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An Undeserved Point – Ipswich Reflections

Here are my reflections on the 1-1 draw with Ipswich Town at St Andrews yesterday.

An Undeserved Point

I feel harsh saying this, but I think Blues were lucky to get  a point yesterday. The last time Darren Drysdale reffed at St Andrews Blues played absolutely appallingly and got hammered 5-0 by Barnsley – but for some brilliance between the sticks from Darren Randolph it could easily have been 0-3 at half time and a similar scoreline by the end.

Whilst Clark made the change and switched to a more orthodox 4-4-2 from the 3-5-2 we had been playing it was a very unbalanced side; Robinson at left back can’t run and Shinnie at left midfield is wasted out wide. Blues seemed to resort to hoofing the ball when they realised they couldn’t play through Ipswich and that didn’t work because they couldn’t win it, let alone keep the ball up the pitch.

The Positives

There were some positives we can draw from the performance. As I’ve previously intimated, Randolph was excellent in goal and I would go as far to say that his current level of performance is better than Butland’s was by some distance last season. Blues are in a relegation scrap – let’s not make any bones about this – and if we are to survive we need someone who can keep us in games so we can potentially nick points and wins. Randolph did that yesterday.

Dan Burn at centre-back looks a good player too. Whilst it is true he has the turning circle of an articulated lorry he seems to have that knack of being able to stretch out a lanky leg and hook the ball clear. At one point it seemed like he was everywhere in defence, continually winning it and clearing the lines – however, it’s worth noting that when the ball is played over him his immobility means it’s easy for a striker to turn him and get goal-side of him – as Ipswich showed twice in the first half, fashioning one-on-ones that Randolph did well to keep out.

The Negatives

There was much surprise in the newly-opened Bar 8 that Lovenkrands was named in the starting eleven – the bookies had thought him so unlikely to play/score that the Dane wasn’t on the betting list but in honesty they could have offered ludicrous odds safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t be paying out. To say Lovenkrands was anonymous was an understatement – I think he struggled to touch the ball let alone get close to scoring and he didn’t seem that bothered either. Unfortunately, it’s symptomatic of the problems the club faces as Lovenkrands is one of the higher paid players at the club now – and yesterday proved why he’s not worth a place on the bench, let alone the team.

The other real negative is that Clark hasn’t seemed to have clicked that we don’t look like scoring from anywhere in the team. It’s all well and good having two strikers on the pitch but if they’re both fairly slow and neither are getting service nothing is going to happen for them. We’d be much better served playing two defensive midfielders to cover the defence – not just the centre backs but to fill in at full back and allow the full backs to get forwards – and three attacking midfielders across the front line behind a striker who can be a focal point. Chris Burke proved that even when he’s not playing well he can score goals; Ferguson looked a threat on the right and I’m sure Scott Allan, Andrew Shinnie or Wade Elliott can play the central playmaker role to link it all up, off a central striker – and in this case, as much as people will deny it we are missing Nikola Zigic.

This is the team we have. I’ve seen suggestions in the comments we’ll sign Caddis on loan to cover the potential injury to Eardley – have people not grasped we aren’t signing anyone? This is the team we are stuck with until we can move on one or two of Darren Ambrose, Hayden Mullins, Peter Lovenkrands and Nikola Zigic. I know people are unhappy and some booed the side but you can’t boo players who through no fault of their own are not good enough.

The atmosphere in the ground has returned to that horrid toxicity that pervaded so much last season, and because fans are slowly deserting in the hope that their non-attendance will somehow force out the current owners it feels like the club is in slowly spiralling down the plughole. It’s a horrible feeling and unfortunately it’s one we’re going to be stuck with until something changes – and the bad news is that will not happen soon.

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245 Responses to “An Undeserved Point – Ipswich Reflections”

  • Eddie says:

    the BBC said it was our worst start in 25 years

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    Whichever way you look at it this is a poor Blues side. We were extremely lucky yesterday by some distance. Whilst I am all for “KRO” and supporting the team one has to remember football has to be entertaining for a good number of followers. I do not advocate fans not going to the ground as some effort at a boycott. Conversely I can understand them not wanting to spend their “hard-earned” on what I have so far witnessed this season. Very, very poor in some areas.
    KRO etc etc.

  • Mark Galloway says:

    Last paragraph says it all! Thanks for the realism because I think some fans still haven’t got it!

  • Mickey07 says:

    So do you think a takeover will happen by Xmas or not mayor?in time for the next window?

    • almajir says:

      At this moment in time Mickey, I have no idea when a takeover will happen. It won’t be soon, and I’m preparing myself for at least another season of this.

      • mike b says:

        hi all……..dan can you not tell us a few white lies to cheer us up …please………
        as i said yesterday clark has the next fortnight to have a complete rethink on his manpower and tactics…………

      • AF says:

        Surely things willl change if CY is found guilty or the money runs out and won’t those things happen sooner, rather than later?

        • Andy W says:

          The problem is AF, even if he is found guilty he will appeal, and if HK is anything like the UK legally, we may still be here talking about the same thing next year!

  • Mickey07 says:

    By the way mayor when the next set of accounts out?

  • JohnR says:

    No argument it was a very poor game not helped by the strange team selected by Clark to start the game. No one near me could understand the Lovernkrands selection. As you say Shinnie can’t play wide left and Robinson doesn’t get forward so we had nothing down the left. I thought we improved second half and looked more balanced with Allen, Ferguson and Green on.
    We probably were lucky to get a point but I would equally argue that we were unlucky not to get a point against Watford, Brighton and Leicester. In football you don’t always get what you deserve.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      “We probably were lucky to get a point but I would equally argue that we were unlucky not to get a point against Watford, Brighton and Leicester. In football you don’t always get what you deserve.”

      And that is a very good point. We certainly haven’t got what we’ve deserved so far. We could have easily had another 3-5 points. At the moment, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. They’d been on that long haul to Yeovil and back and put in a battling 2 hour shift and were the same team yesterday, bar two.

      I agree with OP about the defensive midfielders… I’ve been banging on about it all season. We need at least one… but why not two? I would plump for Spector and Robinson protecting the back four…. and with them both having played full back, who better to drop back when the full backs bomb on. With Burke, Allan and Ferguson in front of them, the only thing we need then, is to get at least one of our strikers scoring… if that happens to be Zigic, so be it. But I’m waiting for Asante and Hales to be given a go.


      Eardley Bartley Burn Hancox

      Spector Robinson

      Burke Allan Ferguson


      Does anyone else think this would work?

      • BlueSteve says:

        Thats a much better team compared to the one that played yesterday.

        • steve says:

          Spector in for Eardley and maybe Elliot in midfield

          • steve says:

            Also Murphy should be fit when we play again.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I don’t think Spector is a great full back and him and Burke don’t seem to work that well together. I think Spector adds energy to midfield, that where I see him best.

            As for Murphy, I doubt he’ll be back for the next game (QPR.) Apparently, Zigic and Asante should be, but Murphy is a couple of weeks behind, due to his setback. From what I’ve read anyway.

