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Anger and Frustration

I think it’s safe to say that the sale of Jordon Mutch has gone down like a lead balloon. Judging by the reaction on here, on Facebook and on Twitter there are some very angry Bluenoses out there – and in fairness, I can’t say I blame them. It’s not been a great month for Blues, has it?

We all expected player sales if we’re honest. I still do expect players to be sold – maybe more so in the light of Mutch leaving. It has to be said though, that it wasn’t so much who was sold, it was the suddenness and the fact that Blues have sold a young player whose value you can only imagine will increase.

If it had been announced for argument’s sake that Curtis Davies had gone to a Premier League club it would have hurt – but I think people would have understood. He’s one of our most saleable assets, he’s good enough for the Prem and he’s probably on a fair whack. As I said, it would have hurt, but it would have been understandable. Selling a 20-year-old for the old chestnut of an “undisclosed fee” to a Championship rival though – it’s not in the same category is it?

It’s not like we can even go out and replace him at the moment. We’re now down another player and you have to wonder how many academy kids we’re going to need to fill out our matchday eighteen. I accept that the embargo isn’t a permanent situation and that the club hopes that it’ll be lifted soon – but I also have to say that I can’t currently see how that will happen.

So – what can we do? I think this is the big thing, because a lot of the frustration and anger comes from a feeling of helplessness – whilst some might have decided to not renew and not go to games for others it’s a step they’re not willing to take. The other key is that whatever is done has to be something that will be noticed by the people who matter.

I think the pressure has to be cranked up on the board – both by the local news and by the news in Hong Kong. I’ve established contact with newspapers in HK and I will be looking to send them something – only from me, I’m not a fans spokesperson – but hopefully something that some of you will agree with that they can print in the press out there.

I also urge people to contact the board – the contact numbers are on a link on the “useful links” page on this website. I’ve been calling BIHL for the last few weeks looking for answers without any joy. Maybe one person they can ignore – but can they ignore 10? Or even 100? You could write to them or send them a fax if you don’t want to call them – all the details are available.

It’s my hope that the local media can sort sending someone over there to knock some doors. Aside from Carson’s two homes and the BIHL office, there is also the offices of Computech (which is owned by Yang Yuezhou) and KB Chau and Co (which is where new director Cheung Kwai Nang works). Even if no entry was gainable, it would be something to try – and videos of it could be uploaded to youtube, pics and words posted online and in print. There would also be the opportunity to visit the courts and get the full SP on Carson’s court cases, and maybe sounding out the local press on what is going on and picking up on local rumours. In short – someone on the ground could do a lot of good.

In all this, please have some respect for the people who work at the Blues day to day. They’re nothing to do with the bad stuff – they work hard and do what they can to make the club better for us. They don’t deserve to be protested at for a start. Also, remember in administration they’re the ones that suffer – they’re not on footballer wages and don’t have the protection that footballers have. One reason I’d never wish for administration is because I wouldn’t wish job losses on people I’ve come to like and respect.

I won’t be leading the charge of a protest, but I will offer what I can to those that request it. The other thing to remember in this is the song of our club – keep right on. Whilst there is undoubtedly more sorrows than joys right now it won’t always be that way.

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96 Responses to “Anger and Frustration”

  • Philly says:

    As you say, the speed and the destination are stunning. Looks like it’s going to be another ugly chapter in the history of The Blues.

  • Shane says:

    Having thought long and hard since the news Mutch had been sold is that if nobody renews their season ticket, nobody buys a shirt or any club merchandising and don’t attend the first few games then surely the club would go into administration and thus force the present board out of the club, I am fully aware this is a risky act and would put a small number of people’s jobs on the line but as I can see no other way to force the board out I feel drastic action is required to force what many already believe to be inevitable

    • simon says:

      time to act, they are not getting a penny more of my money – 30 years a season ticket holder and enough is enough, we really need to stand together on this and boycott st andrews until we get these bastards out of our club

    • Berkshire Blue says:

      Unfortunately it is also likely to lead to more player sales as the regime attempt to balance the books for this season

  • Harry says:

    to be honest, i can see many more sorrows and no more joys, this club is dying and its killing me!

  • matt says:

    What a f*ckin disgrace!

    comment edited

  • only-me says:

    I agree, maybe protesting at St Andrews may not be the best solution, we dont want numpties tearing down the gates, and throwing stones, but I think a civilized demonstration outside the Football Leagues HQ with large banners, might attract the attention of sky and some national press, which in turn will filter over to Hong Kong, this might just rock the boat enough, to shake off the the now unwanted.

  • kentucky blue says:

    I would think the staff at blues dont h
    ave a rosy future to look forward to anyway, i’d be looking to
    get a job elsewhere, would’nt want cy for my boss. This is not good for anyone

  • andy says:

    What can we achieve that Portsmouth and Coventry fans havent??

    • Gareth says:

      Hopefully force the club to sell. I’m too au fait with the coventry situation, but our debts are nowhere near the level of Portsmouth’s (and we’re not in debt to the taxman) so we’re a more promising sale for any prospective buyer.

