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A Stirring Comeback – Palace Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game between Birmingham City and Crystal Palace at St Andrews.

1) A Good Result

Prior to the game I’d have taken a point so to get one after going down 2-0 and looking dead and buried for me is a good result. It was a strange game in some ways; Blues finished with a very makeshift 4-3-3 yet looked very threatening and maybe could have snatched it at the death.

I didn’t think Blues looked that bad first half but I was concerned that the chances Blues had spurned was going to bite them on the backside after Palace took the lead. The goal came from a fairly obvious route – Blues are susceptible to teams with pace and Robinson was caught up field which allowed Bolasie to break and cross for Murray with Caldwell trailing in his wake. When Blues were forced to put Robinson at right back and went 2-0 down I truly feared the worst but a moment of stupidity from the ref changed it all. There is no way in my mind that Peter Lovenkrands dived in the box – it looked a penalty and potentially a red card for denying a goalscoring opportunity although Lovenkrands apparently has said post-game that he wasn’t clipped. The decision to book Lovenkrands got the fans angry – and it galvanised the team. I think it also ensured that Burke (who had played poorly and was on a booking) was subbed off before he got red-carded himself and that did the trick – Zigic came on, scored and all of a sudden Blues were in the ascendancy. Football is a lot about belief and I think once Ziggy had scored the team believed that they could get it back.

2) Papa Bouba Diop

Credit to Papa; I didn’t think he would be worth a game but he was pretty good once he got going. His performance mirrored many of his reserve appearances – slow to get going, agricultural challenges  and the ball bouncing off him more than him controlling it but once he’s going he plays the simple pass really well, and he looked useful in their half. He’s got a few goals in the reserves and they’ve all been similar to the one he got today – a thumping header. You’re going to have to take this on trust but just before the corner was took I said Diop would score a header to the people around me. His contract expires on Monday and I suspect it’ll be extended again. If he remains in and about the team, and plays like that then fair enough.

3) Callum Reilly

It was a bit of a shock for the rookie 19-year-old to be given a debut, especially over Morgaro Gomis and Ravel Morrison but he didn’t acquit himself too badly. I’m not going to go overboard like some have but I thought he gave good energy, put himself about and tried his hardest to break up opposition play and move the ball about. Yes, a couple of passes went astray and he was chasing shadows at times but it was a decent debut for the Warrington-born lad. He’s the third of a quartet of Blues Academy players who have been with the club since they were 8 to make his debut (after Redmond and Hancox) and it’s credit to Richard Beale that he’s made the step up. Just Josh Hawker to go now.

4) Zigic and Lovenkrands

Ziggy and Shabba had contrasting games – everything seemed to go right for the Serb who scored with practically his first touch and then pinged around the passes like a playmaker whereas the Dane couldn’t seem to get the rub of the green despite doing a lot of hard work. Ziggy really changed the game – his aerial presence disturbed the Palace backline whilst he linked with his two fellow strikers well. I’ve often thought Ziggy can be quite talismanic and he showed it again today because the crowd were lifted by him almost immediately. However, Lovenkrands deserves credit – his workrate was very good and that running in the second half gave Blues good options down the left.

5) Mitch Hancox

I’ve got to mention the young left back because his introduction did a lot for Blues too. He is definitely a little raw but going forwards he looked brilliant. The first goal started from Hancox, who played a beauty of a ball past the Palace right-back for Lovenkrands to get on to and the youngster’s crossing was pretty good too. If Caddis is out injured for a while I can see Mitch getting a start at left-back if Robinson is shuffled across.

I enjoyed the game a lot; I expected nothing from it so the comeback made it all the sweeter and I think the lack of expectation meant the crowd weren’t so dispirited when Blues inevitably went behind. I think Lee Clark has to come to the realisation we can’t defend for toffee – so Blues have to just attack and attack and hope to score one more than the opposition. It might not be a clever tactic but attacking football will get the crowds cheering once again.

