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Blues Turn Down Blackpool Approach for Clark

It was revealed on Sky Sports News this morning that Birmingham City had turned down a bid from Blackpool to take manager Lee Clark from St Andrews.

Blackpool, who are looking for their second replacement manager this season having lost Ian Holloway to Crystal Palace and Michael Appleton to Blackburn Rovers are said to have approached Blues for the services of Clark.

One thing the story doesn’t indicate is to why Blues turned down the approach. I have to admit that whilst Clark isn’t popular with a section of the fanbase I would wonder if Blues had turned down Blackpool because the money offered for Lee and his backroom staff wasn’t enough – especially with the financial situation the club is in. Whilst it would solve a situation of how to move on a manager who has potentially lost the fanbase there remains the question of who would be brought in and how – especially considering Blues have made it pointedly clear that they face administration if players are not sold in this transfer window.

When contacted, the club have declined to comment on the story.

Blackpool, whose President Valeri Belokon is also in trouble for alleged money laundering are said to be looking at Karl Robinson of MK Dons now.

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114 Responses to “Blues Turn Down Blackpool Approach for Clark”

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Well well well, seems all the internet warriors and boo boys may have been wrong.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    In a season of ” merry-go-rounds ” of managers, anything that that some Journo’s [ print or t-v ] can come up with to spin a story, is always going to happen, — Column-inches ,!!.

    IF true, then it is likely that the amount of compensation could be the key, ?.

    As stated by you, Just who would be installed to replace Clark and Co,,?. Is indeed a matter to contemplate indeed, ?.

    As an aside, perhaps an ” in-house ” stop-gap, !!, Until the season comes to it’s conclusion, and possible sale of our club comes to pass, plus our fate, [ reaching safety or relagation ] is finally realised, ???.

  • Art Watson says:

    This gives Clark a great exit excuse.

    Here’s hoping he resigns!

    The future can only look better without him.

  • Macc lad says:

    Lots of unemployed managers desperate to prove themselves. Interesting that LC didn’t talk to the press last night either.
    Might he jump?

  • Masaccio says:

    Maybe Clark wants to speak to them and get out of the poo pile that is our boardroom / owners at the moment?

  • swissjonny says:

    At moments like this a leader should speak.We and in particular the 7000ish who were good enough to go last night deserve to know what on earth is going on.Pannu is shockingly inept!!! Communicate or abdicate!!!

  • murph says:

    i too agree, please move on clark, you seem a nice guy etc but that doesnt win football games , ziggy should of played last night and this isnt after the avent, you moaned we had no strikers and you had three to choose from the last two games and youve started with one? 50 k aweek to sit on the bench? crazy , whats going on in his head , clark that is is anyones guess

  • Pete says:

    JUMP!!! JUMP!!!!!

    I very much doubt there’s any truth in the story as 1, it was reported on SSN and 2, no club in their right mind would want to take Clark on as manager…

    Still, it’s nice a nice through by SSN to raise our hopes if only for a little while.

  • walker says:


  • I roth says:

    For heavens sake take the money and get rid of him. My granny could do a better job than him. We need an old pro who has been put out to pasture.

  • dcp says:

    when you say ‘a section’, do you mean the majority?

  • phil says:

    don’t blame Clark, his hands are tied. Blame the board.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Thanks Blackpool,hopefully Clark & his backroom team will have a chat & decide to clear off in the next 24 hours-and we get compo.
    Billy Davies in although he would be mad to take the job,in fact,maybe Pannu will decide to go without a manager for the rest of Jan,he can then sell as he pleases,without having to explain his actions to anyone.

  • lee says:

    Would love to see Carr take the reigns, good footballing brain, knows the club and has respect in the dressing room. I fail to see how this would be any greater risk to the club than Clark staying as the manager. Tom Ross says the approach was informal, fingers crossed they come back with an official approach. I’ve no doubt Clark works hard and he’s determined, cares, blah blah blah, but he doesn’t have the ability to do his job properly.