      Aside from this, I’ve had enough now. I don’t have a season ticket (but end up going to most games anyway), but I’m not going again whilst they’re still in charge. The longer BIHL waits for its £80m, the more money it’s going to lose and the value of the club will plummet. They’ll be lucky to get anything for it soon.

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    it seems the club is being slowly asset stripped and there’s nothing we do. It’s not unique but it does hurt. It will take a long time to get back what we once had. These people have been disrespectful and unsuitable owners. raising the transfer embargo could allow them to steal from other people as Pompey’s owners did and this should not be allowed to happen.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Having had time to think about this I suspect Cardiff came in with a cash offer that was close to Jordon’s market value for an instant deal ( as opposed to what we the fans may feel he should be worth ) and the owners took it. I believe HSBC would have had to approve the deal as he is an asset and they would have carped if he was being flogged for too little nor is there any logic in our owners selling him for less than they could get elsewhere particularly in view of their own problems. In addition if Mutch had the prospect of going up a division then his agent would have ( and indeed may have ) rung any realistic Premiership destination.

    Bottom line is that it does not bode well for us and the message seems to be if opponents fancy anyone else then make a reasonable offer whilst waving folding stuff.

  • tony says:

    it pains me to say it but after 27 years i will not be renewing my season ticket.I think there is nothing that can be done that the board would take notice of let alone care about so my protest is to withhold my money and i think an empty stadium for the first home game might at least get some national tv coverage. Its a shame its come down to this but all i can see is the club being stripped to the bare bones now and pannu and yeung refusing to give any statement on their recent and future actions regarding our club.

  • Louise says:

    Almajir, I have an email address for a national newspaper, which has been published on twitter tonight, asking fans to email in numbers.
    Is it ok to link on here?

  • Louise says:


    Every #BCFC fan please direct your request for a media campaign to david.brookes@trinitymirror.com @BluesInEurope @BcfcDotCom RT PLEASE

    Thanks Almajir, delete as necessary.

    I think most blues fans would agree that the sale of a promising youngster for pittance, is possibly the last straw. I agree with your sentiments entirely Almajir, this pressure on the board has to be cranked up. They are being allowed to get away with allsorts without having to answer to anyone. Us fans are just watching while they destroy our club. The state of our club beggars belief and If something isn’t done soon, it could get a whole lot worse.

    Please contact the relevant persons as Almajir has suggested.
    Power in numbers means we’ll have a better chance of success!!

    Save our club!!

  • Barry says:

    Events appear to be moving us from the question of when will we get a manager to will we have a team. Next stop, will we have a club. I am wondering if the unanswered questions that BIH face can be answered to the satisfaction of auditors and Hong Kong authorities and if not how that leaves them as an operating company and in turn, us. Will we see more academy signings just to keep the squad numbers up and guarantee parachute payments and any other revenue we can get? If so, will any of this and revenue from the likely sale of other players be used to pay back BIH loans and interest payments? The more I think about it, the more depressed I get. BIH have us over a barrel and we are well screwed.

  • Ted says:



    Of all the board’s blunders, this is probably the biggest. Until now I’ve been one of the more positive thinking moderates. Not any more. We must ALL join the revolution. This is war!

    Jorden Mutch is a fantastic talent, destined to play at the highest level. If he was sold to one of the European giants for £10 million, we would still be unhappy, but at least we would understand. But to Cardiff for an undisclosed fee???

    Given Cardiff’s Far East connection, some people may think thant some secret dollars have changed hands, but I would never suggest such a thing.

    Hughton, Curbishley and Keane all knew that they should keep well away.

    The owners clearly have ZERO respect for Blues fans, therefore the days that lie ahead promise to be very dark indeed.

    It’s time to make it clear that CY and his gang have brought shame upon China. As English football’s first Chinese owners, they have been a monumental disgrace. Their incompetence and hopeless communication appears to be matched by their lies and deceit. Whatever representations we make, should also target the Chinese government and Chinese media. They MUST be held to account.

    Great sorrow.


  • ChesterblueI says:

    This is the end for me. No more of my money until they are gone

  • Masaccio says:

    CY and gang have got to go before they leave the club with no cash, players assets etc

  • Sussexwill says:

    I was very shocked to see the sudden sale of Jordon Mutch, but He did not have a good season last year and I feel the emotion of the sudden sale is more dramatic than the the consequence. His passes were poor and his tackling was suspect. So he could easily be replaced, but this is the worrying aspect 1. We can’t afford to replace him 2.We have to get permission if we could get someone. 3. We don’t have a manager to choose anyone.

    Also is this the start of a real fire sale! I truly hope not but we do need a manager and it would be good to get some information as not knowing can be worse than not knowing what is going on at all.

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    -I’ve thought long and hard last night and have decided nto show my distaste(like many other) by my non attendance next year. I dont get down to as many games as I would like now due to my kids. However this has been the straw that has broke the battered camels back.

    I will not being going to St Andrews until this regime has gone.The first season I will not being attending EVER.I’ve seen Wheldon and the Kumars come too so how seen dark times.

    I dont say this lightly,I am passionate about Blues but feel I have no other way of showing my total disgust for the current owners.

    Have also just joined the Blues Trust!!.Maybe in some small way we can bring about change.