  • big d nothing says:

    I have missed 2 home games in 38 years… That surely had to be one of the worse BCFC performances I have ever witnessed.
    At least against Watford and Leicester they showed passion and desire, yesterday absolutely nothing.
    To be fair to Lee Clark he has done a good job with nothing.
    I was looking around the ground and what has happened, its horrendous what as happened, we have gone from a stadium that was feared by away teams to a wake in a library!!!!
    I feel we are sinking to quick. And it hurts.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    Hey Mike B,

    It was a great game yesterday, some real speed throughout the team and Clark is a wizard when it comes to team shape and tatics. . . .will that do?


  • mark says:

    Great to see the positives lovely, yes we got a draw, again do not agree that we will be in regelation scrap. We just had a hard fought win yeovil. Two games unbeaten that peoples problem?? Glad I dont live in some people homes full of happy bunnys, I bet their cats gets a raw deal…….rise of the blue boys…..kro

    • almajir says:

      No disrespect Mark, but you need to share out whatever it is you’re smoking as it clearly works.

      • Peter says:

        Sorry dan, but I think his point is valid. We look tight at the back, are getting unfit players back, and with little resources. 2 games without loss and every game we have lost has been by the odd goal, but I gather we are the worst team ever according to many wrist slashers on here. Perspective needed.

        • steve says:

          Doesn’t matter that we’re losing by the odd goal. There are no goals in this team.Therefore we’ll keep losing by the odd goal.Which means a relegation battle. The players are there to keep us up but the manager isn’t.

          • Peter says:

            So we have as much potential to turn this round if losing to decent sides by the odd goal than if we were being stuffed 3 pr 4 each week? When fergie and Burke are on form and providing we might have more chance surely?

          • StaffsBlue says:

            After struggling with 4-4-2 twice this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clark revert to 3-5-2 against QPR.

          • steve says:

            I,ve said before i think we have the players to keep us up but not the manager.

          • Peter says:

            Politely put, can you name a manager who can make us a bettter team wi what we have?

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I doubt whether there’s another manager who would would stay under the present restrictions…. certainly none that are better.

        • bully-beef-jnr says:

          Tight at the back?? We are being carved open week in week out how many MOMS does Randolph need for you too see that ??

          • Peter says:

            Well I disagree that burn,Randolph and Robinson have not been decent. So if they have not been decent in your opinion then fair enough, you are clearly just wanting to slag off everything and moan. Your choice, but I prefer to SUPPORT the team.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:


    You have to be the eternal optimist if you are keeping rabbits AND cats in the same house.


  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    We are caught up in a vicious circle. Any potential suitors will not want to buy us if they feel they can get us on the cheap either through administration or CY getting convicted. CY will not sell until he feels he can squeeze as much as possible out of the club and sale, because he doesn’t have much else left from his ’empire’ and a desperate man does desperate and irrational things. Until such time the club and team are trying their best to battle against the odds. How much could we really expect from LC and the team taking into account how things have been put together and under what financial constraints? If there is a group or consortium out there with possible Blue noses within, surely they can see the harm being done to the club and should show some urgency to try and get a deal done. We are near enough to bring down to the bare bones both on and off the pitch. If PP and CY did the unthinkable and mortgaged the ground or tried to sell it, don’t they realise what club would be left to sell?

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Lets prefix this by saying this was a p**s poor Ipswich team.

    So when your goalkeeper is MOM at home in such circumstances, it is only those of blind faith who will not understand , there is trouble ahead.

    Clark does no know his best team , his best players, or the best system to play them in ,
    Continually messing about with all three. (Just like last season)
    This indecision sends confusing mixed messages out to both players & supporters.

    I agree with the two holding midfielders ,Burke & Ferguson wide with Ambrose or Shinnie in the hole, behind hopefully a fully fit Zigic .
    Purely on the basis the others strikers we have are not of Championship quality.

    We are now certainly in a relegation battle, difficult , but not impossible to survive.
    New owners are the future, but the now is Clark’s.
    It is he who we are relying on the get these players into some sort of battle hardened shape.

    How confident are you of him pulling off that trick ?

  • Hawk says:

    I will criticise Clark for this one.
    Why select Burke and then play 2 defensive midfielders who aren’t renowned for their passing?
    Then behind him we have Eardley who also can’t seem to pass it up the line and in front Novak who can’t hold the ball up and knock it out wide. Therefore, for 30 odd minutes Burke didn’t touch the ball.
    Once Allan came on (who can pass) Burke came into the game because someone could actually pass the ball.

    We have Elliot/Allan/Ambrose/Shinnie who can all play centre midfield and pass. One of them had to start there. Otherwise, what was the actual plan to win the game? I couldn’t see one.
    At least the substitutions made some sort of sense.

  • Tony says:

    Woeful, Woeful, just Woeful Lovenkrands looked as if he couldnt care less why on earth was he playing.
    We look as if we will never score we have no threat going forward Shinnie, Elliott, and Alan should be automatic selections. Robinson looks what he is at left back a, man past his sell bye date.two strikers who are hardly ever going to strike. Two central defenders who are so slow they have no chance of recovery.
    This really goes back to the earlier thread about passion /quality, the answer was obvious
    for all to see, you can run through a brick wall all day but without some class your a loser.
    Im afraid a lot of this is down to Clark I know he doesnt have a lot to choose from but he could have used them better, he has several decent players creative players, let them create not stick them out on the wing.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      There have been some wondering why Clark hasn’t utilised Lovenkrands and King. Well King has already left now….. and finally, I think/hope the Lovenkrands argument has been well and truly put to bed. He’s not worth even looking at again and on yesterday’s performance, he’ll be another retiring at the end of the season. He can always sweep the terraces at the end of home games I suppose.

  • Bryan Harries says:

    Totally agree with everything you say Dan, very lucky point, & total crap!!

  • Lee says:

    I think Clark knows like the rest of us that no matter who he plays they’re all shite, he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of balance, Novak is now up there with some of the worst players to ever wear a football shirt, the guy should be up before trading standards, he’s simply just not a footballer, and as long as he has a whole up his arse he never will be, goalkeeper is a find though and playing in this side will and can only improve, a real shinning star, if Clark keeps this lot up he’s a magician, but I’m going to be positive and say I think millwall and Yeovil are going down, leaving only one other team that needs to be worse than us,I can’t even think about if we get any injuries, lovenkrands wore the shirt yesterday simply for the sake of it

  • Chri5 says:

    I’m not a fan of criticising the manager because he’s obviously doing the best he can with players who lack ability. However i do feel Clark got it wrong yesterday, firstly by playing Robinson at left back, we had shinnie on the left and spector and adeyemi in the middle of midfield and then lovenkrands and novak up front. In my opinion 442 is very rigid and by playing players out of position your setting yourself up for a fall. Ferguson should of started on left instead of shinnie, allan in for spector and green in for the invisible man lovenkrands. when eardley went off injured and spector went to rb and allan into the middle we looked marginally better, allan can put his foot on the ball and pick a pass. Burke was completely wasted for most of the first half. Its going to be a very long hard season.

  • Mike says:

    When you sow the wind, then you reap the whirlwind !! 3rd rate players , a 10th rate board !!! No money, NO interest from the owners and NO intent of doing anything except fleecing the fans !! Thats why we are what we are and thats why we are a joke in football today !!
    Relegation even at this early stage is virually certain, and without a doubt the sooner we go into administration the better ! YEUNG and PANNU are a disgrace to football !!

    Wake up blues fans !! get real !! Whatever we had at the LCF stage , is now a distant memory !!!!

