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More on Carson’s Refused Travel Application

Further information has come out in the Chinese speaking press with respect to the further refusal by the HK court system to vary Carson Yeung’s bail. Carson had asked to be allowed fifteen days away from the former colony to sort out his late father’s funeral arrangements in Shenzhen, just across the border in mainland China.

courtesy Wen Wei Po

A visibly upset Carson left the court-house today after being told by the sitting judge that he would not be allowed to attend the funeral of his father, who died of cancer on July 21 in Shenzhen, despite his brother-in-law Ma Shui Cheong (who is also MD of his newspaper, Sing Pao) offering to put up an extra £400,000 in sureties.

HK Daily News reports that the court heard that Carson was close to his father and as the oldest child had the obligation to complete the proper observances as laid down by the Chinese tradition of filial piety. Carson’s solicitor went on to tell the court that Carson had three half-brothers who were estranged from his father, with Wen Wei Po reporting that two of those wouldn’t attend the funeral. It was noted by the court that Carson had not violated any conditions of his bail and that whilst business trips had been vetoed this was of a different nature. The court was told that since Carson’s arrest it had fallen on his sister to look after their father during his hospital admissions and that Carson and his father had spoken frequently on the telephone.

However, solicitors acting for the HK Attorney General were quick to dismiss the closeness between Carson and his father stating that Carson hadn’t seen his dad in a long time. They also went on to note that in the seven years prior to 2010 Carson had spent around two-thirds of that time outside of Hong Kong and that, coupled with Carson’s assets outside the former colony made him a high risk of absconding. They also contended that Carson’s physical presence was not necessary for the funeral as he could be present via a video link etc.

The judge showed sympathy for Carson but ruled against Yeung leaving Hong Kong. Whilst Carson and his lawyers apparently discussed appealing outside of the court there surely isn’t much time for Carson to counter the judgement before the funeral is completed. The court case number is HCMP1546/2012 and I will link the judgement recorded if and when it is posted online.

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21 Responses to “More on Carson’s Refused Travel Application”

  • pedantic pete says:

    Spending 2/3 of his time away from Hong Kong dealing with his business activities presumably (including Birmingham City) does not mean he was not close to his father. Somehow I think the authorities have really taken against him. Whatever we think of him, he is surely due a little humanity in his loss.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t disagree with you Pete. He clearly looks upset; it’s a big deal in Chinese culture not to do these kinds of things properly and I do feel for him somewhat.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    THis is SO BAD.

    Forget the Charges for a minute.
    To refuse a son (and an eldest son in this case, who should carry the resposnabilty), to attend and organise his parent’s funeral is disgusting and importantly, a feather in the cap for the Prosecution.

    Each knock-back against Carson only strengthens the prosecution case. The innuendo that Carson has ooddles of money stashed away and could do a flit to Saudi Arabia or Saudi Nuneaton is preposterous.

    He is not Thaksin Shinawatra the old Man City owner….Carson is not a political big-wig with a bolt hole in any available port or bank-of-opportunity.

    Carson is just a Hong Kong equivalent of Gold/Sullivan imo.
    A raiser of funds, a creator of loans to keep blues going.
    To pay Hlebs, Bentleys. Derbyshires and Martins wages.

    And Etc. See howblues players many jumped ship when Pannu and Chris laid down the new rules last year!

    People forget that.

    Anyway, Carson couldn’t hide anywhere in the world..why would he want to FGS :-)

    So, another snub helps the Prosecution- imo .

    Apparently the HK Law does not observe ‘discloure’ AJ ?
    Would you know?

    In US and some Swiss law, the defence have to have full knowledge of prosecution information that warrants seizure of property/assets/travel etc. So a Fair challenge can be mounted by the defence.

    I know I’m a Yeung/Pannu supporter …. but I believe this is looking like a railroad job.


  • pierre says:

    from the outside looking in it seems cy has made some serious enemies in china.even the kray brother was let out to attend his brothers funeral,who committed the bigger crime!.

  • Steve-0 says:

    Surely it can be passively for Carson to be escorted to the funeral by Police and then taken back to HK. Not allowing a 15 day absence is one thing, but refusing his physical presence to say good bye to his father is another. After all he’s not a mass murderer, he just (allegedly) laundered some dirty money.