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62 Responses to “A Stirring Comeback – Palace Match Reflections”

  • Jamie says:

    Great article as always! I need this site due to living outside the U.K. and it keeps me more informed on my club than I’ve ever been and all the credit for that is yours alone. Not a bad point really, I was worried this season to be honest and all I expect of this team is to stay up, we over achieved last year by an incredible amount and I think that is pretty much all down to our previous manager! the new boss may not be the best but he is not the worst and I think the team has been playing a bit below what they are capable of but not by that much if I’m honest. we need investment and new owners but when that will be no one can say, so as long as we can stay up and survive as a club I’ll be happy…well, content to some degree at least

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Well done Lee Clark, another great match to watch.

    Lee changed the game when he bought on Zigic who got us that important first goal and generally frightened the feck out of the Palace defence who were hanging on for dear life at times. Although slated by some for the signing of Diop the big man looked more than useful yesterday and powered that 2nd goal in, a great signing by Lee. Another great Clark signing Caddis was having an excellent game until yet another injury but his replacement Hancox is a quality little ball player and fitted in fine. A great decision by Lee to blood young Callum Reilly who had a great debut and it’s great to see a manager who will give these boys a chance. The trick is knowing when they’re ready and Lee read this one spot on as Reilly alongside Diop gave our central midfield a far more solid look.

    Really enjoyed it again and with the absence of booing and banners St Andrews was great to be at again. All those Wembley season ticket holders sitting at home moaning about Carson and us having no money are a disgrace to his club. I hope you like seeing a half empty ground week after week.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Lovenkrands tweeted me last night saying there was no contact but it looked nailed on tio me. There was another good shout for a penalty too maybe two (can’t remember). We created alot of chances in this game even in the first half but were susceptible to the pace of Palace on the break.

    Doing a great job is Lee in the circumstances.

    • Masaccio says:

      There were three good shouts for pens during the game, even the palarse fan sitting next to me in the kop thought so. He moved towards the front and empty seats at half time , can’t imagine why?

    • John says:

      The referee had a poor game. He seemed to want to spend the game, chatting to the palace players and then walked off,with his arm around Ian Holloway’s shoulder. Papa Diop,although looking clumsy at the start,had a good game and hopefully, will keep his place. As for Lee Clark,he might be better off,with a new coaching staff. It’s quite obvious that Fazackerly and McDermot appear to show, no interest in the game. I find it difficult to understand how anyone at a football match, can sit down for the whole 90 minutes. If you are really interested,it is impossible not to jump from your seat,if only to complain about something. If we can cut out these silly defensive mistakes,we might start to get some resuts. Caldwell’s lack of pace is now being exposed every game and oppsing forwards,must relish the idea of playing against him.

  • Always a Blue says:

    People still have a pop at the manager but they should realise this season is very different for Lee Clarke and he may not cut the mustard however the following points should be considered.

    Starting line up yesterday

    Several players over 34.
    Two players on ‘month by month.
    Three players 19 or under.
    A superb goal keeper,but has probably made more mistakes than Myhill while he is being blooded.
    No European positive activity.
    Higher fans expectation.

    I am sure if we had funds to buy a solid central defender he would have because Caldwell is struggling a bit.
    Let’s hope the meeting tomorrow sorts out the future,with new owners Lee Clarke can then be judged


  • andy says:

    All credit has to go to Lee Clark, once the shackles are released and he can go about his business in a normal enviroment then im confident, with the experiences so far, he will do a decent job.

  • Ed says:

    There are rumours going round that Hancox is leaving in January along with King, I hope they are just that, rumours, especially Hancox.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Nature abhors a vacuum but why do most people hasten to fill in the blanks with garbage?”

    • Jamie says:

      if that is true why is it that most of everything is vacuum? statistically speaking i’d think it would work out that the entire of the universe is space/vacuum is it not? all planets, stars and moons etc would combine to be such a tiny part of the overall total mass of space as to be zero……of course I’m guessing here to some degree but I’d be happy to do the math! :)

  • Bluehobba says:

    I enjoyed the game yesterday and also my expectations of a win were low. Not that I don’t have faith, we just have a knack of letting in avoidable goals which starts the up hill battle. 2 or 3 penalty shouts, the officials do make it frustrating sometimes especially when Diop nearly had his shirt ripped off him and I thought from where I sit in the main stand that the Lovenkrands one was a stone waller. Good to give Reilly a go in midfield but unsure if he merited a start before Gomis. Lets hope we can get off to a flyer against Burnley, KRO

  • Art Watson says:

    I’m still at a loss to understand those who are praising Clark.