  • Glynn says:

    A new manager wouldn’t solve any problems this club has at the moment. I am sure if the current manger was working with no restraints that everybody would be saying “please go away Blackpool we don’t want to loose another” maybe phrased a little differently though. I didn’t want Clark from the start (but i think there is a lot of people posting on here who did) but HE KNEW this job would be a challenge to him and his reputation and he still took it. Some people forget the Dave Mackay days when we had 5,000 max crowds and the football was poor but it was accepted, that was how it was for our great club then, and FOR THE MOMENT it is again. It’s hard to be positive I know, but lets at least be realistic of our current situation.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


      Will fall on deaf ears though mate, most of em have never heard of Dave Mackay and their idea of support is to renew their sky subscription, moan about everything, never go down and turn up at Wembley or Europa games

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    I would be very surprised if this is true, seriously I can’t see anyone going for Clark at the minute!. He’s hardly covered himself in glory in taking us over. I’m praying if it is true he quits and moves on!. I’m not massively calling for his head but I don’t think the job he has done has panned out well for either party!.

    He has had a difficult task,i agree,and it mostly not his fault, I just feel that he is a very very average boss with an extremely tough role!. We could do better!.


  • keeenoo says:

    If this is true, and I cannot believe it would be, then we have just had our best chance of survival thrown away. Regardless of whatever Lee Clark tries to do he will never be able to turn this mess around. Neither he, or his assistants, have a shred of credibility left with the players and the supporters. The same excuses and ‘hardest working manager’ mantra started to wear thin back in September, but now just seem pathetic. I would be shocked if any other club did come in for him, but would be astounded if we refused the opportunity to change the management at the club.
    I hope that Clarks agent has planted this story as a way to get him a move whilst his unbeaten run at Huddersfield still has some gravitas with potential employers.

  • R H Davies says:

    I would not say Clark has lost the fanbase.
    He never had much support from the start.
    If you aint got it, how can you lose it?

  • skareggae72 says:

    MK Dons have also rejected an approach for their manager Carl Robinson,so maybe Blackpool will be back in with an offer for Clark & co shortly :)

  • Baz says:

    The individuals in the team are very good for this league. Everytime I look at the team I can’t understand why we are doing so badly. I understand it is a difficult situation for Clark at Blues, but that shouldn’t effect the way he manages the players and it also doesn’t effect his footballing ‘philosophy’ and tactics. Putting the finances aside, he would have been sacked before Christmas in any ‘normal’ situation.

  • Tony says:

    Dont Agree he has difficult task, this group of players should not be at the bottom of the division the man is totally inept, it is his fault we are where we are…..

    • Bluepenguin1976 says:

      Tony I was just being polite to be honest…he’s not up to standard full stop!!. Hughton did a better job with the same kind of resources.We have a decent squad (injuries aside) the players just don’t seem to play for him for some reason!!.

      I want him gone, I just realize we don’t have any other options with our board,so it’s pointless calling for his head and getting wound up!.

  • Quokkasskip says:

    This cannot be true. Surely we would snap their hands off??

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    After last night’s debacle, it is getting more and more difficult to stay positive.

    It’s like watching a dear relative losing their life slowly but surely. You want to stay focused and remember the good times, but you know whats ahead….

    Yesterday I watched our team give up without a fight and that has made me lose some of my faith which previously I had thought was unconquerable under any circumstances. These players know that they will more than likely retain their places come Saturday, the club’s in a true mess and that the manager seems to be bearing the brunt of the fans’ frustrations – rightly or wrongly, so there is no urgency or focus at times.

    Now this about Blackpool wanting LC.

    If it’s true then we should at least give him the opportunity to talk to them but you get the feeling that PP really cannot be arsed to start a selection process for a new manager at this stage of the season if LC moves, and is more interested in selling players and the club itself.

    If we needed a stop-gap replacement just until the end of the season then I believe we could do alot worse than RD Matteo if he were interested in joining us.

    But who would want to drop themselves into the shit-storm that we are in at present??

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      Taking the Managers job at Blues at the moment is a career wrecker. No manager will risk their reputation on us. We’d get an out of work manager whose out of work for a reason. They’re not very good.

      • Kaje says:

        Like Lee Clark was?

        There’s a reason he was unemployed at the time, too. He was, and still is, awful.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        RDM was ridiculously pushed out by that bastion of understanding and fortitude – R Abromovich.

