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Snippet from China on Promotion Push

Whilst there hasn’t been much about Blues in China recently I picked up this piece today from Apple Daily about Blues’ promotion push.

courtesy Apple Daily

In the piece (which is rather clumsily translated here), Fung Ka Ki talks briefly about how the club did well to finish fourth, about the playoffs being tough with the other relegated Premier League teams and about how promotion would mean a lot more money into Blues.

In honesty, it’s not much really but it does show that Blues are still slightly newsworthy in China. Alas, there is nothing about Carson though in the press recently.

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  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Goes to show if circumstances were different, perhaps there was a strategy for introducing BCFC and Birmingham to China by CY and BIHL. Still a possibility it could work out if CY gets to live up to one of his company names – Great Luck Management………

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