    Over the last 5 games Blues have gained just 5 points which in anyone’s books is relegation form.

    His record with the squad he inherited is appalling and remember it was he who said “he was going to achieve better things this season.”

    Will someone please explain why they think Clark is doing a good job!

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


      We have no money to buy players.

      He changes games for the better with his tactics.

      He makes good signings,

      He bloods young players after judging that they are ready.

      Most of us (although it seems split between those who go and those who don’t) realise the hand he’s been dealt and realise he’s doing the best with what he’s got.

      What were you expecting? Alex Ferguson the second?

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Plus we play good football and score more goals.

      • Art Watson says:

        Come on Paul-you’ve got to be winding me up.

        Most of the clubs in the league don’t have any money to spend.
        Apart from Caddis and Robinson /name his good signings.
        He has never gets his game plan right until we go behind -then he’s forced to make changes.
        What has he done to players like Burke,Davis and Redmond?
        How about our home record this season?
        How about our league position?
        How about the amount of goals conceded?
        Name one game where Blues have played good football for 90mins and have deserved to win.

        Sorry he’s out of his depth and always will be in this league.

        • Blue in Spain says:

          I assume when he signed Mullins, Ambrose and Lovenkrands, you were on here saying what bad signings they were….. Thought not! As for Davis, he is now playing well, Redmond is 19, and to my recollection he had some poor games last season too! As for Burke, it’s my opinion he wants away! Oh and other good signings Diop, Lita, Morrison and Hall! As well as bringing through youngsters, Butland, Reilly, Packwood and Hancox. The guy is managing with one hand tied behind his back yet doing ok.

          • Art Watson says:

            The three signing you mentioned in my view were and still are good players.

            Like the rest of the team Clark is not getting the best out of them be because he lacks the ability to do so.

            And don’t get me started on his coaching staff.!

        • Bluehobba says:

          Forest away!

        • Euston 9.18 says:

          Could you please tell us then,who is your candidate to replace Clark ??

          Someone out of work (as BLUES have no money for compo)


        • John says:

          Art, If you had ever played the game,you would know that you can’t play well every week. Also,as the old saying goes, form is temporary,class is permanent. Burke was really good last season and was our player of the season. And yet,during the summer not one club, came in for him. He is still a good player,but is simply out of form. Nobody can turn a good player into a bad player,only the player himself.

    • almajir says:


      I wouldn’t say he’s doing an excellent job but the last few games haven’t been so bad. You can’t judge games from stats alone – football doesn’t work like that and as you’re an ex-pat you don’t get to see what I do for instance when I go.

      Yesterday was a good game – Blues created chances in both halves and there was a good energy about the team, particularly in the second half. Yes, the defence was rickety but there was no expectation going into the game so to come out of it having fought back for a point it’s actually not so bad.

      • Sirharry1875 says:

        Well said. 2 down to one of the best teams in the league and then fightback like we did. It was a good game and to see the place go mental when that second went in is why I love going. Live Saturday football, you can’t beat it!

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Here here.

          How can you judge a teams performance when you’re not at the game and only go by stats and very brief tv highlights?

          I remember when he had excellent games in the prem where we pressed the big boys and put in a hell of a shift. When I got home that night and put on the highlights I often wondered if I was at the same game due to the total big club bias that the media has. Since then any highlights I see I take with a pinch of salt and only ever come on here talking about a performance if I have seen the game itself.

          Fair play if you want to talk about the state of the club from afar but don’t come on here being all negative regarding performances when you’ve nothing to base it on. A bit of positive festive cheer please.


          • Art Watson says:

            Todate I have not missed a full commentary of every game on the Blues web so please don’t give me a condescending lecture on my assessment of performances.

            No offence intended.

            Happy Xmas.

          • almajir says:

            Without wanting to cause offence, I don’t think you can judge a performance based on commentary, because you’re getting someone else’s impression of what is happening rather than seeing with your own eyes.

          • bluenoseneil says:

            Wow…..I hope none of our partially sighted or blind fans read this…

      • Art Watson says:


        You make some valid points but playing CP at home without expecting to get a result nicely sums up the way our club has deteriorated under Clark.