  • Chris says:

    I take it that in China they don’t have the saying….innocent til proven guilty. Agree with Steve-O that he could at least be police escorted & maybe even they can send CY the bill for the escort

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    He’s simply incurring the consequences of his actions and deserves everything coming to him.

  • I.Roth says:

    Disgusting that CY isn’t allowed to attend his fathers funeral . It will not happen again. I thought it was a big thing to respect one’s dead over there. To respect ones elders is a duty of the youngsters. Unbelievable.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    The Yeung ownership has helped leave Blues in the mess the club is in right now, although the previous owners were not exactly squeaky-clean. However, as well as the things Almajir raised concerning family relationships and Chinese culture, there are such things as human dignity and basic respect and refusing to allow a son to attend his father’s funeral is distasteful to say the least.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    As I stated yesterday on a previous blog, One has to feel sympathy for Carson Yueng, in this situation.

    Not understanding Chinese [ H,K.] law, !!. As others have said earlier, Surely some sort of ” escorted ”
    release could/should have been arrangeable,?.

  • AR says:

    I hope Dino Tiltoni is squeaky-clean.

  • Paulo says:

    Even the hardest and most feared of jailbirds would be allowed to be there when their mother or father was to be buried, well, CY is hardly a serial killer is he??? I mean, it does seem like the biggest insult to give a chinese man who is the eldest son ..but why? Should he be accompanied and under ‘supervision’, then at least he would be there.
    More like someone’s well got it in for him.

    No matter what anyone’s politics about CY are, this is gonna get people debating!!!!

  • Sean Thomas says:

    Couild these charges be more serious than we are anticipating?

  • blue@heart says:

    it is a sad day when a son is not allowed to pay their respects at their fathers funeral, to suggest he should only be given video links is truly disturbing coming from a country that has always valued tradition, whether guilty or not only time will tell and more compassion should have been shown, as mentioned he is not a murderer or likely to abscond from Chinese courts. Yes they are very serious charges that have been brought against him, but as we know no more information from the prosecution, people are going to suggest kangaroo court rules are being used. “Why has it taken them so long in thee first place”

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Evening all.

    CY should question his lawyers as to why they did not pre-empt the arguments put forward by the HK AG’s office. Some of the reasoning is quite patronising and downright cynical tosh. How they can equate a video-link to actually paying your respects in person, is simply pathetic in the extreme. For goodness’ sake he is still to be tried and the bulk of his assets are in HK, so where does the risk increase in CY doing one before the trial?? There was an added surety on offer of £400K and no doubt the guarantor is in on CY’s plotting as well. Why did they believe that the seven years prior to 2010 were so pertinent?? CY is in his fifties and could the judge not dismiss this point on the evidence that CY is a businessman who will no doubt spend considerable periods away from his home??

    He was obviously close to his dad, as they had serious joint business interests, but perhaps this is where the problem arises. The HK authorities may have positioned CY where they want him but got pretty peed off when the old fella did one back to the mainland. No he has shrugged off his mortal coil, they cannot ‘get’ him as they are attempting with his son.

    All in all a pretty distasteful decision considering the facts, and the authorities appear to have made a vindictive decision which does them a dis-service.

    Whatever you feel about CY, the humane and natural option has not been made.

  • DoctorD says:

    I find it sad that Carson Yeung cannot attend the funeral of his father.

  • MrYuzhai says:

    So sad.. hope Carson’s ok.. I’ll pray for his father..

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    The thing I find odd is that you would have expected the mainland to be harder to get away from than Hong Kong. It is also surprising that Hong Kong is treated as being so separate from mainland China after they had pressed so hard for the British to hand it back as being part of Chinese territory.

    • almajir says:

      The thing is I think it would be easy to disappear into a huge country of a billion plus people – it’s not so much getting out, it’s hiding somewhere it would be hard to locate him that worries them.

      As for HK – it’s a very, very seperate entity to China. It has the same relationship as Jersey does to the UK – it’s connected, but it’s not part of the mother and has completely different rules (HK law is based on English rather than Chinese). This is a good thing – cos the max penalty for some frauds in China is death.

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