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Divided We Fall

It’s been an interesting twenty-four hours since we signed Paul Caddis. In some ways there has been a seismic shift in fans opinion; from talk of protest, of flags, of adverts in the HK press and the like to discussions of how things are actually okay because the club have stumped up £150,000 for Caddis and potentially might loan a striker or two in the window.

I will admit to some confusion. Whilst the signing of Caddis is a good one, a welcome surprise and a boost to the team does it really mean everything is rosy in the Blues garden? To paraphrase – does one signing make a summer? In my mind it doesn’t – it’s merely papering over the huge cracks that are appearing in the BIH business model.

Before anyone says it, I’m not being negative for the sake of it – more realistic. Clark himself said after the Leicester game that once Zigic’s wages were taken out of the equation Blues have the second lowest wage bill in the Championship now. I agree with the sentiment that the transfer value and wage value of a player isn’t necessarily a fair reflection of how good a player is or how much potential they have but it does make me wonder how Blues can compete this season.

Blues’ next opponents QPR are a case in point. On transfer deadline day, they only brought in three loans rather than make a permanent signing – but when you look at the players they brought in on loan (Niko Kranjcar, Tom Carroll and Benoit Assou-Ekotto) could you say that those players wouldn’t massively improve the Blues team? This in addition to a midfield that boasts Matt Phillips, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Joey Barton, and Junior Hoilett and a strikeforce of Charlie Austin and Bobby Zamora. Surely I’m not the only person slightly concerned just how Blues will match up to that side at Loftus Road on 14 September.

I’m not the kind of person who wants a billionaire sugar daddy owner – although I won’t deny it wouldn’t be fun for a short while being able to sign anyone and everyone. The club is a tightly run ship – which is an extremely good thing in these times of financial fair play – but it’s more by accident than design of the HK board. Because there is no financial input from above and there is no overdraft or credit facilities available, Blues have had to sharpen themselves up considerably – but the lack of cash is costing us on this pitch. If Blues were to be taken over by a new owner I reckon the club itself would need a cash infusion of around £10million on top of any sale price/loans/”golden handshake” paid to make it competitive again in this division – which I’m sure you can agree makes the club less of an attractive proposition to buy.

I guess what I’m getting at is wondering if we’ve been bought off from being upset by Blues signing Paul Caddis. I can’t help but notice that once again despite good intentioned talk of well-constructed and well-balanced ideas to make voices heard it seems to be foundering again. Blues fans are by nature quite a disparate and anarchistic bunch – we seem to rebel against any attempts to coral us into groups and anyone who dares put their head above the parapet is immediately shot at. I’m not advocating a boycott or a bunch of us bouncing around in the Kop car park screaming slogans – far from it, as I think both are detrimental to the team and the backroom staff – but it would be nice to see something that fans united behind to back the team in the face of adversity brought on by the board. It’s the old adage – united we stand, divided we fall.

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134 Responses to “Divided We Fall”

  • Darren Brown says:

    The passion has gone from us bluenoses ! I can remember in the 80s when we had problems standing in the railway end aiming our feelings towards our owners back then.
    The City doesn’t need us anymore ! NO civic reception for cup winning team because of health and safety WHY ? Our rivals have new shirt parades in our joint City WHY ?
    COME ON YOU bluenoses before its to late !!!!!

    • Mortonsblue says:

      Agreed Darren, I am still seething that we didn’t get a Civic Reception for winning the cup, bottom line is the Council aren’t interested in Birmingham City, never have ben and never will be! No-one in the media is really interested in anything but the Premiership, London and Manchester. We’ve had that much bad news in the last 2 years and it looks like it will continue for the next 2 years at this rate, the majority of fans have just plain had enough of it. Cant see anything but relegation this season, next 4 games are QPR A, Burnley A, Reading A and Sheff W H cant see us getting more than 3 points from that lot! No matter what I will only ever one team in my heart and will remain loyal but wont be visiting St Andrews until we get someone else investing other thanthe fans.

      • JohnR says:

        I’m sorry you’ve given up going to Blues just at the time when the team and players need us more than ever. The players and manager are giving everything and we have a club staff who are doing a great job in very trying circumstances. Joys and Sorrows and all that. KRO.