        If my memory serves me correctly we beat CP 3-1 at home last season with virtually the same squad of players.I appreciate we had some useful loanees but Clark had the same opportunity as CH but he failed with his judgement .As for the injuries excuse -all clubs have similar issues but that’s all part of game and good managers get the results despite injuries.

        I really do hope that Blues can turn the corner but as I said before I just can’t see this happening under Clark.


        Been really busy but will be writing to PP tomorrow.

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Art – not meant to becondescending. Simply stating that not actually watching the games can leave anyone not totally aware of how it “really is”

          I had a year of being an ex-pat when I was 21 and it hurt beyond belief being away from my Blue Boys so I know how it is. I hope you’re able to get back for a game or two every year?


          • Art Watson says:


            Due back in March and will watch as many games as I can over a three week period.

            I really do hope Clark can turn things around as Blues play a vey important part of my life.

            I was born less than half a mile away from STA and rarely missed a game before moving to Cyprus.

            Seeing the way the club is at the moment is heart breaking.

            Anyway/Have a great Xmas and KRO.

          • almajir says:

            You’ll have to let us know closer to the date, would be good to say hello

        • Blue in Spain says:

          This “squad is virtually the same as last year” bullshine really annoys me It’s a theme that has been picked upv by a number of anti Clark brigade, and is far from accurate… If you researched the CP game last season, who was the starting 11, who was on the bench/ And of course your theory then makes the assumtion that Paalce are unchanged over the past 12 mnths. get behind the team and get behind the manager!

          • Blue in Spain says:

            4 players started both of these games. Doyle, Zigic and Redmond were on the bench this year and Zigic started last year. You’re right I apologise virtually the same squad!

  • poppa999 says:

    I must disagree with your assessment of Diop. I think your praise was far too shallow. He was great in that position (let’s be fair no one it the centre of midfield can be as ineffectual as Mullins, who will walk back in next Saturday no doubt). Don’t what Gomiz has done to be excluded. Like you I said he would score at that corner, and all around me said I should have had money on it!.
    I can’t say I have seen Zigic have a bad game in the last ten, and again he has proven to the doubters what a good player he is. His goals have seemed to be pivotal in every game he has scored in since he came to us.

  • andy says:

    Lee Clark is doing a good job in bad circumstances, the turmoil at the top has affected everything including the players, whatever is said. Blues in fact are in a very similar position to that of Leeds, both Sheffield clubs and Coventry in that they could easily fall into League One due to the financial problems and the impact it has. If Clark keeps Blues in the Championship this season, its a job well done and reaching play-off territory would be a massive over achievement. This league is difficult and in the past Blues have had the resources, financially, to challenge for promotion, those resources are not there at present, so cut the guy some slack until he can go about his job in a normal fashion.

    • NooBloo says:

      get real man

      We havnt played a match all season where i can honestly say we were the better side. We have kept our heads above water by snatching the odd draww or the odd win here and there.

      OK Clark cannot go out and spend loads of money on players but Palace, Hull and Millwall are sitting in play off places with a fraction of the revenue we have pulled in in the last 3 years.

      Its called having good managers and good coaching staff getting the best out of average players and i am afraid we do not have that

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    Theres something special about our Club when it’s in going through desperate times. When were skint and down to the hardcore support. When we play the kids and the old heads because we have no choice. My love for the Boys in Royal Blue, for our Club and all it represents is at it’s strongest.

    I cherish the whole match day experience, cider in the George, standing for the whole game in the paddock, cider at halftime and a good game of football. It’s what Saturdays were invented for. I just don’t understand why more don’t join in.

    Do your bit, spread the word, our Club needs us more than ever. Get down there and get behind the boys.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself – although I’d swap the cider for lager.

      Nothing beats a day out at the football. Is there anything elseworth doing on a Saturday anyway?


  • DoctorD says:

    Well said Sirharry. I fear too many fans have gorged themselves on the good times of 2002-6 and 2009-11 and are expecting tasty morsels all the time. Savour the scraps – it’s how it’s always been for the Blues.

  • freddiek says:

    it’s a pity that our expectations are now so low that we hope for a draw with Palace at home, and then are delighted with this outcome. We should be aiming much higher than Championship survival shouldnt we? Is this what we have to look forward to? Talking about “something special” when we are in the sh*te? I’m afraid I for one am not going to be brain-washed into this way of thinking – wake up!!!