  • Art Watson says:

    All this reminds me of what happened the same time last year.

    The team not turning up in the first half _Clark then kicks their arses and low and behold a better second half performance and a lucky draw.

    I’m sure Clark is prepared to take responsibility for this shambolic performance but sadly I dont think he’s capable of putting things right.

  • Marky mark says:

    What a pile of utter shite yesterday was.

    I called for LC to stand up and show how good a manager he is, well it will never happen. It took him 3/4 of last season to find a formation and team selection that worked, looks like It’s gonna take him 3/4 of this. I honestly believe we would be better with no manager let Robbo pick the team. I’m sure LC puts all the names in a hat and pulls them out.

    I look forward to the day this clown has his arse kicked out of Stans. I’m sure the happy clappers on here will continue to support him and make excuses for him, also I note LC is not even bothering to apologize for his teams pathetic showing anymore telling us how great our goalie was ??

  • mark says:

    Blues are 5 points from six place bournemouth you lot do make my Sundays special lol.

  • andy says:

    Its pointless becoming sunday morning managers and criticizing Lee Clark. Look what has been happening at the club since winning the Carling Cup. It is a downward spiral and the owners are totally to blame for this. Clark should be applauded for keeping his chin up and those players around him. What Birmingham miss is, quality, we have none, we sell any quality we have and cannot afford to buy any. Its a recipe for disaster at any football club.

  • Dino Titloni says:

    A good summing up. Maybe you’re a bit harsh on Burn and who knows with a bit more game time Lovenkrands could pep himself up a bit. That was a fantastic chance he missed. I’m wondering if Randolph will still be with us next week. Some bigger teams must be looking at him. You’re not alone in thinking he’s playing better than Butland. Keeping Right On, just!

  • Marky mark says:

    The clubs issues are disguising the fact that LC is utterly incompetent. A half decent manager would get results with our current squad

    • BobbyBlue says:

      I think Lee Clark is just that – a half decent manager. One who is fighting an uphill battle. The away win at Yeovil and yesterday’s point against Ipswich are the results we hope for / can expect. Think it is totally unfair to blame LC for the position Blues are in.

      It’s as poor a team as I can remember in twenty years (my football mind before that was a little less observant!) but what makes the situation worse is the apathy from the stands. IF we were newly promoted to the Championship we would have been jubilant at nicking a lucky point yesterday. Sadly, I and the thousands of other fans yesterday left feeling downbeat at what we’d seen. Don’t think you can be critical of the fans for feeling this. It doesn’t look good. It will be a test of everyone’s resolve, but if we can stick together and support the team, it will make a valuable contribution to the teams survival hopes this year.


  • geraldsquires says:

    Agree with pretty much all of that al.
    So im not going to join in with the moaning, everyone knows my thoughts on novak do they not mmmmm? But I will say this, we need to start with our flair players or pacey boys mmmmm, allan,shinnie, green, burke and ferguson must start every game, we can always make changes later on, but we must play these boys who can make things happen, Lets take it to the other teams, its the only way we will survive, lee my dear boy Lets entertain mmmmm? If we lose 5-4 so be it, but you really need to do something to lift this depression which hangs in the air like pike on a grasshopper.
    Entertainment lee

  • StevieW says:

    I would like to know at what point during pre season or in the development games has Lovenkrands shown a level of of performance that would replace Matt Green up front??

    Whilst this was a shock choice it did not hide the dire game of a midfield so woeful that every time a midfielder was needed they weren’t there or were running away from the ball.

    If this was a display to put off the 4 4 2 supporters it was an excellent effort.

    I suggest we all put our hands together and pray as there is nothing in our material world that will stop us going into the abyss based on that game and the state of the club.

    • chris says:

      LC has said Lovenkrands had performed in training so got his place on merit, but i would say so he should perform in training as the players had just had 120 mins during midweek while he had had a rest all season.

  • Zenzero says:

    Clark seems to be panicking already. He needs to stick to a team, a formation and hope they gel. The constant messing is disrupting that. I say we go 451 all season and hope for the best.

    Spector burn Robinson Hancox
    Burke Shinnie Adyemi Elliot Ferguson
    Green (Zigic when fit)

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Strange team selection yesterday, and I can only imagine he picked it becuase some players were still recovering from 120 of footy on Tue. Though really I can’t see why an extra 30 mins takes so much out of professionals who are supposed to be much fitter than us here mortals.

    As you rightly say, Randolph was the positive and kept us in the game, which might not have been the case if Buttland was between the posts. I’ve noticed that JB ia not even making the bench at Stoke, being kept out by a Vile reject of all things. Do you know if he’s out on loan?

    It was also depressing to see three of our ex players, Redmond, Pennant and Dunn all score excellent goals yesterday.

  • Peter says:

    I think there are many points being missed from yesterday. These are:

    1. Clark has managed to replace Butland th a more consistent keeper for no money.
    2. As for different reasons fergie and Burke have not played Eire a full pre-season due to not joining Newcastle until late and Burke not playing much to get match sharp, they are starting to become he influential players we know they are.
    3. I thought Scott Allan came on and looked brilliant yesterday, so am optimistic about him.
    Yes, we were lucky. But we were unlucky against Watford and Brighton. Also, we were unlucky to have to play 120 minutes on tuesday with Ipswich having a nice rest.
    4. P.L. has now done enough to have played his last game for the club. So surely Green will be in, or maybe am rose next time. I did not get the call to play P.L. but at least there is now a chance for others or zigic when back.
    I thought Bartley looked good as well, not just Burn.

    I think to boo the team was a disgrace, but then again some people are just not happy unless they are moaning. It will be a long hard season, and this is a test of us as supporters. Many will pass but many on here and at the game are showing we are not fit to cal ourselves a SUPPORTer, with such lack of SUPPORT!

    Just my views, I think we have much to be upbeat about- class keeper, centre halves, wingers, and after Allan yesterday an influential midfielder. That is not a bottom 3 team.

  • Tony says:

    Think the tide is turning, most people seem to be of the view now that Clark is totally inept at this level, I would suggest he would be out of his depth at sunday league level.
    We must wait for new owners who will hopefully start by paying him off, the deal hes on means we are always going to have to pay him a years money same with his staff.I dont know what hes on but its money we cant afford even with new owners.

    • Peter says:

      Why is he inept? Getting in Randolph? Glutting in Allan? Burn? Having a side with no money, no support from the crowd, the board? Players who are what we need are not affordable? So what is it he should be doing better at? Is there a manager who gets every decision right? S what makes him so bad, considering his situation?

      • Art Watson says:


        Clark’s record since joining the club is appalling-that’s what makes him look so bad and inept.

        • Peter says:

          I would agree about last season, but this? Give explanations what he has does that has been so bad, and what you would have done differently? Please tell me?

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Clark’s record might appear appaling to some… but the people who employ him are the appaling ones. Put the blame where it really lies.

          I’d like to see the anti-Clark brigade do better on the £3.50p he’s had to shop with. Give them all a bloody chance ffs. Sure, it’s not worked out brilliant so far, but we’re only 5 games in, we have experienced players to come back and we still have both cups to look forward to at the moment.