        He did very well for WBA in this division and being a young manager successful at the clubs he’s played for and managed, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a punt if the situation arose.

        But, I’m not the one making the decisions; those fellas are all in HK, unless of course Mr PP has given instructions to one of his ‘assistants’ who make the ‘regular’ trips to Brum and he kindly ‘pays’ their ‘expenses’, to come here and make important calls on his behalf.

        On and off the pitch we are in absolute disarray.

        • SirHarry1875 says:

          Sorry mate my comment was not detailed enough. I meant that RDM would never risk his career or reputation on a job with a club in crisis. He won the Champions league last year, I think he can do a bit better than a penniless Birmingham City watched by 14,000!

          Out of work managers such as Billy Davies, Roy Keane. Same as Clark. Average at best at a ‘normal club never mind a crisis club.

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            Don’t worry Sir, I kinda knew what you meant.

            Still, losing LC at this stage may prove to be more of a hinderance than a help.

            Was just saying that if we did need another manager at this stage, I would like us to start thinking big but I’m just day-dreaming nonsense because we will never prosper again until we get a change of ownership asap. Still do not wish to have Paladini’s mob in control though.

            I have been hoping against hope and trying to convince myself that after even a small ray of sunshine, that we may have turned the corner and will string some results together and performances and standards will again rise. End up deflated on each and every occasion.

            It really is getting dis-heartening now, no amount of chest-beating from our chief supporters will change that.

          • Ali Duncan says:

            RDM would be the equivalent of Jesus turning up, being made St Andrews Boss and taking Blues to Champions League success. Please never wake me from this dream.

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            I remember his assistant – Eddie Newton who was with us for awhile. Was a tough cookie. Good pal with Paul ‘Furs’ Furlong – London connection and all that.

            Not trying to demean LC in any way, but simply stating what could be if we have to consider our options…

  • SirHarry1875 says:

    At such a difficult time we need stability within the Club and whilst im not a fan of Clark, im not sure a change of Manager at this point in time would benefit our relegation battle.

    If he goes I fear that the playing staff will screaming at their agents to get them a move before the end of January. The Club is in crisis and the manager going will only make it worse. The players will want out.
    He may not make the right decisions but I believe he has the playing staff on his side, particularly the youngsters who are all getting plenty of game time.

  • Mark says:

    I an torn between two minds – we do need stability, HOWEVER, i do not feel that anyone could do a much worse job at present… Leaving zig on the bench last night was “questionable”. Give the Youngsters a chance, but surely for gods sake with 30 minutes to go, increasingly under the cosh, we needed a release – and Zig was the obvious option.. He was only on for 10/15 mins and he made an immediate impact.. I just dont understand his tactics – I really dont. Surely for heavens sake somone can get better out of these players.. But I do stick by my belief of not to get rid of a manager unless yu have a ready made replacement in mind..

  • Kaje says:

    When we had a fully fit squad at the start of the season, he was still crap.

    The injuries are only a recent excuse, he’s been inept before that and didn’t do the business at Huddersfield as many of their fans will tell you.

    I’d love him to go, though I doubt he will.

  • Cliff says:

    If he needs a lift I will happily drive him to Blackpool

  • Gibbsy says:

    Why not give a new manager a chance, I believe that Majic Johnson has his coaching badge now and is still in love with Blues

  • will says:

    “Blackpool, whose President Valeri Belokon is also in trouble for alleged money laundering are said to be looking at Karl Robinson of MK Dons now.”

    Close escape for Elsie – frying pan – fire.

  • NooBloo says:

    I think it was Fergus Mc Cann the former Chairman of celtis who once said. ”It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many clubs willing to take trouble or rubbish of your hands”

    He was referring to Paulo Di Canio, Jorge Cadette and Pierre van Hoojdonk, all of whom wre good players but were lazy, diruptive and aguementative. All 3 went on to be sucessfull elsewhere and celtic got good money for them.

    The point being that Lee Clark does not have the ability to work under the financial constraints that he finds himself in at Birmingham.

    That said, I dont think Lee Clark will leave of his own accord and i will tell you why.