    PP CY OUT!! KRO!!

  • Bluehobba says:

    What I don’t understand is how they can sell a player without the next manager taking a look at the players and making a judgement. Holding off with the summer sales for 2 more weeks surely wouldn’t have hurt. Since when has PP understood what the market value of players is.I will be contacting the chinese and joining the Blues trust today.. enough is enough

  • Bluehobba says:

    I wanted to make another comment but I will save it for the board

  • P.J.Nicholls says:

    One saving I can see straight away by BCFC is to stop sending out reminder letters to myself & others of a like mind !!!!!
    If it is not apparent by now let me spell it out there is no way I am renewing my 3 season tickets until the Board show we supporters the respect we deserve !!!!!
    The lack of information from the chinese fraternity shows what can be gained from dealing with businessmen who trade in Tax havens with no respect for western laws & values-Football league please note when agreeing a worthy & proper person.

  • andy says:

    This 1 million or whatever the undisclosed figure is, where has it gone? Tell us that the club is that desperate for cash, it needed to be done. Is the club having to start paying back Carson the 13 million he loaned the club? Tell us Pannu, what the hell is going on??

  • Blueboy88 says:

    HSBC could take possession of the club if it defaulted on its debts.
    Ensuring income generated by BCFC stays within the club & can not be siphoned off.
    A safeguard that would allow the club to trade & not go into administration.
    Presumably HSBC would then actively seek a buyer, at a sensible price.

    This would now seem the most effective route to pressure BIHL.
    Strangle their revenue streams , season tickets, shirt sales etc
    & lobby HSBC in an organised & purposeful manner….

    • Blueboy88 says:

      To tighten the financial tourniquet further we can all lobby the Premier League & Football League to suspend the forthcoming parachute payment until BIHL provide the FL with certified audited accounts , to their satisfaction .

      Suspension would certainly get the attention of the offices at both BIHL & HSBC…..

      Hopefully they would lead to a BCFC default of loan repayments to HSBC ,
      HSBC take over the day to day running of the club , & then sell to an appropriate purchaser….

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Perhaps MUTCH wanted to leave,quite medical early in the week,not one story from the so~called reporters who are supposed to be in the know,about MUTCH leaving.
    Another undisclosed fee,but the mail reporter writes “believed to be in excess of 1 million £’s”,well that narrows it down,top reporting again.
    For me MUTCH was a bit light weight in midfield and only made 36 senior appearances for BLUES since his move in 2007 from Derby County (wonder if there’s a sell on clause) also a bit injury prone,think he broke his ankle & had other prob’s with his legs.
    Anyway good~luck to him in his future football life.

    The people who write on here “THAT’S IT I WON’T BE RENEWING MY SEASON TICKET NOW” must not of been around when we were playing in DIVISION 3,having to have day’s off work to travel to mid~week games at Grimsby,Southend and the other top Div 3 teams,but must admit were most enjoyable travelling and meeting TRUE BLUES FANS no glory seekers in them day’s,maybe it’s me but I do find,since BLUES first ventured into the Prem/league,there seems to be a different type of BLUES FAN around now…….. EXPECTING THIS ~ EXPECTING THAT ………..

    Been a BLUES fan since the 70’s,I don’t EXPECT any think from BLUES only the UNEXPECTED !!!!!

    Never a dull day following BIRMINGHAM CITY.

    • kevin palmer says:

      At last somebody who speaks sense. Mutch was incredibly weak in midfield. not only in the tackle but gave the ball away 80% of the time. A much better option for us in midfield is Fahey and Gomis. A
      million quid for Mutch is good business. Just renewed my season ticket, KRO,

      • oldburyblue says:

        Mutch has the potential to be a very good player. He is young at 20yrs, but in football terms he is only 18yrs having been out of action for a couple of years. I watched him in the reserves when he first came to Blues having been stolen from Derby. He was immence and stood out in teams of men.

        The problem was that due to shin splints he was unable to walk, let alone play for a long time. In his time out he shot up about 4″ so he had to quickly learn how to play with his new physique in a sudden jump rather than adapting gradually as we all learnt to do. Imagine being Chis Burke and waking up as tall as Zigic one morning. His footballing brain would still be as good but physically he would have to learn to adapt due to longer legs and higher centre of gravity etc.

        I agree that when he was bad he was awful….but there were far more days when he wasn’t just good he was brilliant. I am sure that in the future he will have far more good days than bad.

      • TR7 ( Ray Crossan ) says:

        I totally agree about Mutch Kev , but as others on this blog have said It’s more about the intent of the owners and their obvious dubious agenda than the actual football consequence of this sale and the potential further asset stripping sales

        • cant argue with that Ray. The way I see it though, and with very big blinkers, what can we do about the owners? I would have renewed whether it was these scumbags in charge or Richard Branson. Ive been going down there since the early sixties and since the early seventies with the same crowd of blokes, their kids and now their grandkids. What else would I do on a Saturday afternoon? DIY? Shopping? No, sell who they want, sign who they want, appoint whatever manager you want, it doesnt matter, Blues are best with our backs to the wall, so roll on the new season, cant wait,

    • Gareth says:

      I went to my first match when we were in Division 2 (what’s now league one). Just because things aren’t as bad as the early 90’s, doesn’t mean they’re GOOD now. Can you honestly say you’re happy with the board, just because we were in a lower division once?