        • Mortonsblue says:

          Sadly John, after 50 years of highs but mainly lows, I’ve suffered enough! Going to the match on a Saturday should be a joy not a penance.

          • chris says:

            Feel the same, but it’s not just Blues it’s more about football in general.
            Just sick of hearing about prem on TV and radio and BBC Website, then there’s the poxy BT and Sky adverts and it’s all about the boring overpaid prem.
            The biggest reason i haven’t watched any football this season except Eng v Scotland is players greed, i’ve just had enough, while half the country is struggling these greedy scum just continue their selfishness along with the management of the Leagues.
            They have no connection with me anymore, they live on another planet with their immoral lifestyles and attitudes.
            Today there’s some story about Rooney’s face ffs. Who damn well cares, when people are losing their jobs or using food banks etc, etc.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Agreed, one signing doesn’t make a summer… but then 5 games doesn’t indicate relegation.

    Frankly, I’m bored $h1tless with all the take over stuff. It ain’t gonna happen till it happens… no matter what protests people think up. I can’t believe that CY & PP don’t have some plan up their sleeves. Just because none of us know what that is, doesn’t mean they’re not working towards it. We’ll find out when they’re good and ready to tell us. I’m convinced of that.

    What we can affect, is the playing side… by getting behind Lee Clark and the team and giving them 100% support. Surely, a successful team will be a good thing for all concerned?

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      Agree with what you say except the bit about CY &PP having a plan. I think they are both clueless, and stumbling along from one disaster to the next. In any case so much is out of their control that even if they have a plan it has very little chance of succeeding. They are a couple of desperate individuals who are trying their best to hold on to the club until they receive ‘an eye popping offer’ for it. Little do they realise that the longer they hold out for, the more remote the chance of such an offer materialising. Actually they must know this, but they seem to be in some sort of denial.

  • kirkus says:

    apathy rules man

  • andy says:

    Every decent, genuine Birmingham City supporter should read and digest the write up Colin Tattum has in todays Mail. It is spot on and those who still persist in having a dig at Lee Clark, his systems, his players, should maybe support another team. Clark is fighting, if not a losing battle, it certainly is a real uphill battle. As Tatts pointed out, both Stephen Carr and Curtis Davies stated their concern over the immediate future of the club. We as supporters are there to support the manager and the team, not slate or ridicule. Anyone with a brain cell knows who and where the problems lye. If things are a mess at the top it filters down throughout the club. It is a mess and unfortunately, Lee Clark, his players and more importantly, the supporters continue to suffer.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      With what the condition the management and players have to work under, because of the ownership, they don’t need the fans turning on them too. For me, the best protest is to support this team despite the owners, not because of them. That’s what I’ll continue to do, no matter what.

      • Foreverblue allan says:

        Well said Staffs ! – we need many more with this attitude not only to support the players & manager but the backroom staff as well, who without doubt are doing a great job.
        Only “Bums on Seats” will show that enough of us care.

    • JohnR says:

      Andy, StaffsBlue, I agree with everything you both say. I’m fed up of reading comments from other supporters slating the manager and certain players. Until things change on the ownership front we owe it to the team to get behind them 100% and give them our full support.
      I know there is a lack of quality but at least they’re giving everything they’ve got on the pitch.

  • bcfcjayv says:

    The caddis effect will soon wear off if it was ever there. Its hard to see a team completely change so much in a few seasons and know the 2 reasons why are far from small heath. Any anti Yeung and Pannu protest or in game flags, banners or whatever is welcomed by me. It will only take one decent idea to get the ball rolling im sure of that and maybe we can put some pressure on the situation. The longer this goes on the worse things are going to get and from my point of view Pannu seems to have things too cushy for my liking

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Colin Tattum’s article in today’s Mail should be read by all Blues’ fans. Rarely does Colin let his emotions infiltrate into his articles, but today they have and it’s a real cry from the heart.
    I agree wholeheartedly with every word he has written and hope Blues’ fans take them on board.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Thanks for the tip off Richard. Wasn’t there when I visited early this morning. Excellent article.

    • RichardM says:

      Great article. And yet there’s still some on here in the last week defending Yeung and Pannu….saying it’s not their fault and what have they done wrong??? Unbelievable…….

