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The Never Ending Story – Carson’s House Saga rumbles on…

Having posted on here a few days back that Carson’s mom and wife have entered the court case over the multi-million dollar house Carson owns on the peak, I can now confirm the next date Carson will be in court over it.

The case is now scheduled for 10am on 19 October 2012 and is booked to last three hours. This means the saga over Carson losing his house after defaulting on a loan to Wing Hang Bank will now stretch to eight months and no doubt will allow a stay of execution on Carson being forced to move out.

Carson owes £5million in an unpaid loan secured on the property plus a further amount in interest and had been given 56 days from 4 June to quit the property.

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19 Responses to “The Never Ending Story – Carson’s House Saga rumbles on…”

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    I do have a lot of sympathy for Carson Yeung – I will say that – probably not a popular opinion, however…..
    Whatever the rights or wrongs if his actions – years before he spearheaded Blues’ take-over –
    When he was here, his heart was in the right place.
    We won the Carling on his Birthday even….:-)

    He raised funds, through BIHL and from his own resources via mortgages.

    A man with a finger in too many pies, perhaps? And I’m reminded of a cartoon that you posted some time ago, depicting Carson trying to scoop up water (money?) hopelesly with a fish scoop….:-)

    Carson raised the Blues’ purchase price via Ms Pauline, and repaid it on the first issue of Blues shares. Further underwriting from this lady doesn’t appear to have happened.
    Instead carson started raising loans himself –

    As a 24% shareholder, I can’t understand why he alone had to mortgage his livelihood and his home
    to finance McLeish’s dream teams. Perhaps the other 75% odd of shareholders, were just passive investors from the HKSE?

    Whatever, Carson plunged on, got nabbed for something dubious in the past and Blues’ financial support, really disappeared overnight.

    A Walter Mitty ?
    A naive ‘hustler’ ?
    A wannabe ‘player’ soon abandoned?

    Who knows?

    But what he did for Blues and what Pannu is doing for Blues is, imo, absolutely out of this world.

    Drama? Sully would have slit his wrists by now! And D Gold would have entered the Altzheimer Anonymous Clinic.

    I’ve a lot of time for Carson, and obviously as often said, a huge amount of time for Pannu.


    Thanks again ALJ for your brill updates.

    • maurice walters says:

      good comments letsby maybe more populer than you think i also have great respect for PP and CY and hope things work out for both of them and our beloved blues

      • BowThai says:

        For me PP is doing a good job for Blues.He got the right man in CH.Acted quickly in getting LC and has now sorted a shirt sponsor in almost no time.One thing for certain sitting on his thumbs wishing things were different is not PPs stlye.Hes in Blues corner and for me deserves a bit more praise.it is not his fault that things have gone pear shaped in HK.He runs our Club well without pulling the purse strings.Well done and keep us moving in the right direction even if we dont have the money to do what we all want.KRO

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Undisclosed fee for Foster will wipe that debt out

  • Chris says:

    Almajir….Do you have any idea when the next round of talks are concerning our transfer embargo & whether it is likely to be lifted sooner rather than later? Also does anyone know if we are allowed to sign out of contract players under the embargo?

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Truth be told nobody really knows the answers to the embargo implications

      Peter Pan said this week –
      The embargo is not a catch-all measure.
      “In any event, the embargo does not cripple the club’s activities but just requires the club to seek approvals in our transfer activities,”

      Almajir disagrees totally…pays your money..takes your choice…

  • bluesbot says:

    Lets be fair, Carson was a msn with a dream, a very credible dream, however he was naive (his advisors need shooting) and although skeletons fall from his closet you cant fault his appointment of peter pannu who seems to win every battle that meets him head on.
    If we get taken over I hope they keep him onboard

  • Ad says:

    Why all of sudden are we feeling sorry for CY? His still not in the clear meaning BCFC still have a grey cloud over them, if he goes down potentially there will be repercussions for BCFC as well. He was a man on a get rich fast scheme which hasn’t worked for him, stick to cutting hair!!!

    On the flip side of that you can not fault the work PP has done at BCFC, he listens to the fans and values our opinions in all aspects to the club and does his best to act on what the fans want ( no phil brown),

    I’m looking forward to next season .

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Rubbish, course you can fault PP

      Not talking to us for instance until he saw the sales decline.

      • James black says:

        Paul. has he not spoken. Isn’t it obvious there is a time for talking and a time for not talking. He chose the right time to talk and he has now spoken.

  • roberto says:

    Feeling sorry for Yeung – booh hoo for the money launderer. Do you have any idea why money is usually laundered? It is because it is obtained ilegally from drugs or prostitution. Yeung is not a naughtly little boy who was a bit unlucky. Anyone who sympathises with his situation is a complete moron.
    What we should be worried about is the fact that he made BCFC loanswith this dirty money – and his creditors will be demanding these are repaid to pay off his debts.

    • almajir says:

      Roberto it is worth noting that Carson has not been convicted of anything yet and thus the presumption must be innocent until proven otherwise.

    • Letsby Avenue says:

      Roberto mate….

      Try to keep up!

      Carson Yeung made loans to Blues by mortgaging his property.
      Are you inferring that the Wing Hang Bank, who provided the money that came to Blues, to pay for Hleb and Bentley etc, was “dirty” ?

      The bank in question is seeking restitution by seizing the property in HK……they ain’t sending surveyors and valuers over to St Andrews.

      Speaking as a moron mate :-)

      • James black says:

        lets-by thanx for reminding us of a few facts which seem to of got lost in stupid accusations and false details. I’m so tired of those that keep talking about cash in his back pocket when in trying to build us he took a fall and has lost much in the venture. i think basically some just dont like Chinese or they associate chairman and owners as symbols of there boss. I’ve read so much crap these last few weeks and im glad you was able to articulate the real situation, but seems many still don’t get it.

    • James black says:

      You have no idea of any details of his case Roberto not one bit. Your upright moral stand is making me sick.

  • Jesus says:

    Couldn’t he buy it as a shared ownership property?

  • MrYuzhai says:

    Not sure what the general consensus will be among everyone else but I do feel sorry for CY.. it all started so well.. ah well.. as the song goes eh? #KeepRightOn

  • MarkyB says:

    Laundered money, it can come from a variety of sources but these are not limited to drugs and prostitution.

    Basically its money which has been earn’t (one way or the other) and this money needs to be established to be from a viable source to be spent legitimately, ie, declared on a tax return for example.

    So it could simply be money earn’t from a CASINO (for example) that when laundered, means its easier to spend and harder to trace its source. A simple way to Legally Launder Money, is declare it as Earnings, and Pay tax on it.

    What Carson is basically doing is Stupidly no more that what the policians and sports stars legally push the boundaries to do, by what ever means necessary. Paying money into Swiss numbered bank accounts, living in a tax haven, offshore investments, Monaco life, staying out the country so many days a year.

    Its all a big dodge, if he was involved in drugs in China, do you think all they would be doing is freezing his assets, and doing him for money laundering. They would be throwing the book at him.

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