Abysmal stuff.

    Here’s hoping it’s far more positive for the home leg.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Bleeding awful year. Very little to moan about, how miserable can life get? Ah, thank gawd, poor performance, fluke goal, we’re on our way out! Or will BigZig save the day? Bet he does!! KRO

  • Tara says:

    We didn’t show up tonight and a few of the younger lads had stage-fright but we are still only a goal down and a home match to play, so you can’t count us out just yet.
    If Fahey and Specs and Zigic are fit enough to play I think we have a chance to turn this around,

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