      • StaffsBlue says:

        It has to be their fault. We were absolutely tickety boo before they took over. Over 15 years of stability wiped out in 18 months.

        • chris says:

          We weren’t always tickety boo, i remember the club losing £20 million the 2008 season we were in the championship and it was only the owners money that kept us afloat, but if one of them had died etc we could have been in the mire.
          I don’t remember many people saying to Yeung don’t spend £40 million on transfers and wages in the 09-10 season and 10-11 season. Them when they had they were accused of not spending enough and it should have been £40 mill on transfers alone, that’s how thick (generality) some football fans are.
          Many fans said ‘new owners’ = spend big, but if you researched at the time you could easily find out Yeung had little money in football terms and i fear the same will happen when we get sold again.
          Fans expectation will probably far outwiegh the actual wealth of the new owners and the amount they will put in the club.

          • KeeprightCroydON says:

            Agree it’s a good article by Tatts, but I also think it’s about time. He is a good writer and genuinely loves Blues, but he has sat on the fence on the ownership issue for far too long. We do need the local media to support our cause. Let’s face it the national media don’t give a monkeys, but they sometimes pick up local media stories/campaigns and build on them. So I hope that Tatts continues to put the pressure, and this is not just a one-off.

  • blewnozejohn says:

    I do despair at supporters stating their allegiance to the club and then saying they will not turn up at St Andrews because of the present owners .Whether we like it or not we are owned by asset strippers who are leaving the club that I love teetering on the edge of administration. We know the situation and it irritates the hell out of us all. I am even more concerned that low attendances will not provide vocal support for a team which has little quality but it seems a loyalty and desire for the club. Lee Clark does come across when interviewed as someone who has genuine passion for BCFC and is doing his best under almost impossible circumstances. We need to get behind the team and show our support for the club we love by getting behind the team at the place where it matters, St Andrews…..

    • Art says:


      You need more than passion to manage a football club with its associated financial issues.

      You need a manager who knows what he’s doing.

      Sadly LC doesn’t know what he’s doing and neither do his coaches.

      • blewnozejohn says:

        some may say, silk purse and sows ears…. Clark has lost his best players and has had to replace them with inferior ones with a wage cap of £5 per week.This is undeniable and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the impact this has. I agree that Ambrose, Mullins and Lovenkrands were not good signings or have not performed as was expected, probably down to the coaching team. My comments were not suggesting that Clark was tactically as astute as Houghton, but to highlight that he appears to have commitment to the club. My point is the fans have a massive part to play in getting us through to a better place. Not turning up will not help.

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Always the digs at Clark and his staff, from a man that doesn’t go to the games, advocates boycotting the team from faraway Cyprus, and never has a positive thing to say, From where I am sitting we don’t need so called supporters like you Art, you are nothing but a whinger, always have been.

        • Art Watson says:


          Examine Clarks atrocious record since taking over his roll as manager.

          As for the personal attack on my character -you know nothing about me but those who do would not agree with your infantile comments or opinion.

          Perhaps you will grow up one day!

          • Blue in Spain says:

            and perhaps one day you’ll get behind the team! Telling me to grow up You dish out the insults to the manager and coaching staff, then take a hissy fit and announce you’re leaving when you take a bit of abuse in return! At least I can take the abuse, you dish it out then act like a big girls blouse when it comes back at you! You’re the one acting like a spoilt child!

        • Mac says:


          I completely agree with you. In the past I have said we should all get behind the team and carry on regardless. I’ve also said we should boycott the terraces and starve the owners of cash to make them sell. The truth is I don’t know if there is anything we, as fans, can do to affect the ownership. I do know that L.C and the boys are doing their best and don’t deserve sh** comments from the Likes of Art. A broken record with nothing constructive to say.


        • chris says:

          We don’t need supporters like you that bullies another person over his viewpoint, who made no personal attack on you, yet you the bully, feel the need to make it personal.
          You call him a whinger, you’re the one whinging and being negative towards another view.

          • Art Watson says:



            My view on Clark is well documented and has been consistent since the middle of last season.I do not have any personal issues with him but I do have grave concens about his lack of man management skills,his team selection and tactics.