    This year at Birmingham now ”Survival” will be seen as sucess but at Blackpool, not reaching the play offs will be seen as failure and would no doubt mean the sack.

    I think lee Clark sees survival with Birmingham as an easier achievable goal that achieving the play offs with blackpool. For that reason, I think he wouls stay put.

    His Salary at Birmingham is probably around £400K and i doubt that Blackpool it would be any more than £250 K

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    If Clark he does jump ship,how about……

    TERRY BUTCHER http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20972500


    Kevan Broadhurst & Geoff Horsfield as a double act.

  • murph says:

    id rather let s carr have the reins, not tragic johnson, carr and cauldwell till end of season but no its not going to happen with clark not leaving, cant believe it can get any worse, but this is bcfc,

  • andy says:

    Clearly, the answer is Barry Fry!

  • DudeAbides says:

    Spot on! At Pauls comment not Art Watson

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I’m hearing a lot of “I hope he goes” but not a lot of who is capable / available and would be willing (read crazy enough) to come and do a better job. Assuming any cash Blues might get from LC would go into the black hole we can’t pay off another club for the services of their manager. We have no money for compensation so will have to take an out of work manager. I can’t think of anyone who is good enough and experienced enough to take a threadbare squad full of kids that is struggling at the bottom of the table, with no cash for players, a more than likely administration and the possibility of being moved on by a new regime shortly after appointment. As said above it’s the ultimate career wrecker and without doubt a poisoned challis.

    Let’s put a positive spin on things. Other than last night’s performance things have been improving of late. We’re conceding less, the kids are doing well (and LC looks like that man who isn’t scared to bring them in) and we’ve actually, at times, played some neat football. I don’t see how a change would improve things. Yes LC has lost the fan base but and at times is tactically naive and maybe inexperienced (cue shouts of this is where his seasoned backroom team should step in) but I believe that under very difficult circumstances there are glimmers of light. I personally believe we’re about to dramatically improve with Zig and The King back and some “potentially” winnable games coming up (just got to hope we have the Gomis from Huddersfield instead of last night as the midfield to me is weaker than the back line – wee need a fit and ready Keith Fahey back too)

    It would be nice if people were a little more positive. I was chatting to a bloke at Huddersfield and he said all of his mates want LC out but he is the only one who believes we should back him considering the state the club is in and the conditions he is having to work under. We finished our conversation with…..let’s be positive and back Lee and the lads. Things surely can’t get any worse………can they????

    • Stevie Blue says:

      How about Owen Coyle?

      • Ali Duncan says:

        That is the first decent shout I’ve heard on the matter. If LC went I’d be more than happy with Coyle. Not necesserily in the long run but certainly keeping the club in the division (even with a ten point deduction)

        We have to be realistic and Coyle would be (IMO) the highest reaslistic calibre manager we could go for.

        The question is would be want the job?

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          so why would Owen Coyle come to Blues? Anybody half decent manager wouldn’t, so it has to be a internal appointment or somebody who has Blues in his heart. However all speculation because Lee Clark is still our manager

          • Ali Duncan says:

            Maybe a route back into the game after a recent failure and a chance to build a reputation again.

      • marc says:

        very good shout would not mind him down stan’s at all.

  • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

    If it is true, which I very much doubt, we should chop their hands off…. and then appoint from within, Mr Richard Beale with Jeff Kenna and or Stephen Carr assiting. And Paul I was in London working yesterday so couldn’t get back St Andrews in time, suppose its all my fault for not supporting my club???? But we think its rough, talking to an Arsenal season ticket holder and he is that fed up with Mr Wenger he wont be renewing his season ticket…… How the mighty of Carling Cup 2011 have fallen!!!

    • Ali Duncan says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself Staffordshire. I work in London every day yet made it for the game! Call yourself a real supporter? Pah! Fan is short for fanatic you know. You’re going to burn in hell for missing the game – St. Peter won’t let you in now. You’re the scum of the club etc etc etc Go get him Paul!

