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Carson’s House – The Saga Continues…

Earlier this month I confirmed on this blog that Carson had lost his court case regarding his property on Barker Road, and was given 56 days to pay up or quit the property.

It’s now emerged in the Chinese language press that Carson has appealed the decision, and his wife and his mother have also joined the lawsuit.

As of the moment I do not have full details of the appeal – I expect that these will emerge in the next couple of days and I will be able to update further.

edit 20:00 June 20 – according to the Hong Kong Daily News Carson’s wife apparently wasn’t aware of the repossesion of the house until she read the papers.

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47 Responses to “Carson’s House – The Saga Continues…”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Mixed Feelings Here,

    1, Serves him right for all his manipulations,!!.

    2, Rotten for anyone to lose their home,?.

    • steve jarvis says:

      NN not if they are a crook. If your a Blues fan, how can you happy at what he`s done to our club. No other club has won a major trophy and then sold all of the first team, most for `undisclosed fees`, then can`t publish accounts meaning we can`t function as a club. This lot are worse than the Kumarss!

  • Hugo says:

    I really hope he gets rid of Blues soon but I just cant see it, he will be around us for a long time yet I fear

  • prewarblue says:

    “The Saga Continues”,,,,,,,,its nothing like “Star Wars”,,,,,,Try “The Never Ending Story ” instead !

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Heres a thought…..

    What if he is appealing because he is innocent of all allegations?

    What If…he is innocent all along and has had to endure a campaign set out to smear his image and make it difficult for him as a businessman?

    What if …..this time xmas he is cleared of all charges and gets back in the saddle riding into Blues like a Ninja in shining armour?

    Now theres a thought…….

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    Footballs crazy nowadays!!!……………..we’re hanging on every word about a corrupt Chinese barber and his mom…..you’ve got to laugh.I’m sure it wasnt like this when I was a kid (30 odd years ago)

    Its serious stuff for us! I know that but If you cant see the funny side you may as well follow the Vllla.


    Just sell up Carsen.

  • joking says:

    You get my vote mate. Wouldn’t that quieten down all the pessimists

  • dazulu says:

    Even if he is proved to be innocent of all charges, he still needs to leave the club. The damage is done.

    • James Black says:

      So if your ruined by a mis-deed or false charge or wrongly accuse (not saying he is have no idea) then that would make it your fault. kinda twisted logic there. If we was such an attractive proposition someone would be coming forward. The fact there is no buyer in sight tells its own story. Would you really? I wouldnt wanna be subjected to hate from people argueing about what i should be doing with my money , people who have no idea about business. i would never put a penny into any football club even if i was a multi multi billionaire cuz i couldnt take the hate from those that have no idea about any damned thing on earth let alone how to run a football club. Remember many here are still talking in terms of pocketing cash without even the slightest suggestion of evidence. Laughable really when he paid double what it was worth and has lost millions from his venture.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I fear this may be another delaying technique until he can get his next bit of money from a blues player sale.

    To forevertheoptimist, what if you find fairies at the bottom of the garden? Its not gonna happen mate. There’s optimism and there is delusion.

  • marky says:

    i think we should cut the guy some slack he losing his house because he took a loan out for the club thanks for the best day i have ever had as a blues supporter that wonderful day at Wembley ,but having said that i do hope he sells to someone with a few bob

  • andy says:

    Doug Ellis summed up the problem when he said Carson tried to buy Villa on borrowed money. A disaster waiting to happen.

  • Ted says:

    There is a multi-millionaire supposed Blue-nose comedian who’s been getting cheap laughs at our expense his whole career who could purchase the club and hardly dent his portfolio. Will he? Not at all likely. We all know who he is…

    • James Black says:

      Yer and he also resigned from the board many years ago cuz it was a headache so i think his got more sense. Too much hate from the fans who wants that.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


        He resiged from the board cos they decided to sell TF whilst he was on holiday without his consent.

        • James Black says:

          Paul, are you sure? Not saying your wrong cuz im old and senile and memory you know it goes fuzzy, but i thought it was quite a few years after that that he was on the board.

  • DoctorD says:

    If you type “Barker Road Hong Kong” into maps.google.com you can see the kind of properties on that address by choosing the “street view” option. Interestingly, most of the properties are big blocks of flats — not sure if CY owns just one apartment or the whole lot.

  • Blueinthai says:

    I hope he does sell and there may come a point at which he has no choice to but to be afair to him we are looking at it purely from the footy fan standpoint and apart from maybe a couple of mundane seasons with no ambition we have little to lose personally.Our lives go on the same.
    He is the guy actually in the situation of facing finacial ruin so he has to take care of his own interests .
    In his position all of us would do the same and delay the inevitable as long as possibe in the belief we could turn things around and go again.
    I have to say he is a tough cookie given everything that has been thrown at him in the last year or so.
    I get the distinct feeling Mc Judas is not on his xmas card list so its a pity CY cant sue him for incompetence or one or two of the players for negligence. Now there is a thought.!

  • Swiss Jonny says:

    Its a flat.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    May I apologise for that stupid coment I made in frustration yesterday.

    Sorry mate.

  • cecilFW says:

    The question is, what can us fans do to bring forward the sale of the club rather than allow a long drawn out saga that will suit Yeung but strangle the club? This could eaily drag on for a couple of years – with our main supply of funds cut off and no transfers allowed – we can’t let that happen.

  • Steve-0 says:

    Even if Carson is innocent of everything pointed at him, he still needs to go. He has demonstrated no ambition here and even through this period he has not reached out once to the people of Birmingham. BIHL and BCFC are nothing but business entities for him and he will hold onto them for as long as he longer needs them.