            I really do hope for the sake of the clubs future that he comes good in what will be a very challenging season for him and his staff and I wish him every success but one think is certain-passion alone will not produce the results we need to survive.

          • Blue in Spain says:

            Wow you need to grow a thicker skin if you think that is bullying! I take offence to being called a bully and will now take a hissy fit and leave unless you apologise!

  • DoctorD says:

    So Blues would have the second-lowest wage bill in the Championship IF we didn’t have Zigic on our books.

    Fact is, he IS on our books so THIS guy should be the spearhead, the focal point, the brains, the nous and the totem for our team. Come on Sir Zig, get your arse in gear and give us some match-winning performances. My word, we need it from you.

  • Bham Terrier says:

    Hi Andy, didn’t LC know the situation when he arrived ? Also didn’t he sign Ambrose and Lovenkrands ( money wasted it seems that Blues could ill afford to blow) ? The difference now is when he makes mistakes, he hasn’t got pots of money to throw at it to get it right and cover up his errors. I personally think Blues situation is a real test of his management skills, a situation many managers have found themselves in many times before. We had it with both Lou Macari (paid hotel bills himself when we went bankrupt) and also Peter Jackson who started pre-season 2004 with 8 registered players. We got promoted that season.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Lee Clark has my support 100% until the day he leaves this club… same with every single player. I’m certainly not going to turn on him or the players because of a couple of bad results. That wouldn’t make me much of a fan in my opinion.

  • peter bates says:

    as far as i can see lee clark only gets criticised for his tactics i will be the first to say thank you lee clark for sticking with the club many wouldnt have and it must be really difficult under those circumstances but performances have not been good enough and that is down to lee clark and his coaching staff they work with these players every day and saturday they looked like lee clarks tactics didnt work ipswich work hard but will pull up no trees and it could have been 5 or 6 had it not been for randolph i will always kro

  • Jaffa says:

    Ron Atkinson talking this morning on Talk Sport about his mate trying to buy Blues!!

  • Tony says:

    Richard says it is rare for Tatts to let his emotions infiltrate into his articles, another way of putting it is he never comes of the fence long anough to give an opinion he usually takes the safe option.
    Just one small problem though, when Zigic and Murphy are back this squad would be good enough to finish halfway in the league, The fact that it will not is down to the management, it is Clark that decides the tactics and picks the team.
    Again I ask the question what position in the league is acceptable to people? there are many on here who say avoiding relegation will be acceptable, by that yardstick Clark has a job for life, no way, no way.

    • RichardM says:

      Tony – I’m not a fan of Clark either, but the fact is we’re stuck with him. I doubt any other manager would want the job right now. Be fair to the guy, he’s playing with a limited pack, working his ass off, and for that alone he deserves our support. Having Zigic and Murphy back will improve things – but not enough to make us mid-table. I think your expectations for this season are unrealistic, no one’s saying we shouldn’t have higher expectations than avoiding relegation – but we’re not there yet. I’ll settle for 21st place this season.

    • Richard Granfield says:

      Tony Put yourself in Tatt’s position. His job depends on access to inside information from the club and interviews with players and staff. If he started slating both the club and it’s personnel that access would be denied.
      Regarding LC’s responsibility in picking players and formations. That is self evident, but don’t forget 18 quality players have left the club in the last 2 years and he can only pick from the players that remain.

    • chas says:

      Bloody hell Tony. Not only Hindsight, but you can see into the Future as well.. You are de Man.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I think this is just an appeasement signing. Simple human psychology really. Problem: the natives are restless. Solution: bring in a popular former player on the cheap to keep them quiet for a while. After likelyheavy defeats at QPR and Burnley the dissent and vitriol will come back. It does however bide them a little time.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, The one part of your Blog, that resonates with me, — Is the ” possible ” future ownership of us, Will keep us solvent of course, !!. Then take advantage of the St Andrews backroom staffs dedication under increasingly difficult cicumstances, — [ How they manage it, beats me ].