      Don’t come with the “true fan” thing, we are true fans, we just want a club to support, ran by people that actually care, or at least have some interest in blues doing as well as they can. I stuck by the board for ages, but it’s gone too far now.

      Blindly following whatever happens, no matter how bad, doesn’t make you a “true fan”.

  • cecilFW says:

    I’ve been saying on here for a long time that we can either endure a slow strangulation of the club as it is bled dry and goes into freefall, or we can force the issue now. Better to have the short sharp pain now and go into Adminitration – to achieve this we need to withold our monies. Cutting this off will cripple the club in the short term, but this will force a restructure, and a way forward. I’m sorry to say this is the only way we can have an impact. Will Yeung and Pannu give a toss if I walk upand down with a plackard? Now is the time to act.

  • RichardM says:

    Does anybody know anything about Mutch’s motivation in leaving Blues? Did he want to go or was he sold? Again, before everybody gets too emotional we need to understand this – it could well be that Mutch’s head has been turned by Cardiff offering him double his money, in which case it might have been the best option for the club. That said however, £1 million plus for a 20 year old up and coming is an absolute piss take, I bet Cardiff can hardly believe their luck!

  • Neal says:

    Lets face facts, as I said on the last blog, protests will be futile.

    CY back is against the wall – if the case goes against him I assume it could wipe him out so I believe he is doing what plenty of other businessmen are very adept at doing, generating what funds he can and moving as much as is legally possible into an entity cleverly disguised that cannot be touched if the worst happens. BCFC must be his biggest cash cow – what other business gets £16 Million ( I think that is the next parachute payment ) dumped on them for doing nothing for it – add in the player sales and we know the rest. Of course there is the argument that he is only getting his own money back!

    However he may be cleared and pump it all back in but the odds favour, whatever the outcome, that he will not be in the sort of financial position to run a football club of any size in the future. BCFC will be put into admin so they can all walk away from it. If he then is found of wrong doing within the football club what is likely to happen – he will banned as a company Director in the UK for a period of time – do you think that would bother him or the others?

    CY and the rest are protecting their own skins – protests will be like water off a ducks back, they do not have to live in the same country let alone amongst fans.

    I fear we will just have to sit it out and wait for the inevitable to happen – they will not talk to us or comment because there is nothing positive they can say unless they blatantly lie.

    The big question is when all this does implode is there anyone out there with any financial clout willing to take the club on?

    The football authorities ( and Gold/Sullivan ) have a lot to answer for in letting this bunch of clowns get their hands on the club in the first place – surely someone questioned the purchase price??

    Expect to see Mutch’s training kit on e bay next week.

    Very Depressed

    • nicky wicky says:

      It is clear that the club is being run by madmen who think they are going to get their money back by selling the clubs players fornominal sums and then the club,but the club then will be worhtless sotheir theory is flawed!

      • nicky wicky says:

        I can’t wait for Carson’s trial in November and obviously he expects to be stripped of the club so he is getting what he can before he is convicted?

  • dan says:

    1st time on the site normally I read but do not comment,however I am angry .
    Like most of our fans I had faith that Blues up and coming young lads would be the future.
    Do I still support Blues YES but will I spend hard earned cash going to matches if this the trend of the board NO.

  • andy says:

    Well be prepared for those Div 3 dark days again, the most enjoyable times, not expecting anything, because it looks like we are heading that way again! I must admit my most enjoyable time was watching Blues lift the League Cup last year.

  • The Khrushchev says:

    I have just read that Jordan Mutch has been sold for an undisclosed fee to to no other than Cardiff.This really says it all let’s look at the facts and we wIll see that currently Blues appear to be in a worse situation than Coventry !!!!!

    No manager
    Transfer embargo
    Chairman on bail and not even allowed in the UK
    No cash
    Losing our players on the cheap
    No information coming out he club

    As like other comments and feelings on this page this is an absolute disgrace that a young promising player has been sold to a fellow championship club whom also have there financial issues.Are we in that much trouble?It would appear so.

    Is there any truth that one of our creditors requires 6 million quid by 15 th July or we will go into the dreaded administration.??? Just something I’ve heard on the rumour mill.

    I still cannot believe the way our club has gone down the pan behind the scenes since winning he Carling Cup.This mirrors the Portsmouth situation and we all know the dire situations they have been in.
    The one that I do believe has come out of all of this dire situation is that it’s brought “us the fans” together , and there appears to be sense of unity amongst everyone.

    I can’t believe that still no information is coming out of HONG KONG and also PeterPan.what a joke .These people are ruining our .

    I dare say that over the next few weeks We will see see the sales of Foster, Butland , Davies and Burke yet again on the cheap as the vultures are obviously circulating above St Andrews.

    The way we are going should the above sales go through we would not have a recognised goalkeeper to fulfill our fixtures, What happens then?

    I thought the situation at the club was bad last season , this now makes that look like a stroll in the park.

