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Carson Yeung Denied Another Application To Leave HK

Carson Yeung has once again been denied permission to leave Hong Kong by the high courts over fears he may abscond and not return in time for his trial on November 28.

Radio Television Hong Kong reports that Carson made an application to vary his bail to sort out the funeral arrangements for his father. Yeung told the court that his father had died in Shenzhen on 21 July and asked that he was given leave to go to the mainland for fifteen days. Shenzhen is the Chinese city immediately north of Hong Kong.

Yeung’s father, Yeung Chung, was named as the owner of two of the five accounts that the Hong Kong police allege were used for money laundering although the accounts were believed to be controlled by Carson. Yeung Chung was also named in the asset freeze order although it had been noted by the court that he had gone to the mainland in 2008 and hadn’t been seen since.

Carson Yeung faces five counts of money laundering and is on bail worth £1million until the trial in November. He has had to hand in his passport to the authorities under the condition of his bail and report into a police station three times a week.

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24 Responses to “Carson Yeung Denied Another Application To Leave HK”

  • Mickey07 says:

    As soon as we are rid of Carson and this saga that surrounds him the better…

  • Oldbluenose says:

    It is a crying shame that this court case drags on and on,!!.

    One has to feel sympathy that Carson Yeung, cannot even attend his fathers funeral, !!!!.

  • Jordan says:

    Without carson we wouldnt have a squad as tight knit as this lot. Yes we could buy players but who knows if we would perform better.

    • KeeprightCroydON says:

      Not sure what you base this on Jordan. I think credit is actually due to the management team for the tight knit squad. It can be argued that they are tight knit in spite of CY rather than because of him.

  • Grizzly says:

    Almajir, as Carson’s trial was originally set for last year, do you know if there is any chance we will see another long delay and it may be next year before this case is decided? Or is the November 28 date the be all and end all of Carson’s money laundering trial?

    • almajir says:

      It was never originally set for last year. People confuse pre-trial dates and various bits of legal paperwork for the real thing – the first date set for this trial has always been November 28 2012. It was set then because that was the first date that the system had available to block out bookings of court rooms and lawyers for three weeks plus it needed to be able to do it. These things take time.

    • KRO21 says:

      I think thats a good point though Grizzly. It would be interesting to know if, after waiting all this time, whether the Courts could adjourn it into 2013/14.

  • Tamuffblue says:

    methinks this will be D Day for us and him

  • Gibbo says:

    Even tatts only gives him until Christmas,,acoording to some ownership change is imminent,,not holding my breath though

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    Just want this to be over if he is found not guilty then great we move forward with him if he goes down then we will have an investstor breaking the door down to buy the club on the cheap… I’d like Peter pannu to stay on though regardless… He’s worked so hard to please both parties and keep the wheel on at St Andrews. It’s not the general consensus I appreciate but I do think there’s a lot he has done for our club a lesser man would have turned us into a Pompey or Rangers… There by the grace of god go we

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Well said, Dave;, If any other of the Chinese originals, had been in charge since July, 2011, I shudder to think what may have become of us,!!.

      Untill, someone can prove otherwise, !!. I think that Peter Pannu, deserves our thanks, !!!!.

  • Chris says:

    I was under the impression that Carson was being taken to court for tax evasion? Not money laundering??

    • Paulo says:

      The big one is money laundering ..but there have been surrounding cases against him as well. Almajir has covered it all, you will no doubt be able to find it within OP.

  • Paulo says:

    I will hold my hands up to slating PP for his communication skills last season, however, I’m sure he has (at times) had legal reasons why he hasn’t answered questions!
    But I do agree that now that the HK lot are being exposed and the falling apart of BIHL, it does show that PP has done his job to the max ..no matter how unpopular he’s become.
    That, I believe, is where the November court date of CY will be the release date we all want from BIHL, and from what PP has achieved at BCFC, it’s not hard to see that an investor will want him to continue ..and by that I mean ‘ruthlessly’. Chris Hughton got the job done with no money and he got a nice premiership job out of it.
    It seems CY is going to face a tough trial, and maybe some want to make an example of him in HK, but it could soon be D-Day fo us …if we only knew what was going to happen!

  • AuldBlueEyes says:

    My apologies if the following has been previously mentioned, but………

    I’m not so sure that the Trial set for 28th November will immediately decide Blues fortunes.
    I think that should Carson Yeung be found guilty of all or some of the charges against him, can he appeal? If so, then the whole business could be further drawn out.

    I’m in no way an expert on legal matters so not sure that he would be allowed to appeal.
    Perhaps Almajir or somebody may have the answer.

    • almajir says:

      I’m of the belief that he can appeal should he be found guilty.

      The simple fact is no one knows what’s going to happen for sure – there is a lot of supposition and conjecture and I guess we won’t know until it happens.

  • Davegnosall says:

    Hi Almajir,

    Blues squad numbers have been published on the official web site but Hancox has not been allocated a number!

    Is this an oversight or an typing error? I notice #12 is not allocated.

    What do you make of this?

    • almajir says:


      There is no secret Hancox has a six month deal. There is no secret we’re after Ben Gordon. They just haven’t given him a number – should they need to, it’s easy enough to give one in the future of the season

  • Davegnosall says:

    Could these comments go out under a new heading ‘No Number for Hancox’ rather than staying under ‘Carson Young Denighed Another Application to Leave HK’?

    • almajir says:

      No, because that would require me writing a new article and I’m not doing that about Hancox not getting a number.

      It’s worth pointing out here that this isn’t a messageboard – it’s a blog site.

  • Tamuffblue says:

    i am 50 – 50 on PP – I realise that he has a difficult job to do – and he serves several masters BUT communication is the key to all business success !!!! More communication with us fans and harmony will prevail

  • MrYuzhai says:

    that’s sad.. hope his father can rest in peace..

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