          • Smudge says:

            Wholeheartedly agree Staffs, one thing we must keep in mind is that with such a strict wage cap who is realistically going to agree to come to blues. For me LC has done ok with the players he has brought in but I do wonder about his formation and tactics. Like last season it took until after Christmas to really get into gear and start playing and picking up points, with a lot of those players no longer here he has to start again and I can see it being another frustrating period leading up to Christmas. we have to hope that the teams around us and below will suffer as much as we will, as long as we can stay competitive then I believe we will be ok.

    • chris says:

      we’re one point worse off than last season after 5 games and Peterborough lost the first 7 games of last season and only got relegated in the last game of the season, so it’s all too early to blame players or manager.
      Anyone with common sense knew this season would probably be one of a relegation battle so get used to it, anything else will be a bonus.
      Show some patience and put the blame where it 100 per cent lies and that’s in the boardroom.

  • yecal says:

    I watched doyle play up front in Ireland on what I saw yesterday
    he would be my choice for the next game ,he can certainly put himself about and he,s a bluenose thru out

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Just a reminder of the players we have sold in the last 2 or 3 years…..Beausejour, Butland, Bowyer, Carr, Dann, Davies, Fahey, Ferguson, Foster, Gardner, Jerome, Johnson, Larsson, McFadden, Mutch, Phillips, Ridgewell, Redmond and King.
    No club (or manager) can lose 19 quality players and replace them with free transfers and non-league players and expect anything other than a Championship relegation battle.
    Lee Clark is trying his best, and has never complained, and deserves our support.

    • steve says:

      I,m sorry but i don’t think Lee clark will improve this team. I can’t listen to or watch his interveiws as he comes across as a sulking childish brat. How does that man inspire anybody. He’s never really had my support,but now it has gone completely. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. The team will always get my support and i never boo them.But i can’t get behind Elsie anymore. I know its not a nice thing to say,but i hope Eardley is out for a few games,so Spector can go to RB.Shinnie has shown glimpses,but he has to play Centre Mid.Burke has to start and be given the ball at every chance. I know we all think we’re managers,but his selections baffle me.

    • Forever Blue Allan says:

      Well said Richard – Could not agree more – If only we had more who thought the same — say about 25,000 more !

  • Tony says:

    Peter you say Scott Allan looked a class player I agree so why did he not start with him? Ferguson too after all he was the star from last season.

    • almajir says:

      In fairness Ferguson was returning from injury and might not have been fit enough to play the full 90

      • StaffsBlue says:

        … and (as Lee Clark KEEPS saying) Scott Allan is 3 weeks behind with his fitness training. The premier league clubs came back for pre-season 3 weeks after the FL. Allan only joined us as the season started. I think that, once he is fully up to speed, and Ambrose continues to show he’s back to form, this could stand us in good stead for the rest of the season…. because I’m certainly not convinced by Adeyemi and Shinnie so far,

    • Peter says:

      Tony, I think my responses have been given by others here. But I think they are fair reasons, but people cannot seem to be fair to L.C. I slated Clark last season, but think the circumstances must be considered here. But as soon as we have lost some games there are some waiting to criticise him.

      With regards to P.L., I wonder if Clark was saying to P.L. “Go earn a new deal before deadline day” which if it had motivated Kim it would I have been considered genius. It is not like he has a clear option that is I assured to work. S maybe it was worth in try.

  • mark says:

    The tide turning we only played 5games lol

  • mark says:

    Any way give yourself a two break……….

  • Ronj says:

    The flicker of a flame is becoming weaker week by week. It might yet go out. I look forward to sometime in the future when this friendly family club is run so that the great fans can support a team they are proud of. Don’t worry it will come as soon as we get rid of the current ……….’s. Mark my word

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Yesterday’s performance was poor there is no doubt about that. However, take a deep breath! Arsene Wenger stated that if you bring in more than 3 new players, even if those players are the best in the world you introduce a risk. That risk is that it will take a longer time for the new players to gel which is bound to disrupt the start of the new season. Burn is solid and Bartley looks better withe every game. Randolph is looking like the best keeper outside the Premier League. We have class players in Alan, Ferguson and Burke. We have Ziggy to return. We have injured players to return. This league also has some very poor teams such as Yeovil, Millwall and Bournemouth and a couple of good starters who’s bubbles will burst.
      Every road through life is a long, long road, Filled with joys and sorrows too!! KRO!

    • Peter says:

      If the ownership is what dictates if fans can support the team, then shame on US just as much as the owners.

  • I watched Crystal Palace yesterday on sky and was very suprised just how good the atmosphere was.I was shocked because only a short time ago they were Iin the depths of despair and fighting a relagation battle from the championship and they came very close to going out of buisiness. My point is that no matter how bad things may be right now that it can change very quickly. The Palace fans were superb yesterday and made Selhurst a cauldron off noise. With the right people coming in and taking over, St Andrews can be rocking again and we can have a club that is positive and moving forward. The short term is that we have just gotta hang on in there and keep the faith. Things will be gud again. Remember the song “As we go thru life, its along long road, there’ll be joys and sorrows too’. Life was never meant to be straight forward for us Birmingham City fans and we are made of the tuff stuff. We have to be too stick with them. But we have been thru tougher times than this.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I still think that, as the players get to know each other better, learn each other’s limitations as well as good points, that they’ll turn this around. Yes, we have a few players that are not up to speed yet, mainly the ones who have made a step up, but give them a chance. It took Lee Clark half a season last year to find the right blend and he’s having to do it all over again… with yet another new set of players. It would take a superhuman manager to get it right straight away…… and unfortunately, they don’t exist (although I’m sure some would have you believe they do.)

  • peter bates says:

    very poor yesterday i keep hearing that it must be difficult for lee clark no money etc but he works with these players every day he coaches them in the way he wants them to play there his no shape and technically they look very short i will always support anyone in a blues shirt through thick and thin but are they taking any notice darren randolph was excellent yesterday but with the present owners a decent offer comes in january we might be saying bye to our goalkeeper and dan burn is only a loan as well

  • Alex T says:

    My god! Clarke knows full well how bad Lovenkrands has been playing in the reserve/development team… so why play him??? When we have Reece Hales in the form of his life? Ok, he is an unknown quantity in this leagure….. but the alternative is a player who we know is going to be crap

    Everyone praising Clark before a ball was kicked made me laugh then, but makes me want to cry now. I havent seen us yet this year, so will try desperately not to offer an opinion about his stewardship. But it doesn’t look like much has changed from his style last year.

    P.S, As awful as it would be for the staff doing a great job at Blues, I am hoping for administration to get CY and his cronies out of our club. The pain will be sharp but short and we can be in a position to recover and (hopefully) staff will get their jobs back quickly.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Re: Lovenkrands. Everyone deserves a last chance. Well, he’s (hopefully) had his, now people might shut up abaout him. The amount of fans on the Blues live blog yesterday saying they were happy that Shabba/Loverman was in the team. Hopefully that will be the end of that.

    • chris says:

      LC said he shone in training.
      Though none of us know what’s going on behind the scenes and it maybe a way of getting him in the ‘shop window’? Hope so.

      • Chris W says:

        If that was putting him in the shop window then he might just as well go down the dole office Monday because after that display he wouldn’t get into a schoolboy team.
        Think we will be stuck with him unless someone offers to pay up his contract

  • BlueSteve says:

    I thought Lovenkrands was pretty much anonymous in even his better games last season. Not sure what he brings to party to be honest. I’d rather see Asante on the bench.