    • James Black says:

      Just curious how do you show ambition with your funds frozen and facing a court case that may mean jail for many years. When he took over the club which he foolishly paid too much for he did show ambition and did invest until everything that happened happened. He has lost a pile of money on the club despite silly comments about pocketing cash, and i don’t think he exactly planned for arrest nor frozen funds. Just curious how you show ambition in those circumstance. sometimes people should for just one minute stand in another mans shoes and ask what would you do.

  • Mark Y says:

    The key issue about this aspect of CY’s financial affairs in relation to BCFC is that it shows he is desperate to hang on to his luxury apartment but he does not have the ability to make the mortgage payments. This demonstrates that he is totally unable to personally support BCFC at this stage which in any event has got to be a lower priority when compared than retaining his own home. What we don’t know is how much dough he actually has which is tied up by the asset freeze as this will be a key issue following the money laundering trial. There are 3 likely outcomes that I see from the trial. 1. He gets sent down in which case his financial position is irrelevant. 2. He gets off scot free and assets are unfrozen. 3. He survives getting sent down but does a deal by a paying an amount in tax deemed to be owed related to monies which went through his account and which should have been declared as income. In options 2 and 3 the state of his finances are potentially important to BCFC. Unfortunately, all of this is months away but I can’t see a sale until the trial is all done and dusted. I hate to say it but a trial that goes against him may lead to an appeal as in the repossion situation which would further delay an outcome for BCFC.

  • AL-LAD says:

    Can people please start to think logically, why would CY sell Blues?

    I know in bankruptcy cases when assets are frozen they cannot be sold or transferred, but in CY case I’m unsure of what the legality would be around the sale of CY assets, would any revenue generated by the sale of assets also by subject to the same conditions i.e. frozen, surely any sale would be scrutinised by the Hong Kong Judicial service.
    if this was the case why would CY risk selling?
    Also the club has massively been devalued, why would CY sell the club at a massive loss?

    PP has tried to attract investors, however is this in CY or Blues interests, what type of investors invest in a company that is 10.6 million in debt, where it’s latest publish accounts had issues raised by it’s auditors that alluded to commercial revenue being syphoned to off-shore accounts. If an investor could be found what return would they expect from the club? Is it yet another loan with massive interest rates attached, how is that in BCFC interests?

    …and stop panicking people, Blues are being forced to cut their cloth accordingly, I fully expect Blues to sell players, even without the transfer embargo we are not in the position to sign players, however it is not in the interests of the club to sell Butland, Redmond unless silly money is received, the team must remain competitive the aim is still to achieve promotion for both commercial and football reasons.

    ps do people not think it’s a coincidence that Blues have given professional contracts to 2 academy scholars in the last few weeks?

  • John says:

    I’m off to HK next Monday.
    I’ll be visiting BCFC’s Head Office in Wanchai as it’s right on my stomping ground.
    I hope I don’t lose my wrag.

  • KLB says:

    I wonder if Jimmy Carr has the same accountant as Carson?


  • Tomas says:

    At the end of the day we as a club are F*cked. Were on a downward spiral, we got relegated from the premier league and although we got hughton we still couldnt get promoted, we have now lost him and most likely curtis davies also. Along with possibly other good players such as foster, burke butland, redmond etc because we need the money which is not going into the club, its going into carsons fat pocket which he cant even spend because of all his assets are frozen!! we have a transfer embargo and realisticly looking at a mid-table finish. Face it were going to become an average championship side like barnsley.

    Those of you who think we are going to be okay eventually need to get real and start thinking realistically.

    Carson is most likely guilty. No one will invest in a team with the debt and loans we owe. Peter Pannu is doing his best to try and say “everythings all ship shape” when we all know thats not the case.

    We have seen teams like charlton, southampton and sheffield utd in the premier league and find themselves dropping into league 1. same story to be for us?

    I’m not sure how we are going to get out of this mess. As much i hope we go up and I will continue to support the blues and every player with their unquestionable determination on that pitch, the fact of the matter is we can get used to this league because were going nowhere for a good long time.

  • James Black says:

    There are 92 league clubs i believe of which only 20 are in the premier. Nearly every club outside of the premier has debts and financial problems and some far worse than us. Even some premier clubs have financial losses year upon year. I just have to laugh at all the accountants and lawyers and businessmen in here that just don’t have any idea of reality. Most of football has overspent itself and as in seria A some years ago where it all came tumbling down cuz of excessive wages, i think similar may eventually happen here. TV money keeps football afloat many clubs are in financial trouble. At least one good thing coming out of this, we have cut our cloth and maybe one of the first clubs to of done this which may not look great on accounts from 2 years ago, but it will look a lot better when the current situation reflects in the accounts. And remember Tomas you use Southampton as an example of a club that went through turmoil and huge problems. Yes your right and you forgot to mention they are now back in the premier league. Also remember all those that believe we are as big as Liverpool that for many many many years we have had a half empty stadium unless it was kids for a quid or 5 pound admission. Outside of that we average around 17,000 on a good day. Just saying.

  • Max Rogers says:

    Here Here, James Black

    Its not going to be long that “The Financial Apocalypse” that Arsene Wenger got laughed out of his press conference arrives. I`ll give it 5 years, and the whole bleeding lot will come crashing down. I want us to compete. Not arsed about Premier League in the slightest, because we simply aren`t a Premier League club. Another season like last would suit me fine!

  • mitchell says:

    In my opinion there is only one reason why these young stars are being offered contracts; it will make them more valuable to the club when there are sold.

    It’s taken us a long time to produce quality academy players that can compete for places and go on to bigger and better things; Gold/Sullivan have a lot to answer for in this respect.

    Just our luck that now the conveyor belt of talent has turned out Butland, Redmond & Mutch etc it looks more and more likely they will have to be sold this season or next.

    Fingers crossed for the embargo and a swift appointment in Lee Clark are not too far away.

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