    Any manager who is crazy enough to accept the job under the current climate will need to be desperate , is that why nobody has been appointed yet , because those that have been interviewed wont touch us with a barge pole at the minute due to the sh*t we are in.Not even Phil Brown!!!!

    I know that the people still at St Andrews looking after things are working hard and it is not there fault for this situation ,so let’s not take our frustrations out on these good people.They will be as pi&sed off as us fans.

    This board need to go , and go now , so if you you do read this website Mr Pannu tell your associates in Hong Kong about the outrage amongst fans and clear off now .

  • andy says:

    Well lets all prepare for it now, we got to expect this sell off because the owners simply have no money.

  • DoctorD says:

    This joint statement from Brady and Sullivan in 2009 still makes me sick:

    “With great effort, we have sourced a multi-millionaire, backed by other mega rich Chinese investors who we hope can achieve for the club what we have failed to achieve,” said the City pair in a statement.”

    And then Sullivan said this a few weeks later:

    “I wouldn’t have sold if I didn’t believe they could do better,” said Sullivan. “The Chinese have wealth and we’re told that they’ve got some backers with money as well.”

    What on Earth were they thinking when they sold the club to CY? Either they were told massive porkies or they just couldn’t wait to get their hands on his money, or they were stupid. Or all three.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Rather than feeling frustrated and getting angry with ourselves, let’s all attempt to do something positive rather than waiting for others to do it on our behalf.

    Arguing and debating whether we got the right price for JM or whether it was wise to sell him or not, is irrelevant. It is plain and obvious that PP, and by extension CY, are looking at the short-term and have failed to safeguard the future of our club. Regardless of whether they are selling for themselves or to keep the club ticking over, I think we can all safely say that the direction in which they are taking us is not one we wish to travel down.

    Getting someone over to HK is essential. CY has shown scant regard for us in this country, so let us take our concerns to him in his own backyard. In Almajir, we have someone who is willing to go over there on our behalf and ask the questions to those who matter. Can any of us claim to be capable of the same?? He knows where to go, who to ask for and what to say. Just as importantly, he knows the reverse as well. Each and everyone, please contribute what you can and let’s get our man over there. I am aching to see and hear what they’ve got to say for themselves. If nothing else, I hope it makes them uncomfortable to know that we feel that strongly and sent Almajir, off our own backs, and will continue to press them until they make their intentions clear.

    PP will only go when CY and BIHL are gone. Forget him for now. We have all got an idea of his personality and character traits. HK is where we will make the biggest waves. If we all pull in the same direction, very soon Almajir could be updating us on who he saw and what was said. Surely that is better than what is going on at present??

    After the possible trip, depending on what is said and done, we can then decide on our next steps. Vacillation and apathy never got anyone anywhere.

    Let these folk – PP, CY and their crew, unite us rather than divide us.

    This blog has said the line in our song is ‘keep right on’. Let us choose which road the journey will take.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Colin Tattum reporting Jordan Mutch Fee £3 Million….

  • nicko says:

    people to blame gold and sulivan they new they were struggling to get the money but still
    ripped them off for 80 mill i still believe good times are not far away we must keep believing
    lets hope christmas comes early kro

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    It pains me to say it and I refer to my previous post. If we avoid administration during the next few months then we are set for years in the doldrums of the lower leagues. Anybody that thinks they are going to change what Yeung and Pannu are doing by protesting is deluded. Birmingham City FC to Yeung and Pannu is a business – it is all about top line and bottom line figures ££££. The only thing you and i can affect is the cash going into club. If you don’t go to the games and don’t buy the merchandise then you starve the club of cash which will of course accelerate it’s demise. In my 48 years of supporting Birmingham City I have never seen the course of a football team’s future changed by protest. The time has come to stand up and be counted. Keep paying your money or stop paying your money. £ notes are the only language these guys know.

  • Paulo says:

    Jordan Mutch represented a positive step in young player academy development and rather than analyse him or his playing preferences ..we should look at the amount of investment BCFC has put into him and alogn with Nathan Redmond, are offering him the chances in first team football. In the last 10 years, how many academy players have come through to first team? It’s so important that they stay and learn their trade with Blues for at least 3 years or so! They represent the future and show the young kids that there is a chance to be a footballer, especially when these players come from local areas of Birmingham.
    It is a disgrace to simply sweep them away after only a year (if that, in Jordan’s case) on the first team, and the manner in which it happened is just low.
    Well, I already have my season ticket, so I guess I’ll be going, but you know what …I always will.

    You see, I’m proud to be a bluenose and I’m proud to support my team and be part of the season.

    I also know what joys and sorrows means, but I’m not a glory hunter and I know that those older wiser supporters have seen many things over decades gone by, so this is pretty normal to them ..not nice …but just another saga that will painfully pass.

    I know there are those who will disagree with me, and I respect that, and yes I will still sign my name to a protest to the board should I have the chance to.

    Here’s to a turbulent year!

    • Gareth says:

      Another one claiming that staying away equates to “glory hunting”.

      Do you really think that if any of us were glory hunters we would ever become Blues fans?