  • mark says:

    We had 5 games calm down, sorry dan I dont smoke anything, if I took some of the bluenoses readers opinion on board I would be on anti-depression tablets by now lol…. It like the whole world coming to a end, my suggestion to some fans have a break have kitkat………

  • topbrum says:

    I spoke with an Ipswich player after the match and he said their squad was very surprised that our best 3 players started on the bench. He also said the Shabba didn’t appear on any press sheets prior to the match. He did say that we (BCFC) should be ok as Randolph is a top class keeper. Very interesting chat from the other ends perspective.

  • mark says:

    Clark always knew randolph was a quality goalkeeper that why we took a punt with him………

    • Peter says:

      So why was it with our limited wages we Got him? I he was so obviously good I would have thought others would have got or been in for him, don’t you? He cannot win, a poor player is a crap signing a good one, and he gets no credit…..

      • steve says:

        He turned down the prem to come here.Maybe because he knew he would play here.

      • steve says:

        Randolph is getting plenty of credit.I think you need to read the posts properly before you comment Pete. A good keeper on his own won’t keep us up.

        • Peter says:

          Steve, you need to read my comment. My point is Clark is getting no credit for being the manager who picked him up. But when a player is not performing Clark is deemed useless.

          • Peter says:

            As for keeping us up, I agree he won’t on his own. But with burn, Bartley, Spector, Allan and Burke. With zigic and murphy to come back I think we have enough. Hardly a one man side!

          • steve says:

            My apologies.Clark will and should get the blame when he leaves the better players out and plays players out of position.Who said they’re a one man team? i,ve answered you loads of times.We have the players to keep us up but not the manager because of the reasons above.I know we can’t afford to change the manager,but his decisions are costing us.He doesn’t know his best 11 or his best formation.Something you expect him to know by the time the season starts.

        • Peter says:

          Or ferguson, when fully fit.

  • Chris Walker says:

    Totally agree with you Dan.
    Cannot understand how or why Lovenkrands was included, he did absolutely nothing. He has to be up there as one of the worst performances by a Birmingham City player in the 50 and years I have supported them.
    LC is human and, as all of us, he makes mistakes. If he is honest with himself will admit he got it wrong in the first half against Ipswich.
    He may not be the best manager or tactician but he is the best we can afford and he has not quit even though he has both hands tied. He cannot bring in any players until the likes of Lovenkrands, Zigic, Mullins or Ambrose leave; if they had half a brain, they would tear up their contracts and get their agents to seek alternative football elsewhere.
    Unfortunately it wont help LC as the window closes on Monday, clubs should have the power to terminate a contract if a player becomes surplus to requirement or in the case of Peter Lovenkrands disrespects the shirt, trading standards should investigate his claim to be a striker or worse a footballer.
    If Yeung and Pannu were half–decent and cared about the club they would sell up or at least bring in the administrators as that is the only way they can leave with any credibility now, the sooner the better for everyone’s point of view.
    It is worrying that St Andrews was once a cauldron of noise heard miles away, now you hardly hear a whimper, even when we score.
    Empty stadiums do not help anyone, just fuels the demise of our once glorious game that we loved so dearly.

    • Drew says:

      We could bring the administrators in NOW and kick start a sale…… However, I’m afraid this needs a coherent boycott by supporters and from reading this thread we still have too many supporters insisting on BLIND FAITH. Time to use our voice I say.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I don’t think there are many who have faith in the owners… blind or otherwise.

      • Chris Walker says:

        A few things wrong with a call for a boycott.
        The only ones who would suffer would be the hard working staff who work tirelessly throughout the season.
        Many clubs have been in the same position, many clubs have called for boycotts but the tickets have already been sold, along with all our assets, therefore it would never happen.
        I don’t think it is blind faith, the majority of sensible supporters know we are in a hopeless situation, the only ones who can alter it are Messrs Yeung, Pannu and/or BIHL any of which can call in the Administrators, instead they are prolonging the agony by taking out pay-day loans to keep the club trading.

        • chris says:

          Chris, only season tickets have been sold, the further match day tickets have not and roughly equates to £200,000 per match which no doubts goes mainly to players wages, who would not be paid if those 8,000 fans didn’t pay on the day.

          • Chris W says:

            I think you will find that players and their wages are protected by the PFA and are always the first thing to be paid out.

  • Texas Pete says:

    I still think the team needs time to understand each other. Meanwhile LC wants them to play like Barcelona rather than blues traditional like McGleish (I’d be ok if he came back). LC also has problems picking a team. It is evident that this is his issue along with lack of first half performance both in each match and each season. I hope he can break that cycle very soon with basic gutsy dogged tactics and supply those strkers with toe-ins. The striker situation reminds me of the Andy Carroll period after being prolfic at Newcastle he became lost at Liverpool- a fish out of water that may be the team methods of delivery not the strikers ability to score goals. So play a more settled team of the best gutsy players, but not playing out of their best position and give them some time to gel. There has to be patience in any case until say the end of October.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If we took the new players and put them into a 3-5-2 formation, it would look something like this:


    Eardley Bartley Burn

    Lee Adeyemi Allan Shinnie Ferguson

    Green Novak

    I’d be interested to know what people’s genuine assessments are of each player, and whether you think they’ll improve or not. I’m not interested in the “so-and-so is just shite and should never be in the side” rubbish. I mean genuine opinions. Mine are.

    Randolph: Excellent. Probably the buy of the season. Clark did well to spot him and get him here.

    Eardley: Disappointing so far. Expected more from him, but saying that, he’s no wingback, never will be. He’s a traditional full back at best. Too soon to form a proper partnership with Burke yet.

    Bartley: A bit rocky to start with, but getting better. Needs to learn to head the ball clear more decisively.

    Burn: What a find. Will probably challenge Randolph for Player of the Year. Telescopic legs that remind me of Patrick Viera’s. Needs to try not to get turned so much though.

    Lee: Not seen enough of him to judge, but seems ok from what I’ve seen.

    Adeyemi: Box-to-box player, doing ok, but for me, tends to run around like a headless chicken at times. Needs a bit more composure off the ball.

    Allan: Another great find. Apparently, there’s an agreement in place to take him permanently in January. We need to raise the cash and buy him. Maybe a star of the future.

    Shinnie: Disappointed me the most so far. Very indecisive when he has the ball, and needs to find his shooting boots quickly. If he can’t, we have other players in the squad that can do the same job.

    Ferguson: Does what he says on the tin. Invaluable down that left-hand side, either as a full back or left midfielder. Needs Hancox in tandem to bring the best out of him imo. They seem to enjoy playing together.

    Green: The guy has made a massive step up and needs to be given time to adjust. He knows where the goal is and will be ok I think.

    Novak: Much-maligned… and a little bit undeserved (at the moment) I think. Someone has to do the donkey work up front, and Novak is that donkey, unfortunately for him. But he puts a shift in every game. I hope it works out for him and he starts to score a few. Seems a bit nervous.

    Anyone else want add something?

    • skareggae72 says:

      Due to your in depth knowledge of all our players,formations,injuries,suspensions,potential suspensions & the spare time you have to post here,i would like to make a proposal that you replace Clark with immediate effect,although i will miss your postings here :)
      If you can pay off Mr Lovenkrands then i think that would be a good start,good luck.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        There are reasons why I have the time to post on here, but are medical related, not football related, so, of no interest to other people..