    This is simply not good enough at all and we need to get some decent players if we are to get back where we belong.

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      How do we get decent players without money? Have you been asleep for the last 18 months? How can we aim higher when we are skint and playing to a half empty stadium? Accept what’s happening, accept the situation we find ourselves in and enjoy the ride that is Birmingham City. We will be back one day but it’s not any day soon so what else can we do but get down there and get behind them.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Expectations have to be realistic and Palace were (and still are) second in the league with a bright young squad of players mixed with seasoned pros. To go two down and fight back and against a top two side shows excellent spirit and some decent tactical savvy from LC. We have no cash whereas Palace are a financially stable club. There is every chance (hopefully) that will be us soon as once we get new owners we can start (hopefully again) to buy quality championship players and bed them in with our own talented youngsters giving us a decent club set up like Palace. Only then will my expectations be high and also realistic. Until then it’s Man the Pumps time.


  • Rob Ball says:

    I suppose after 50 years I should be used to negativity. It was fun to watch the spirited fight back yesterday but we have been spoiled in the first part of this century. How the masses wanted to get rid of Bruce when we were a solid Premiership side. How fortunate we were to then acquire Yeung as owner.
    Clark is operating on a shoestring or less. Therefore, the signings of Ambrose, Mullins, Lucas and, to a lesser extent, Lovenkrands are unforgivable.
    We have been treated to excellence by the players in the last ten years and to judge this group by that standard is unfair. My biggest concern is the loss of effectiveness of some players and Clark’s inability to motivate them.
    I want the club to be doing well. I will be happy to applaud Clark and his entourage. I don’t take any satisfaction from being one of the loyal few attending matches. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks and hope there is a club about which to worry next season.

  • swissjonny says:

    It could have been a lot worse.In the cold light of day a team currently near the bottom of the table have taken a point off a team very near the top of the table.Those are the facts.We can intellectualize about the respective merits of each team etc and etc.But in the real world its a point and a hard earned one.Right now we are having to cut our coat according to the cloth ( or whatever the ridiculous saying is ).Forget about promotion,take this pressure off.Lets just ensure we are still in this division next year and hopefully with new and well advised owners.

  • Paulo says:

    I too wasn’t expecting much yesterday against Palace. They are on form and on fire, and fair play to them. They also now have Holloway and just might hang in the top part of the table now ..who knows! But thats it really, this division is so unforgiving (to quote Hughton) that teams will get punished for being slack and having moments of weakness. After 2-0 down, it was a case of ‘here we go again’, but Zigic came on and lifted the place. Suddenly the team on the pitch was starting to really gel, and Hancox and Reilly were a credit. Diop still made me nervous, as he did seem hesitant for most of the time, so when he made the effort to run over to LC and shake hands after his goal ..I thought, fair play to the big lad. Just that little thing probably got noticed by the team, and if it wasn’t ..it should have been. Ok, I’ve got my criticisms of Clarky, but of the players as well. I dont like the boo boys, and at half time they all came out ..negative.
    I enjoyed seeing the hard work put in by all, and seeing the moments of damn good football at times, but having both the team and the crowd get together and come back against a good team led by a good manager ..was top draw.
    Reality check ..we’re not out of the woods yet, and we will lose some more, but if we attack more and more, we will score. Our aim is to not get relegated, whilst we all know we are going to lose one or two players in January (or maybe more).
    We need to be positive and get behind the team, not boo them or moan all matchday. We do not have a god given right to win every match or be in the premier league, but we do have a chance to show how loyal we are to our club.

  • BobBobandTrev says:

    Wow…..I hope none of our partially sighted or blind fans read this…

    Just catching up on today’s comments, Neil hi, this was either a really funny post or an incredibly stupid one.
    which one do you think?


  • Bluenosesol says:

    Palace played with 2 forwards yesterday who could well be in the EPL come January. Once again we have played very well against a team in the top 2 when we played them (Cardiff, Brighton, Leicester and Boro and now Palace) We havent disgraced ourselves in any of these games. At half time, I stood up to join in an ovation despite being 0-1 down as I observed an improvement in football quality and commitment and staggered when some supporters booed the team off. We are definitely good enough to finish 10 points clear of the drop and with even a moderate injection of buyers money in January and no sales, who knows? KRO.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    I’m fed up of saying this.