      • Paulo says:

        …erm, what you on about????

        the term ‘glory hunter’ is one I used to call those who follow the clubs with the deep pockets who BUY their silverware!!!
        Do we have any money?? erm, NO.
        Are we gonna get any silverware this season? erm, NO.
        Are we gonna have the p*ss taken out of us this season? erm, YES.
        Are we gonna have our owner sent down later this year? er, MAYBE.

        If I didnt want any of that I’d support man u, or chelsea or the like ..who are on tv for all to see, and there shirts sold everywhere for all to buy.

        Dont insult my loyalty to BCFC please.

        • Gareth says:

          “Well, I already have my season ticket, so I guess I’ll be going, but you know what …I always will.

          You see, I’m proud to be a bluenose and I’m proud to support my team and be part of the season.

          I also know what joys and sorrows means, but I’m not a glory hunter”

          Maybe I misunderstood what you said, but it came across as “I’m going to carry on going down, because I’m not a glory hunter”. Apologies if that’s not what you meant! :)

          • Paulo says:

            Thats ok mate, we’re all a little p*ssed off at the moment so the smallest thing is going to set anything off isn’t it? No, what I meant was that as much as I’m angry and frustrated at our board (ie, PP) and BIHL, I feel like I’ve been lied to and undermined ..as I suppose you are as well. I already got my season ticket before this news broke, so I dont really have the chance to stay away.
            To be honest I’d go anyway, thats all I’m saying, and I hope the blues do a good job no matter what, but I’m under no illusion that I (or we) cant trust both boards anymore.
            Didnt mean any offense to you, ‘glory hunter’ is just a term I thought people used to wind up the Man U / Chelsea / Arsenal etc kids who basically watch their chosen club lift plenty of cups, through the magic of tv.

            Up the blues and apologies for anything unclear.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    We were due a family conference this week to determine if we were going to renew our four, 20+ year old season tickets. The sale of Jordan Mutch has nailed it for us!!
    Very Sad Days…….

  • BlueMurder says:

    This is good business, I was never convinced by Mutch. The embargo will be lifted soon, we will have a new manager and new players coming in. We should all hold our nerve and get behind the team – it’s never been easy following Blues and we wouldn’t be what we are if it was! KRO

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    BRACE YOURSELF we are in for a really rough ride. Last year was do or die. We either got promotion or went bust – this is now the start. We’ve been here before – I stood on the Cop when Ken Wheldon sold us to the Kumars. We will endure but it will be another long road. Selling a good young prospect is a SHOCK because they represent HOPE for the future. If we lost good premiership type players Blues fans are realistic and know the business e.g. losing Hughton. But when you start selling your PROSPECTS for the future, a young team we can believe in and watch them improve it provides HOPE. When you sell them without warning it’s BAD. Just when Pannu was getting sme sympathy from some of us. DEEP BREATH. It’s going to be a long long road. If any supporters can endure, survive and thrive it is us. KRO.

  • skareggae72 says:

    The signs were there when Yeungs original takeover fell through,for Gold/Sulli to then sell to this lot later on,combined with Yeungs collapsing mini empire,has left us looking like a cash cow for increasingly desperate people.
    I`m sure there is a piece of paper in Pannu`s office with all the players names on & a minimal acceptable fee,once that fee is reached,the sale is done,i dont look forward to the next 5 weeks.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Wonder how many FANS cryed !!!!! ” That’s it,I’m never going to St Andrews again” when BLUES sold TREVOR FRANCIS ??

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Sir Alf Ramsay when BCFC Manager said
      There is no better player in the country than Trevor Francis.’

      It would be like Wayne Rooney playing for us now…

      It was inevitable he would leave…to the European Champions & play for the best manager in the country..for a British Club Record Transfer fee…

      That money was then invested back into the club to bring in International quality players..
      Todd , Gemmill. Worthington, Langan , etc..

      So I understood why TF left, & it brought a fortune into the club that was reinvested.
      I can not say the same for the Jordon Mutch transfer..

    • oldburyblue says:

      As Blues fans we WERE more than disappointed when TF was sold, but as FOOTBALL supporters we realised that the time was right. He had given us great service but was clearly destined for higher things and to have held him back any longer would have been criminal. The same went for Bob Latchford at the time…diidn’t want to see him go but the time was right. I don’t feel the same with Mutch and the others that will follow because we know that the money will never be used for the benefit of BCFC.

  • B91blue says:

    Like a few others I read OP avidly and have been driven to become a first time poster by the seemingly worsening events at our beloved club. As many have said the sale of JM seems to indicate an “if it breathes…sell it” mentality, an approach we all hoped would not emerge.
    Emotions are understandably high and driven to a large degree by our frustration at not being able to influence the owners to act in a way that, we as fans, deem acceptable and in line with the running of our football club.
    Next to zero information emanating from the Directors continues to fuel speculation. Fans have real fears for the coming season and the very future of the club. Its painful and hurts.
    Unfortunately, to the many owners of football clubs these days, the club is a business asset which has the potential to deliver vast wealth to the lucky ones who operate intelligently at Premier League level. The fans are an occupational hazard who are an inconvenience and whose role is to continually pump their hard earned cash into the club. God forbid if they dare try and hold the board to account for their actions. In our case we ended up with owners keen to “have a go” at premiership riches. How they passed the fit and proper test we will never know…but they did, so we can assume it is not too rigorous. They have now failed and are desperately trying to manage their “asset” to give them back their investment. Nothing else matters to them. (The picture in my mind of CY grabbing at the League Cup Trophy as it passed him at Wembley actually makes me feel physically sick now). This situation will play out and resolve itself in due course (weeks, months or years) I am not defeatist but feel that I cannot influence the events in HK directly….good luck to any fan that can.