        As for my knowledge… no more than anyone else really, I just voice it more I suppose. :-) Also, I have a love for football, not just my own team.

        • Bobble says:

          Hi Staffs Blue
          Thoughtful and positive, trying to make the most of the only hand we have, I like it. I prefer 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 and throw in Hancox, Robbo, Burke, (a revitalised?) Ambrose and some cameos from Zigic and we have a fighting chance of seeing some football.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I’ve just watched Blackburn v Bolton from yesterday. Good grief… we could have Zat Knight and David Wheater at the centre of our defence. Now that WOULD convince me to give up.

            I think we have far too much at the club to be scared of relegation. We just need to find the right formula. It’s like doing a jigsaw, you can’t always see the obvious… so you turn and turn a piece until it fits. I think that’s what Lee Clark has to do. We’ll be fine… we’re certainly not in the worst 3 teams in the division.

    • mark says:

      Hits the nail on head for me staffsblue………….

  • sappy sad says:

    ………I went to a funeral the other day ,the funeral director was there it was his funeral …..the grave was half full of water ,not as it will make any difference he couldn’t swim when he was alive….they say he commited suicide because he wasn’t getting enough customers dying ……..FOR GOD SAKE CHANGE THE RECORDS ……COME ON BLUENOSES GET YOUR TONSILS MOVING…..WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH ECT,………….THIS CLUB IS FOREVER…..BELIEVE

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I will support the manager 100% until such time as he makes a success of the team…. or is relieved of his duties. I will support the players 100% until they leave the club. I’m not one to dwell on who isn’t here anymore.

  • Tony says:

    Why would Clark quit? he does not deserve credit for that, he can be as big a prat as he likes he knows he on for a years money whatever happens. who the hell would employ him?:

  • bill cridland says:

    could we be more realistic with our comments about our managers.Mcleish, get us promoted or lose your job,by the way we are going to sell your best players.We can criticise his move but what a poisined chalice he was offered.Chris Hughton brilliant if he had been offered the right backing,Lee Clark how can we really make a valid judgement when financilly his hands are tied.We must lay the blame at the feet of a totally inadequate board of directors. ps at the moment are there 2 worse teams than blues i think Yeovil look out their depth at the moment

  • mark says:

    Tony your complete character assatination of clark is making you look like a child who constantly throws his dummy out of his pram, aswell making your self look an even bigger prat than last years contant barrage of horse sh*t……….if it makes you feel better good luck……

  • mark says:

    5 games, not 10 or 15 games absolute jokers of the high order….are people that self centred……

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Imho… I believe that there are at least 5 or 6 teams worse than us.

    I think all 3 promoted teams will struggle to stay up. Add to that, the fact that Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday have diced with death the last few seasons. When teams do that, they invariably fall eventually (look at Wolves.) Charlton are no great shakes, they might stay clear of it, but they’ll struggle. And Bolton, unless they chuck money at the problem, they’re going to struggle too.

    At the end of the day, all those 7 teams have more money than us (you can’t have less than bugger all) so we have to compete on those terms.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    I just skipped to the end as this negativity after a MONTH of football is killing me and the toxicity that may pervade at Blues will undoubtedly be fuelled by some on here.

    To quote the first paragraph of your report Dan “but for some brilliance between the sticks from Darren Randolph”….

    ….so our goalkeeper (and 20 secs of brilliance from Burkey) got us a point. So what?!!!

    The rest we can work on and I for one won’t be drawn into this maelstrom of negativity that defines us as worse than Barnsley, Yeovil, Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday (to name but a few) because it simply won’t be true come seasons end.

    Mark those words. Tattoo them on your friggin’ arms if you have to but for now be patient for pity’s sake as the moaning and negativity is utterly, utterly exhausting.

    • almajir says:

      I’m sorry, Neil – would you prefer I lied and said that I thought we played well?

      You might not like this, but the truth is if I was an Ipswich fan I’d be mad after that game that they didn’t bury us. We were poor for long periods – and we should have been 0-3 at HT. Yes only a month has gone – a month of what is going to be a very long, hard season.

      By the way, do you now how many times Blues have won at home, in the league, in 2013?

      Three times in fourteen games.

      A scary, scary statistic.

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Not scary enough to throw me into a full state of panic Dan, that’s for sure.

        Your article has balance and states an opinion based on the reaction and performance across the last month and I don’t believe that warrants us being labelled as being in a relegation scrap.

        I have seen enough application, commitment and craft to believe that we will come good and get the points we already deserved against Watford and Leicester. YES they weren’t perfect performances anyway BUT we will come good.

        I suppose I don’t behave in such a reactionary way as others (not you Dan!) because its a long, long road – as the song says – and I am not a panicker.

        You’ll see!! KRO

        • almajir says:


          If you offered me where we are now as our end of the season position (19th) I would snap your hand off.

          • bluenoseneil says:

            …and therefore I think we CAN agree that we won’t be quite as badly off as some paint it, and are more likely to surprise than disappoint in the end.

            Like I said…don’t panic lol :0)

        • Chris W says:

          I think we should all wait and see how we stand after 10/12 games.
          So far this season the performances have been full of passion and fight, Saturday was a really poor performance and we got a point, we are still gelling as a team and one or two others will be like Randolph and Burn, stalwarts to the cause.
          I have faith in Clark, something I didn’t have at the start of last season through to January and onwards when results saved us.
          The main worry is we are not as solid at home and only 3 from 13 this year, that is where the true supporters can help and pick the team up.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I wonder if any of the Blues players read this blog?

    Maybe their reaction might be, “F***ing hell, these are the worst fans we’ve ever played for. Five games and they’re bitching like a bunch of little girls with wet knickers. Know-nothing bunch of twats! ”

    Just putting it out there. Ya never know. :-)

    • bluenoseneil says:

      Well you won’t hear that from me Staffs as you well know.

      Positivity reigns here buddy!!

      TBH I hope they don’t pick up on the negativity but can’t see how they wouldn’t with crap attendances and a greater proliferation of people who turn up to bitch and boo at games being the dominant voice.

      If we have sod all after 15 games then I may start to worry but until then I refuse to pass judgement on this bunch or my management team.

      It’s just a shame our owner isn’t in a position to help our plight in any way. But then he may have been his own worst enemy, who knows.

    • almajir says:

      Christ almighty Staffs, is criticism illegal?

      I’m sorry to say this mate, but we might only be five games in but we are in trouble. And it is only going to get worse when injuries and suspensions kick in. It might be pessimistic to you but it’s the way it is.

      Rather than call people who criticise “a know nothing bunch of twats”, how about you think WHY people are criticising the way the team played.

      • bluenoseneil says:

        I think Staffs and I (for two) would like to think more about how and when we are going to win and play well.

        It’s just how I am built I guess!


      • StaffsBlue says:

        I never personally called anyone anything…. I was speaking from maybe a players point of view. I thought people might have seen that. But never mind. I personally wouldn’t call any poster anything. I haven’t before and I won’t in the future.

        We may not be in the best of health, but I do think it’s sad that the team are being writien off after only a tenth of the season.