      (Note to all – my tongue is firmly placed in my cheek as I type this)

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        cut to the core I am Ali…. Must admit I’ve not been to every game this year (missed every mid-week game and haven’t been away this year) and the football isn’t great but isn’t as bad as it was under Mr Pendry but I’ve reserved judgemnt until now on Mr Clark and his backroom staff, thoughts are now on a HY1 is could do lots better, however I also think we over achieved last year so he is on a hiding to nothing, Lee Clark hasn’t been able to put his best back 5 out all year due to injuries and that is the main problem along with the defensive midfield have not been helping out as Lee Carsley and N’Daw had done in this league before. Under the “ginger” one we were lucky to have a settled back 5 until after 27th Feb 2011 when injuries hit us really hard. Mr Houghton was also lucky in that his back 5 hardly changed for most of the year until Myhill was injured and then the results nose dived. People talk about pace going forward but you win games, leagues and get promotion making sure you dont ship goals and without a settled back 5 in this league you get nowhere. So why am I saying get rid of Clark given the excuses I’ve just given him, well he is also an unlucky manager, as was King Trevor, on the other hand Steve Bruce was a lucky manager (you make your own luck) that is my reasoning for getting rid….

  • Julian Glass says:

    I couldn’t think of one good reason to take him on when it was mooted in the summer and I still can’t think of one now

  • Martin says:

    Billy Davies is your man! Has the track record – dont listen to opinion -here are the facts: Knows the champioship and knows how to get teams with no money out of it!

    Win %
    Motherwell – 33%
    Preston North End – 44.55%
    Derby County – 43.63%
    Nottingham Forest – 42.06%
    Total – 40.57%

  • estisholido psmith says:

    such a lot of speculation and name dropping but at least it takes ones mind off the terrible state that this second city club finds itself. I believe that LC and his cronies should by now have assessed the squad members and decided on the best chance team and played them together so that they can develop a real workable method of playing with which they are all familiar. This might sound like a sh.. or bust solution but at least it would reduce the basic passing errors which occur each game. By the way, forget Paul Pescisholido for manager but get his missus to sort out the behind scenes drama.

  • DoctorD says:

    Gutted — Guardiola is off to Bayern and now out of the running to St Andrew’s.

  • Carl Lewis says:

    i agree with Lee give Stevie is a bluenose he hates the Villa fans Carr a go what they got to lose they have to pay him to sit on the sidelines constantly anyway.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Billy Davies is a right nutter,combine him with Robbie Savage as his number two & even if it is mediocre its certainly going to be interesting.
    They wont take nonsense from Pannu & co,lets fight fire with fire before we disappear totally with gates of 5k per week.

  • SirHarry1875 says:

    If Clark goes my guess is it would be a caretaker til we are sold. Cant go offering a contract when we could potentially have new owners who want there own man.
    Therefore if he goes i dont think we will be any better off in the short term.

  • dodger says:

    Plain and simple if there is any truth in it then we should let him go and get Paulo DiCanio from Swindon Town .
    Clark has failed at Birmingham and if he stays we will be in even more trouble. KRO.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I’m not sure where Swindon’s compensation fee would come from if you consider any fee we would get from Blackpool would go into the blues financial black hole.

      Thinking out loud – I wonder if Clark reads these pages and knows we’re already lining up his replacement when he is still the Boss. Not pleasant reading for him.

  • Murph says:

    Totally agree di canio !!!! Fantastic shout , at Least he could of give the ref what for last night like Warnock n spit the dog !! they know the game and were so slack , mick Hartford n Noel Blake would give us a team to be proud of ???? Hint hint pp

  • Tonytiler says:

    I can imagine the interview for the vacant managers job for the blues over the last 2 seasons. Pannu. Offering 1 year contracts to candidates explaining. Do a good job and we won’t stand in your way if a better job offer arrives. Hence. A nice bit of compo. And the fans thinking that the manager is a judas

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    Why would any manager currently employed, leave their job to manage a Birmingham City when
    1. they will not be able to buy any players,
    2. they will have to sell the best players
    3. the club is up for sale and therefore they may be replaced within 6 months by new owners
    4. the club is facing a relegation battle
    5. supporters have too high expectations so much so that lose 2 games and their name will be appear on a bed sheet followed by ‘OUT’
    6. the ground is half empty and so quiet that it’s like playing away
    7. the players that are left are likely to get booed before the game even starts
    8. the future of the Club is so bleak they may end up with 10 less points at the end of the season
    9. the man who hired them will earn 3 times more but will you will probably never meet again
    10. reputation built in previous managerial post will be wiped out because of all of the above

    We don’t have a lot to offer Di Matteo, Di Canio or Di Window Cleaner at the moment!!