    Trying to be positive I’ve had a look at the players we still have and are still likely to be here for the new season and a typical team/squad could be as follows;

    GK – Doyle/Butland ( We should be allowed a replacement though if both leave)
    Defence – Spector
    Defence – Murphy
    Defence – Caldwell
    Defence – Ibanez
    Midfield – Burke
    Midfield – Gomis
    Midfield – Elliott
    Midfield – Fahey
    Forward – King
    Forward – Zigic (This guys sitting on his fat contact until 2014)
    Forward – Rooney

    Likely to leave

    In addition we have all the youngsters frantically signing contracts and who knows one or two could break through.
    Wasn’t it quite common in the 70’s and 80’s for a team to go through a season and only use 13 or 14 senior players. It will be tough and god help us if we have injuries but do you know what it doesn’t look too bad given the circumstances….I may just go and watch these guys….don’t shoot me for being an optimist ….we’ve been here before and survived…..this is BCFC after all why would it be easy!!!!!!!

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    A good, respectful and balanced post by you. With regard to my earlier comments; 48 years is proof that I too am not a “glory-hunter”. I now we have had many difficulties in the past (wish i could get rid of the Gypsies curse) but this time I feel it different. The last three years have from a financial perspective been very difficult for a lot of people. Many good and honest people with not much cash in their pocket turn up at the turnstiles week in week out. The manner in which we have been treated since that wonderful Carling Cup victory verges on criminal. I take your point “Another saga that will painfully pass”. My point is that we CAN affect just how long WE have to suffer that pain.

    • Paulo says:

      Thanks! and I have more respect for any hard working fan who simply loves there team and puts their hand in their pocket to go through the turnstiles every home match at St Andrews ..than anyone on both boards. I will not argue with anyone who has been a bluenose longer than I’ve been alive (lol) ..that would be arrogant.

      So if I’ve been told that the road will just be a little longer than I’d hoped, then it’s probably good advice, so I’ll listen to it.

      But that’s just me.

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    Y’know I stated on here I wouldnt be going to St Andrews again until Yeung had gone…have to be honest,I cant see my life without my monthly game.Its just wholly frustrating to see what happening without having ANY power….many Blues fans must feel the same….. P**sed off and totally totally hapless.

  • Snoop says:

    Well, the Mutch sale is a clear statement of intent by the board – everything is up for sale and it isn’t going to cost much. I’d not be surprised to see Butland and Redmond follow him out to reach their potential at other clubs and be replaced by ageing journeymen for a season of battling relegation. Good luck to the new manager, he is going to need it – the aim for the club now is to survive until someone new buys it.

  • Ingerlund says:

    Whilst selling a young player to a no-mark club doesnt look good nor fill us with confidence for the future of the club but in honesty I dont rate Mutch very highly. Promiing stars show promise on the pitch and his stats and performances have been very poor. I am struggling the remember any flashes of real talent and potential. Yes he works hard and shows a lot of passion, but I can only remember one defence splitting pass which by all accounts anyone can pull off if they have anough goes at it. For me he is another player who showed promise as a teenager but has not progressed to where he should have been aged 20. Would we have given him an improved contract based on performances?.

  • phil says:

    stunning news blues fan for over 40 years but yeung and co wont get another penney off my money

  • crotcher88 says:

    they are not saying anything because if it was good news dont you think they would have told us by now would you tell anyone youre going to robb a bank

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    Does anyone know if you can get a refund on season tickets? Can’t help but think that my 400 and anything else that goes into the Club this summer is going straight to China.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    Bye the way, all well and good stating Much isn’t that good a player so best to offload him. Who are you going to replace him with???

  • Steve says:

    I have e mailed the club today asking for a full refund on my season ticket. Like a number of people I have never put a message on here. After 40 years supporting the club I have known lots of ‘lows’ – but enough is enough. This regime will not get another penny from me. So very sad.

  • andy says:

    Maybe Darren Carter can replace Mutch, he wants a club. What about lining up Maik Taylor for a return to replace Butland? Lets all go backwards because thats exactly where the chinese are taking us.

  • DoctorD says:

    What is worrying about the sale of Mutch is that it took place while we are managerless. So basically there’s a vacuum, Cardiff come in with a bid and there’s no-one to stop Pannu selling up. He must be a happy man because he doesn’t have to contend with the manager moaning coz there isn’t one. And we all know he just ignores the fans anyway. The key thing is to get a manager — any manager in — asap so that at least PP has someone to contend with in the sale of players. To be honest, I don’t care who we get in, we just need SOMEONE. Even if it is Phil Brown. In fact we could do with someone with a bit of clout.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    It wouldn’t matter what manager you get in with the exception of Sir Alex Ferguson. They are going to have very little influence over who from the squad gets sold. When the Banks come a’knocking. . . . .The way things are going why would you want a manager you will only have 11 decent players left, what’s to manage.