  • slap1875 says:

    Disapointing performance but got our first home points of the season. what we’ve got to remember is that clark had the luxury of having a look at his squad from last season and bring in players to tweak and enhance it. He’s basically had to make sure we’ve got enough professional players to make a squad up. He is now looking how to best utilise what he’s got ,so we’ll see the team constant changing till he finds a formula that works. Fans will have to be patient we haven’t got a choice on that.

  • Stephen says:

    442 was the right choice but Clark should have started Hancox at left back & Ferguson at left wing, Lovenkrands is a wast of space and should have started Matt Green or played Shinnie up with Novak.

    I think we have got players who can play good attacking football and can cause teams problems but firstly they need to be picked and secondly they need to be allowed to go for it, I would like to see the midfield 2 of Riley & Elliott.

    Next game: (let’s just go hell for leather and attack)


    Spector (if Eardly isn’t fit), Bartly, Burn, Hancox

    Burke, Riley, Elliott, Ferguson

    Shinnie, Green

    Subs: Doyle, Robbo, Allan, Arthur, Ambrose, Asanti, Novak

  • slap1875 says:

    Really sick of these calls to boycott the club in the the hope that we go into administration and somehow make ourselves a more attractive proposition for a potential buyer. I’m sure there are some portsmouth and coventry fans that wished the same!!! Going into administration doesn’t guarentee new sugar daddy owners but probably will mean losing a number of people who are doin an absolutely fantastic job of running in the absence of any leadership.
    When you got 50,000+ fans turning up to wembley with 1,000s more refusing to stop queuing at the ticket office ( some queuing over night) in the hope that more tickets might became available it astounds me that 2 years later we can only get 14000 at a league match.
    Instead of turning each home game into an intimidating couldron of noise we’re handing away an advantage immediately by creating an atmoshere of apathy and unrest.

  • Aussieblue says:

    Clearly to heart of the problem is the parlous situation of the club and BIH. Stripped to the bone, best players sold, high wage earners out and well-meaning but under performing players in. All because of the avarice, incompetence and ruthlessness of the owners.
    So my question is, would BIH look at selling PART of the club: CY only owned around 26% for quite a while. A good partial owner would:
    a) Provide BIH with some cash they sorely need
    b) Be a potential springboard to either total ownership or forcing the majority shareholders out by forming a consortium

    Dan, an honest report but I think you went a bit hard on both players and the manager considering the bare bones they are dealing with. There can always be flashes of brilliance and inspiration that win matches if morale is right. Randolph demonstrated that, as you noted.

  • Art Watson says:


    I have to agree with Dan and its about time the fans in their thousands started to protest about the current state of affairs.

    As for Mr Clark-hes making the same mistakes as he did last year and his ego won’t allow him to change his ways.

    • Mike says:

      At last !!!! I have been telling the world and its dog for months that the fans should STAY AWAY REFUSE to give Yeung and Pannu another penny and therefore FORCE them into SELLING US FOR ANYTHING THEY CAN GET !!
      We the fans ARE the club and always will be ! We cant, as a club etc get any lower in reputation and so lets go into admin etc etc and MAKE these morons who have ruined us PAY for it !!

      • almajir says:

        You want to desert the team, knock yourself out Mike.

        I won’t

      • chudlt says:

        I have already paid for 2 st,s so have approx 8500 others. Please explain how staying away will help the situation?

        • Mike says:

          Ok so you paid for a ticket !! By all means attend the matches if you wish !! I too bought my last season ticket a year ago and actually went to two matches !! The football was dire, the players were awful and I decided there and then , enough was enough !! So after 45 years as a continual ST holder I Didnt re-new , nor wont renew or go to St Andrews till the Chinese have gone !!
          Until the fans decide they dont like being ripped of then NOTHING will change !! Deal with it !!

      • Peter says:

        Argue about one thing, if you are saying rotten to the core, them you must e talking about the unsupportive slagging off fans that have emerged.

    • skareggae72 says:

      I would be for this,a totally empty ground would make a statement,but realistically it is not going to happen due to fan disorganisation,season tickets (if you have paid your going to attend) & the many different opinions over our current situation.

      We are just one of the many clubs,now and in the past that is being slowly plundered by its owners,in fact the likes of Brighton (as an example) have had it worse,ground sold off and left without a home,but of course we really don’t know what awaits us in the next year and beyond.

      But back to the future,a canny bid for Burke in the remaining hours (and i am not talking eye popping offers here!) would surely be accepted by those in charge,maybe this would be the straw that broke the camels back?.

  • mark says:

    Oh dear they are all out just then I thought they put their banners and flags away…………cannot wait for the next match . The team is so grateful for those who swear a legion to bcfc. All those staff working at bcfc from the tealady to the ticket office to the ground staff are internally gratefully to fans….protest is definitely futile………kro

    • Mike says:

      Thats the bulldog spirit !! Sitr back, Let yourself be walked all over, meakly accept all the crap ,lies and dismal offerrings from the Chinese and STILL keep lining their pockets !!!
      Its a good job we didnt operate this principle when Hitler was trying to invade us !!
      Do nothing and things stay the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mark says:

        Actually mike- I am quite enjoying myself big improvement on last year. Players are far more hungry to do well. Play-offs imo…………….sorry if that does not fit with you mate…………

  • bluenose says:

    What are the chances anybody coming in today?? usually I get really excited on deadline day….Carlton Cole is a free agent what do you guys think

  • bluenose says:

    I just don’t get how we can’t even afford a free agent, I get were in a precarious financial state but may as well go for broke (proven goal-scorer in the Champs) get him in on a rolling contract, surely theres some wage budget to play with??

  • mark says:

    Then I ask different question maybe if one of the three move on obviously that will possibly give us more scope…………

    • almajir says:

      do you think that’s going to happen?

      If one player leaves before 11pm, it’ll be Chris Burke, sadly. Hopefully it won’t happen.

      • mark says:

        Imo I would like to think anything possible dan…………if Chris burke going it will be in best interest of the club. What broke the camel back to lot of fans was losing Nathan………who is now proving what a wonderful talent we harvested…………

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I am glad that there is more interest in making our feelings known to the idiots at BIH. If CY and PP are all about “face” and “reputation”, attempts should be made to embarass them in their own backyard in HK. Hire a billboard and plaster the shiny-headed booger’s mug on it with captions asking how he can justify his salaries from Blues and BIH and when is he going to take a pay cut?
    Show pictures of the empty stadium and some of what it was like only 2-3 years back with the ground rocking. Ask where did it all go wrong CY?

    Get some airtime or an advert in the local Press which details some of the discrepencies from BIHL’s accounts asking when are things going to be rectified?

    I hope some organisation or individual starts a concerted effort because we really are setting ourselves back for many a season. If that fat arsehole Big Ron is interested in buying us and is serious, he should stop sending his lackeys to the Blues and get some high-level talks going again.

    Otherwise, we really are sadly withering away with infighting, anger, bitterness and helplessness ruling the day.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I can’t see anything happening on the ownership front until after CYs trial. Seems to me that the delay of the trial has caused the delay on the sale of the club. Only person that will come out of this happy will be PP.

  • Evesham blue says:

    Fact is LC is selecting the wrong team. Shinnie & Robinson down the left in a 442? PL upfront? Burke our best player a bystander. Why do managers insist on playing Spector in midfield? cH did this as well.

    Genius. We play rubbish 45 mins and they get bollocked and then he changes the team to what it should have been in the first place.

