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BIH Disqualify Two Directors

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced the departure of two directors from the board following disqualification.

The announcement made to the stock exchange confirms that Mr Lee Yiu Tung and Mr Zhou Han Ping have both been removed from the board. Mr Lee had not attended a board meeting for six months whilst Mr Zhou has not attended a meeting for the whole of 2012.

Mr Lee was implicated in the ill-fated Xtep deal whilst Mr Zhou was recently noted to not have undergone mandated training.

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20 Responses to “BIH Disqualify Two Directors”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, One is led to ask the question, Does this indicate a clear-out of B,I,H. ?.

    In light of the recent scandal of the Directors Emoliment in excess of £600k payment to Peter Pannu, I now have extreme doubts concerning any further happenings in Hong Kong, !!.

    Are you able to enlighten us as to what it actually means in connection with B,C,F,C. ?.

    We are all extremely grateful for your dilligence and reporting of this shambles that has become the running of our Club, — Thank You. !!.

  • Paulo says:

    Yet another two people within BIHL that never gave a toss about BCFC, and by the look of it ..never even showed it either. This only adds to the (still) growing amount of arrogance that is has been, and is still being displayed by the senior board. Now, I can tell this is probably all part of the current ‘clean up’ of things in HK, but really ..they were their own boss weren’t they?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Talking of expenses who’s the local Small Heath MP Dan

    Think I might drop him a line, mind you with all that’s gone on he’s probably framing a picture of PP right now to hang up in his office.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Almajir, how many directors are left at BIHL? Could it be that PP and CY become last men standing in both camps?

  • The Truth says:

    Please could you republish this old article that you did about Pannu back in 2011.
    I’m sure there were a lot of people that are new to the site that haven’t read it and would be interested in his background.
    Cheers and KRO

  • prewarblue says:

    Another two snouta out of the trough,,,,,,means that big Piggy gets more

  • Julian Glass says:

    Tom Ross congratulating himself and Tatts for getting answers to questions. No mention of your hard work and achievements! You need to get yourself an
    NUJ card

  • Gord says:

    In relation to Julian’s note above, I totally agree. I had the misfortune to listen to Keys & Gray (Talksport) yesterday mornin whilst they provided a platform for some Guardian journo to pontificate about Blues’ dire situation as if he’d researched it himself. I mean, he couldnt even get the chinese currency correct!! In fairness, he did recognise the Statement made by the Blues Trust (which I have no issue with) nor do I resent the fact that this info is in the public domain but I do object to listen to this type of person (allegedly) makin out he’s worked his tabs off and gettin the recognition for it when we all know its you that have put the hard-miles in investigating it and makin it public. Well done Al, I’m sure we all appreciate your work and know who the real voice behind the continuing Blues truth is.

  • chris says:

    From what i can tell BCFC is just inside the Ladywood constituency,

    Shabana Mahmood
    Birmingham, Ladywood
    Ms Mahmood
    House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 7818

  • Chippy Blue says:

    Just seen this when reading the recent Guardian article on Swansea’s turnaround over the last decade:

    Along with the eye-pleasing style of play, the hiring of Michael Laudrup as manager and classy summer signing Michu, this is another quality winning friends for Swansea: uniquely in a game sold to plutocrats, the same supporters’ trust still owns 20% of the Premier League club.

    Maybe we shouldn’t rule out the Trust not taking a financial stake in a new (possibly post-admin) club and business model? Could we make it work?

  • Art Watson says:

    Almajir ,

    With regards to the PP payment I assume the clubs FD would have been aware of this and will have signed it off?

  • Jase40 says:

    There will usually be a remuniation committee that will authorise Director payments. Could it be that PP sits on that committee alongside some of the Non Execs?

  • Julian Glass says:

    Pannu would not be allowed to take part on meeting that discuss and vote on his pay. But it’s all pals together so hardly impartial. All they would need to know is that the major shareholders would agrre

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