    • DoctorD says:

      Goody Blue Shoes — I suppose the point is PP will end up with all the decent candidates (if there are any) pulling out and we are left with someone weak. All i hope is that next year we survive in the Championship — last year was about maybe getting promoted. Next year will just be staying up. And it looks like we will have to do that with a heap of youngsters.

  • kimberley blue says:

    Simple question whatever the transfer £1m or £3m where is the money going ?

  • Rob Wildey says:

    Someone has suggested that the best way to get media attention is to take to the pitch before the game to protest. Not to pull down the goals or to confront the opposition fans, to protest.

    This way, the game won’t go ahead or at the very least will be delayed, while all the scores are coming in on Sky Sports News, our wouldn’t have started.


  • Swiss Jonny says:

    What Mr Pannu fails to realize is that Birmingham City are not just a Football team.They are a commercial entity that is active in the entertainment and service industry.As such supporters are also clients and customers.Can you imagine any leading corporation treating its clients in such a way? The club has to communicate with its supporters/clients.If we were aware of the true situation and the rationale behind such decisions as the Mutch departure we could perhaps understand and even be supportive.The cloak and dagger stuff has to stop.

  • Alex McLeish says:

    “Can you imagine any leading corporation treating its clients in such a way?”

    Wake up and smell the 21st century. Yes, i can imagine other corporations not giving a hoot about how some of its subscribers feel if they were only in it for nefarious business purposes in the first place.

    Do you really think the owners and sellers of BCFC care about you?

  • Dave Smith says:

    Iv’e said this before and I will repeat it – only YEUNG wanted the Blues – ALL of the others wanted a return on their investment. These people care NOTHING, not a jot about our beloved club. We must get rid of them in the only way the the ‘BOSS’ class understand – hit them in the pocket. Its’ very hard to do but as Shane said earlier – we MUST boycott all home games, purchase no merchandise and protest peacefully in any way we can. These people must be removed – Chinese authorties tend to be secretive anyway – remember Tianaman Square? – according to the authorities it never happened but we all saw it unfold on TV. These people will never tell us anything – WE MUST NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. Keep Right ON.

  • Russell says:

    I believe that the sale of players and a lack of answers from those in the know shows that from the sale of our best young players that this club is in a big crisis, the main issue is, are the board trying to gain as much money as they can to do a runner with it and cut their loses? or are we going to be looking at a team of reserve team players wearing the first team shirt next season. I for one wish the club would go into administration and the foreign owners would just give up the ghost and get lost, I say that politely, Pannu has said nothing to the supporters and from the sale of Mutch to another Championship team who are no better than us tells us all that like Yeung he cannot be trusted.

  • Dodger says:

    Like it or not we are in the shit and we can blame Tom, Dick and Harry but it will not change the situation .
    We need too sell players to avoid going into administration and being deducted points.(fact)
    We all know which players are costing us a fortune but they are the players that WON us a cup got us into Europe and gave all us blue noses days out we never dreamed of.(fact)

    Facts are Carson is going to be homeless becauce of loans secured against his family home . How many of us would have done that?
    If we go into administation he will get next to nothing back i dont know if he as a plan rather than suck it and see what happens .
    But all i am sure of is that its not an easy life for anyone connected with Birmingham city at the mo and the sooner we get a new owner the better for us all…..KRO.

    • Blueboy88 says:

      I believe they are selling to meet their loan repayments with HSBC – Failure to meet these would allow HSBC to take over the day to day the running football club .
      The bank could step in and own the football club if it wanted.

      The obvious advantages are administration would be avoided, & a buyer for BCFC sort .

  • jazzzy786 says:

    No wonder the kids are being offered pro contracts because that’s who’ll be playing for us next season. I fully expect Foster, Butland, Davies, Burke and Redmond to be sold. I will be voting with my feet and money until these crooks sell up.

    I urge all boycotters to attend the away matches instead so we can still show ourselves to potential buyers. We also need to make a big noise to tell everyone there is a boycott going on.

    A question for al majir – Can they sell St Andrews?

  • bluenosegavin says:

    Listen, id be gutted with sale of any player at the moment because we can’t replace! Mutch has worked his socks off but in ‘normal’ circumstances is he a big loss? I think not he is no more than a passenger in a decent side he has too many quiet games for.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      If we accept that Jordan Mutch had a few ordinary performances last year and therefore is no loss, then that gives PP the go ahead to get rid of 50% of the remaining squad!! Then where does that leave us????

  • Spike says:

    The one thing that is obvoius from reading these posts is that every single one of us cares passionately about BCFC, our club.Long after the board, the players and the hangers on have left, we will still be here. That is why we go to the lengths we do to post on here. All of us are having to stand by and watch as our club is bled dry. Whoever the new manager is will deserve a medal!!! KRO, because I genuinly believe the end is very near.

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