    Sound like a stuck record from last year to me?

    This year where are the goals coming from?

  • chudlt says:

    Surely if we go into administration the main debtor ie Carson Yeung will get the lions share of any money raise? Dan what is the situation regarding salaies (Pannus) if we entered administration.

  • bluenose says:

    So there is some sort of funds/wage allocation available, however limited maybe a cheeky approach for Carlton Cole?

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I hear that Carlton is on around £28k per week so don’t think so.

  • mark says:

    Caddis deal would be excellent for blues should this happen……..probably put few more fans on the gate receipt…………

  • Michael says:

    We have signed Caddis-enough of the negative attitude OP

  • mark says:

    Dan – medical and personl terms done and dusted, caddis want out from swindon. He probably run to blues……lol

  • mark says:

    *sorry. Dan medical and personal terms to be done for caddis imo should be no problem caddis love the blues…..

  • bluenose says:

    Reports suggest it’s in the region of £175.000… what!?? an actual fee being paid for a player! so there must be some money available, personally I’d use the little money we have to bring in a few loans as much as I rate caddis we have back-up in the RB position and we need a ST desperately

  • bluenoseneil says:

    You watch…. we will sign Caddis then get a Striker on loan all before the end of the day.

    That money IS down the back of the sofa, Dan!!!!

  • mark says:

    Dan – have we discovered what damage eardley has done yet?

    • steve says:

      We find a bit of money and waste it on a full back.Brilliant.I know Caddis is a decent player but we’re not defending that badly. It’s goals and creativity we need ffs. I don’t care what all the happy clappers say,that money could have been better spent.

      • chas says:

        Wasn’t Caddis supposed to be one of our better attacking options last season ? If Eardley is out for any length of time, we need cover. good bit of business there.

      • mark says:

        Steve- plz dont take this wrong way………am first and foremost a blues fan, leave leave out happyclappers bit. Surely for all concern this possibly great new………..

    • almajir says:

      Could be bad – season ending potentially.

  • steve says:

    I find it unbelievable that we can now sign Caddis after all of the statements regarding a shortage of money etc…I really dont think anyone knows exactly what is going on. In my opinion Caddis is a great capture (if it goes through) but it would probably strengthen the managers resolve to play 3 at the back as Caddis is a made to measure wing back.

  • steve aerobic says:

    I think Caddis is an excellent addition and will give the manager more options…even if it will probably tempt him into a back 3 again as caddis is a tailor made wing back. I would like to know how they have funded this but it has cheered me up a bit.

  • bluenose says:

    But we have enough cover in that position….Spector/Packwood and Higgins what we need is an out and out goal scorer, someone who’s done it at this level, that’s why I mentioned Cole, ok he was on a high wage at West Ham but he’s now a free agent so a bit of shrewd negotiations we might have a chance and we all know how good he is especially when we’ve come up against him

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think he’d come for 5k a week or less mate.

      • bluenose says:

        True but that fee caddis is commanding = around 15k a week over 12 months,..I think he’d come for that seeming he hasen’t got a club atm, personally I think he’s exactly the kinda player we need

        • chas says:

          But if the rest of the Team aren’t making the chances, how can he score them ? From reports I have read, our build-up is lacking .

          • bluenose says:

            That’s the thing about Cole, he’s got the ability to play as a lone ST perfectly and if things ain’t happening he comes deep to get the ball, I’m surprised no ones snapped him up yet as he’s been without a club for 4 weeks now!

          • Chris W says:

            Don’t know what games you have been to but apart from Saturday we have been creating chances.
            Just lacking confidence, taking that extra touch or making a an extra pass.
            The team on the whole are putting in more commitment than this time last season and once the window closes and LC knows who he has till January hopefully we will see results pick up. Personally at the moment I am not overly worried.

        • bluenose says:

          Got my calculations wrong lol it amounts to around 4K a week oh well worth a shot! no harm in offering him that on a take it or leave it basis with a further 1 year option with a 30% rise just as an example

          • steve says:

            Chris,taking an extra touch or making an extra pass isn’t creating chances. Our keeper has been M O M every game. I can honestly say i,ve been out of my seat once at home this season. That was Burkes goal on Saturday. We are woeful and i think that money could have been better spent.

          • Chris W says:

            We have created chances, I will admit it has not been exactly electric, if the pass or touch was made then a shot on target or off would be accomplished.
            As I said I am not overly worried, like last year the St Andrews crowd are not helping the team, too quiet, and I did hear a few boo’s an Saturday, that will not help.
            We seem to play better and without the pressure away from home.
            let us see where we are come November, I don’t think we will be languishing in the bottom three, but we will be in a dog fight for most of the season, survival is probably the best we can expect and anything better will be a bonus.

  • Tony says:

    Hopefully they wont fund Caddis signing with the sale of Chris Burke

  • bluenose says:

    That medical is taking a long time..over 3 hours ago………

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Best news in a long time. Brilliant!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Colin Tattum @colintattum

    Only piece of #bcfc news regards outgoings concerns Eddy Gnahore, contract cancelled by mutual consent. Blues rebuffed Chris Burke interest

    10 minutes ago

  • bluenose says:

    Hmmm so there must be some money in the coffers still,glad he’s back now lets get Cole in :P

  • mark says:

    To those who little faith plz we are brummies, we will never lie down…………kro

    • bluenose says:

      Here here!! never a dull moment being a nose, would love a ST in on loan..anything can happen!!!

      • Chris W says:

        Well Well Well, so there is some money to be found unless in the last hour of the window we sell Burke or maybe Lovenkrand.
        Who knows we may just find enough to fund a loan move when the window opens on September 8.
        As quoted, never dull being a bluenose….KRO

  • mark says:

    Dan the money must have been in bar 8 maybe tf left it behind in one of his sofa’s………..lol

  • mark says:

    Chas I think you are right mate about the 250,000 glad blues did let them bully us to that figure. Quality player at bargin price imo…………

  • bluenose says:

    Still think no harm in offering a contract to Carlton Cole..free agent..no club…for some reason no one seems to be interested (even a West Ham fan quoted that on Twitter)

    If you don’t ask you don’t get lets offer him a contract!!!

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Did Blues get the loan money ?

    Maybe the new owners were the lenders ?

    • almajir says:

      No, couldn’t be. Not allowed under stock exchange rules – remmeber Carson was going to lend Blues £5mil to buy Tuncay Sanli pre-buying us in 2009 but he wasn’t allowed to…

  • bluenose says:

    I know the deadline is in 5 minutes but can deals go through after??

    • chas says:

      An Agent was on BBC a few minutes ago saying that he had one deal still to go through , held up for some reason but will go through later today. A London Club ( West Ham). it is ridiculous having a cut off time when it isn’t adhered to .

  • bluenose says:

    Window closed…Hopefully no last minute outgoings can be completed…Burke staying..on the whole pleased :)

  • mark says:

    Now its time to get behind team and manager ……………

  • bluenose says:

    Indeed!! now we know who we’ve got till January plus the acquisition of Caddis definitely a squad capable of mounting a respectable league position,,a few loans when the loan market opens and job done…bring it on!!!

  • Art Watson says:

    All we need now is a new manager!

    • mark says:

      Hum bug art………..reality just kick in……………maybe you can crow in january………otherwise get behind the team………….. Sorry you dont want to do that do you…….????

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