    I would like to see any new owner, re-build the club [ from the ground up ] Slowly but surely, Rather than making a splash just for short term effect, — The total waste of ” highly paid ” players we had bought 3/4 yrs ago, has cost us badly. !!.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think we’ve already made a good start. No player (other than the elephant in the room) is on more than £5k pw. When was the last time our wage bill was that low? I think that’s of benefit to any new owners.

  • ALAN DAWSON says:

    The dark days of the Kumars I was there in 5000 crowds singing my heart out for the course , looking back it wasnt the players , staff or players fault and today the same situation faces us ,Lee Clark, who in there right mind would work with his right arm tied behind his back and he knew this from the off he is working his socks off, the ground staff and players battling for the course and proud of the badge , dont worry about the council we carry the Cities name and nothing can change that and yes we won silverware when no one around us in the Midlands has in the last ten or so years , the boys in Blue need us more than ever so lets rally to the course –Keep Right On !

  • black country blue says:

    What happened to it’s more important to wear the shirt when you lose, the whole world shouts from the roof tops for winning teams. Blues first Blues last Blues always, no one likes us we don’t care, hated but rated. Have we all forgot about the pride in the badge the goose bumps at the sound of keep right on in full cry even in the day’s of ten thousand ,so comments on stand up and be counted sing your heart’s out the the lads, and stuff the lot of them just like the old. Kro

  • black country blue says:

    What happened to it’s more important to wear the shirt when you lose, the whole world shouts from the roof tops for winning teams. Blues first Blues last Blues always, no one likes us we don’t care, hated but rated. Have we all forgot about the pride in the badge the goose bumps at the sound of keep right on in full cry even in the day’s of ten thousand ,so comments on stand up and be counted sing your heart’s out the the lads, and stuff the lot of them just like the old. Kro

  • dave mann says:

    i always feel proud going away with blues, the passion, the banter, the singing, just being
    a brummie in someone elses back yard fils me with goose bumps and it really shows in
    the support we give the team but at home this isnt the case, some fans just turn up
    wanting to slag them off, the singings not there any more, its just boos and fans slagging
    off individual players. our home form must improve massively if the support i remember is
    to return but our fortunes of the pitch must change asap for this to happen. KRO.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Yep, totally agree. I find home games a bit of a penance and I often trudge up the hill to Stans feeling duty bound. Home games are awful and I do often question why I go. Flip that over and I get the same goose bumps that Dave talks of at away games. Great craic away with the lads, different towns and pubs. I enjoy mixing with different types of people and you don’t get that regional contrast anywhere in the world like you do in England. You can’t beat screaming your lungs out in a pack away end after 5 pints of lager as the teams walk out onto the pitch. I still get the same funny feeling in my gut as I did at my first away game when I didn’t go with my Dad – pure excitement and I think, deep down, we’re all still excited little kids enjoying the buzz of going to the big match.

  • skareggae72 says:

    So Pannu slapped a £600k price on Burke’s head,this IS an eye popping fee although,understandably Leeds got cold feet & hopefully Chris stays & the rumours of him being loaned out are untrue.

  • black country blue says:

    Only the boys on the tilton can bring back the fortress with old sloop bluenose passion

  • DoctorD says:

    What I think we need is for someone of standing to make a bit of a fuss about what’s going on at Blues.

    Can you imagine (not that it would happen) someone like (I dunno) Stephen Fry or Cat Deeley or Jeremy Paxman to start banging on about our club — it would stir things up nicely.

    Sadly, Blues has never really had any decent celebrity fans of note. I’m not saying it bothers we that we don’t, but it would be useful to wheel a big hitter out to ruffle a few feathers at a time like this.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Or be a glory hunter club like ManUre and have a group of rich fans want to buy the club at £20m a throw each. Would we want that?

      I’m very happy with us not being a fashionable club. It suits my personality perfectly. My politics, ethics, tastes in music and views on society are almost exclusively away from the mainstream and I deplore popular culture so I actually embrace that we don’t have plonkers like Eamon Holmes, Davil Mellor or Noel Gallagher bigging up MY club.

      • DoctorD says:

        No I don’t want celebrity plastic fans either. But if we’re not too careful, we might have to worry about not having a club at all — fashionable or not.