    The reason our players are inconsistent is because they cost feck all most of them.

    Consistently good performing players go to other clubs with dough.

    What’s all this stuff about ‘playing CP at home without expecting to get a result nicely sums up the way our club has deteriorated under Clark.’ That is complete bullshit.

    Had you followed Blues for all the time you claim you have you would know that we’ve rarely had seasons when we went into games thinking we’d win and Palace have had some cracking sides in the past. You make it sound like we’re some traditionally achieving club who are on our uppers. Bullshit.

    We’ve been shite for most of our lives. We are now where we’ve often been before – in the shite. I’m starting to doubt you Art.

  • Art Watson says:


    I was 8 years old when I watched my first home game with my father.We played Arsenal and beat them 4-0.Gil Merrick was in goal and just under 40,000 supporters turned up to watch a fantastic match.Since that day until moving to Cyprus in 2007 I rarely missed a game (home and away).I held a season ticket in block 29 and still keep in touch with many fellow supporters.

    Over the last 50 odd years I have watched some great Blues teams under Bell,Goodwin,Smith,Bruce,Francis,Fry and Houghton and yes I’ve also watched some awful teams.I don’t agree that we have been shite most of our lives and I will never accept a second best mentality.

    I really do admire those who feel positive about Clark but Im afraid I don’t.I think he’s from the same mold as other unsuccessful Blues managers -Pendry,McKay,Bond and Cooper.I also think you could give Clark £10m to spend and he still would’nt produce a successful team because he’s not a good man manager-his communication skills are dire and he’s tactically nieve.

    I’ll leave it at this now before you start an “Art Out Campaign”.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the banner when next on Sky.



    • NooBloo says:

      Absolutely spot on

      I dont say that Clark will never be a good manager. He may well be; however at the moment he is useless.

      he need to go and be a number 2 under a good manager and see good coaches at work.

      A 3 week course at wherever he got his coaching badges doesnt cut it and he is could end up costing us millions if we get relegated

      • almajir says:


        You do know Lee Clark has been a coach before he was a manager, don’t you?

        And you do know that coaching badges take slightly longer than 3 weeks to get, don’t you?

        • NooBloo says:

          tell me exactly how long they take then.

          And before you go trying to pull the wool over my eyes let me tell you this. I have around 20 clients who are football players. I have 7 other clients who are football coaches or managers. I know exactly what it takes to get your coaching badges

          And yes i know he coached and managed before. I also even know personally 2 other coaches who were part of some of the courses he was on so please do not try and treat me like a little naughty child

          • almajir says:

            UEFA Pro Licence takes 12 months.

          • NooBloo says:

            Nonsense…..well not continual anyhow. I shall send a text to one of my clients and get back to you

          • almajir says:



            “The qualification takes a year to complete and consists of a minimum of 240 hours, of which 90 hours are practical, and is aimed at dealing with situations familiar to fans of the Premiership.”

            Surprisingly, I do actually know what I’m talking about.

          • NooBloo says:

            There you go 240 hours is actually 10 days of work.

            I got info back from a client of mine as we speak.

            The pro licence badges are done over a 14 months period but apparently you have to have different other level badges before you can actually take your pro licence badge.

            The physical hours you need to put in is not intense nor is it vastly numerous. Most coaches and managers do it while they work. A bit like going to college on ”day release” or a bulk few weeks at a time if your club can spare you.

            So we were both correct. You were correct in that they can take a long time to obtain but i was also correct in that the Physical practice amount of time does not really take more than several weeks in man hours.

            My info came not from a website like your own but from a current Premiership Manager

          • almajir says:

            Noobloo – my info didn’t originally come from a website either… ;)

          • NooBloo says:

            But ultimately it is only several weeks of work to get them.

            Do we even know if Lee Clark has all of them. He hasnt coached in the Premiership so he hasnt needed all of then. At newcastle he was reserve team coach where not all of the coaching badges are necessary and the Pro Licence one is not needed outside the top leagues.

            He may well have but my point initially was that he is not really any good as a coach and that is only lack of experience which i would rather he gained elsewhere other than Birmingham

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