  • Paulo says:

    No one could really make it up, I mean ….someone actually wants Clarky? But then, Sky really do have their finger on the pulse dont they?

  • Tony says:

    Sir Harry how about if a new guy turned it around, got us 12 points clear of relegation, he would be a hero and build himself a reputation.
    Everything to gain, couldnt do anyworse than this poor individual.

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      I’m simply pointing out that at the moment we are not an attractive proposition for a promising manager currently plying his trade at another Club. We are in a mess, a shambolic mess. The situation with CY is slowly killing the Club. I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong but Im just not sure that Clark going will help right now.

  • Blues1875 says:

    I have to say I would like to have seen what LCD could have done with a pot of money available to him as I’m sure things may have been different
    My concern right now is he still has no idea what his best team is from one game to the next

  • Murph says:

    Sir Harry , houghton did ok out of us ? I mean he’s in the conference now ? Unemployed when we took him on ??? Na , there’s a lot of potential out there and our footballers on the wages get are a lot better than where we are !!!! Wake up and understand that a different manager who knows the championship could would do better !!! Ps check our squad of f ing players !!!!!!!!!! Who’s the better squad in the championship ? Maybe 4 teams ! And where are we ? Wake up all of you ! My thoughts

  • Blues1875 says:

    That’s LC not LCD that’s predictive words for you

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    Already looking forward to watching Coventry away next season .. lets hope they don’t get relagated as well.

    • carlos says:

      Coventry won’t be relegated, they’ve got more chance of being promoted, they appointed an excellent young manager with plenty to prove who was my choice before LC.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Sadly rumours of his demise have been greatly exaggerated because Blackpool wont pay any compensation…which is totally understandable.

    Why doesn’t Pannu just let him go , better for LC , better for us…the current relationship is just completely miserable for everyone involved.

    Jake Jervis tweet summed it all up….

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Almajir is there a possibility Clark could resign?

  • Blue Steve says:

    If the compensation was right I’d be happy to see him go. He has had a tough job with injuries and the lack of any resources from above but.he has done a pretty poor job. He does not know his best team and with the small amount of money he had has bought average / poor players. Hopefully post HK trial we can get new owners avoid relegation by the skin of our teeth and get a new manager who has a clean slate with 15 out of contract. KRO

  • andy says:

    Im sure once Lee Clark comes out the end of a very dark tunnel he will be a better manager for it. Personally i would like to see the old guard, more experienced players, offloaded and let Clark build a team around this current crop of youngsters.

  • TILTONTANK says:

    The players Gary Pendrey and Dave Mackay inherited were of a poorer calibre than our current squad but their standard of play is very very similar. After last night, LC has passed the point of failure further than any other modern manager would have been allowed, but yes, we are shackled by our own HongKong PHOOEY! If LC goes up the M6 to the donkeys on the beach, I will rejoice. IF we have no affordable worthy replacement – I will do it!

  • bluenoseneil says:

    The question is: are we better off without Clark and using other Blues staff at the helm until we are sold?

    Because that’s what it boils down to. No Di Canio, no Billy Davies, no Owen Coyle, no nobody….WE HAVE NO MONEY!!!!!!!!!

    Think on it some more before the insults and brainless suggestions continue to flow.

  • blaneh says:

    I do have some sympathy for Clarke, while at times i think he is tacticlly inept and naive I do believe he wants to be successful with us. He shows alot of passion on the side lines but for me he has 2 massive sacks of flesh around him in McDermott and Fazackerley. Neither do anything on match days apart from sit on the bench looking grim and if Fazackerley is the one who sorts our defensive training… I could do a better job! The amount of times i watched us play a high defensive line this season with a back 4 with the pace of an asmatic ant carrying some heavy shopping is laughable.

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