  • TracyKRO says:

    Im fed up with the negative comments, We have got the second lowest wage bill in the championship look at some of these teams Yeovil, Doncaster, Millwall, Barnsley Bournemouth we have been to poundland this summer so we just got to get on with guys. We all hope we have new owners soon its just a matter of time. Our home support has been appalling we are making ourselves LAUGHING STOCK to all the other teams including small ones, people staying away cause of manager, prices etc is not helping apart from Watford theres no singing just moaning they (players) will feel that on the pitch. come on Bluenoses lets stick together and SUPPORT our team and stop running away when times are bad. PS KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Good to see you back Tracy. Long time no see. :-)

      • TracyKRO says:

        Ive always been here Staffs but some of these comments just so negative and some people don’t change the record. we bluenoses are looking very silly to other teams

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Whatever the anti-Clark fans say, it’ll never drag my mood down. I’ve seen enough over 40 years not to panic over a few defeats. I’m blue through and through… no matter who the owners are, or who the manager is, or who the players are. I support the club, the shirt and whoever is wearing it. KRO

  • The Francis Fake says:

    If you could plot Blues fortunes on a graph the pinnacle was obviously reached 27Feb 2011 and since then the line on the graph has been on a steady downhill path. What all Blues fans want to know is when will that line reach its final downhill destination and how far further it has got to go before an upward trend emerges. With the best will in the world us Blues fans haven’t got one ounce of optimism about the future at this time. I feel like I’m wishing my life away until CY is convicted and a new phase develops.

  • StevieW says:

    Lets all remember that this is Lee Clark’s team his tactics and his formation(s). He should be judged at the end of the season not now or even in 3 months time. But the fans are all within their rights to voice their opinions on progress and if it is a pile of tripe then let it be said and if it is a great success then again enjoy.

    The game is not over until the fat lady sings

    • Wingman Blue says:

      “The game is not over till the fat lady sings”. Easy. Ban all fat ladies from singing. Better still, ban all fat ladies anyway, just in case they sing…


  • Sue noble says:

    Might as well not bother turning up at QPR then, whatever happened to roll your sleeves up and get into em, all of those you mention except Charlie Austin have moved “down” to QPR from bigger and better clubs, they ain’t no great shakes and we would all be better off without you doom and gloom merchants painting a dark picture even darker

  • Mickey07 says:

    How come your jumping on the bandwagon now mayor???stuff like this me and maldini suggested over a year and half ago…..

  • Pete says:

    Cannot say I think fans have suddenly become positive about the situation. In fact, lets be honest- how can the board be buying our approval or stopping fans moaning, when you have said so many times Dan they do not care what we think?

    Things are not rosie- but some fans were just pleased about the fact we got a player in and not the other way round. Hardly makes fans loves Pannu does it?I think the fact the Mail has done the article today shows how pathetic some of our fans have been though.

    Dan it does seem you open hatred of the board has intesified recently. Any reasons? Or will we have to wait to buy it in the book?

  • Texas Pete says:

    Very negative article Almajir. Even though you say it is realistic. The bad situation of losing Eardley was quickly dealt with even when the club has no money and besides that LC was able to get the llayer he wanted and the one that is already proven in the team. With the lower purchase price kn top of that, the deadline day deal was a triumph. Now you just turn this upside dowm to focus on the doom and gloom of the club. We are only a few games into the seasonfor Dogs sake. The players are having to play with the club problems put aside so they can focus. That must be difficult enough so all this talk about them not being good enough is bad especially for the youngsters and as fans you and everyone should be ashamed. We as fans are supporters so support the team and don’t let the club issues bleed into that. It may the waning of the Carson era but for LCs team it is very early.

  • dave mann says:

    what ime finding at the momment is the divide between supporters opinions in our
    performances, lets be honest we could have got a draw against watford at home
    but we didnt imo deserve anything from the other 2 home games( hitting the bar or not)
    we played well second half against yeovil but were bad first half, totally played off the
    park by leicester over the 90 mins and got what we deserved nothing. over the 5 league
    games 4 ponts is about right, no more no less and for good measure we didnt even win
    both cup games over 90 mins so its 1 win in 7 games and that was an own goal so thats
    the facts as i see it.KRO.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    What we are saying then is that we should really just go down and support the team and leave all of the behind the scenes nasty stuff to play out without any fan intervention? Its a really delicate thing when you consider that you can have a one hour conversation in the pub talking about your club and never actually mention the footballing side of matters, it would seem that everyone has a view on every aspect of running a club yet I seriously think, and no offence meant to anyone, that no one really understands or knows exactly what is going on. I for one will still go down to stans and travel away to support them because I get great enjoyment from it, surely this is what it is all meant to be about? Some of my fondest footballing memories come from following the team home and away at any number of dodgy places on wet winter evenings and getting enjoyment from it. Everything must have perspective and signing Caddis for us was probably more exciting than signing Bale was for Real Madrid fans. I think anyone passionate enough to put their thoughts into writing on this brilliant blog deserves to be considered whatever their view. We are all Blues fans and we will be here long after the current incumbants have departed so enjoy your match days and look forward to better times ahead.

    • DoctorD says:

      Exactly right, mate. Anyone who thinks Pannu and Yeung will alter their business plans (if I can grace them with that term) by us lot protesting is deluding themselves. Yup, they have a crap track recording of listening to the fans and they should be doing a lot better on that score, but the fact is they are not going to change their ways.

  • sw16girl says:

    The thing to remember is that the club have not stumped up £150,000 at all. Payments for players are generally made over 2 or three years often at 6 monthly intervals so what Birmingham have almost certainly have done is bought him on the never never. In no other business would anyone give a Company with Birmingham’s credit record any kind of credit but because of the football creditors rule football clubs will carry on selling to basket cases until the administrator comes through the door.

    Portsmouth bought Mike Williamson for around £2,000,000 and were never able to afford to play him because it triggered payments to the selling club they had no money to pay and it went through about a month before they starting failing to pay wages because they had no cashflow. Buying players now may only increase the football creditors that any buyer will have to fork out for if the club goes into administration. It is a gamble. It may work. It does not show the club has funds.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Surely it’s not BCFC that has a bad credit record? BIHL might have, but I would think that over the previous 15 years plus, we had good credit whilst under G/S?G. Unless anyone knows different.

      • sw16girl says:

        Under any credit check more sophisticated than looking at CCJ’s the club will have bad credit but as said that is not at all important to those who will be football creditors in any administration as they will jump to the head of the queue. You are right they may have paid with penny stamps for all we know but we do not know they have actually paid anything at all yet. glad to hear that you have got someone to lift your spirits though – I know what it is like to get no one and it is pretty grim. On a better note the fact that the club is being run on such a tight budget does make it more attractive to any buyer should you go into admin as efficiency savings have already been made and it is a lot more likely to be able to come out via a CVA (avoiding a second points deductions) than if it was not being run on a shoestring – scant consolation but better than nothing.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Its a good point of course but as I said previously its just pure conjecture ( I think?) as nobody knows how,when or where the money for Caddis was paid and whether it was by instalments, cash, or postal orders! What I do know is that I will be seeing Paul Caddis back in a blues shirt and I am thankful for that. I am really not putting my head in the sand here as I do realise what a perilous position my club is in but as I see it I have two options, put my money where my mouth is and buy the club or boycott the club. I cannot afford to buy the club and I will not stop watching my beloved Blues so there is the answer for me. I totally respect everyone else’s view on this matter and it is a case of doing what you personally think best. Conjecture and second guessing is fine but it can drive you mad trying to consider all of the different permutations that may exist. For me its a case of doing what I have always done no matter what the clubs league position or financial state, that is to show my undying support for anyone wearing the royal blue of my beloved Birmingham City.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I think LC is more frustrated than all of us. We should not be naive enough to believe that things are not as bad as they seem, although Caddis’ signing is a most welcome one. With what Tatts has written today, I’m sure there is an element of what LC and the club is feeling as well and the article in the BM is their conduit to voice frustrations with the financial barriers in place by BIH; PP and Cy to be particular.

    Until the club is in new hands and is given the opportunity to progress and move forward without tight parameters and scales, temporary respite is all we can most likely hope for. Even investment brought into the club will not suffice. Money borrowed has to be paid back at some stage and usually with high levels of interest. We need investment in the team. Not funds to keep “ticking over” for a few weeks or months, a hand to mouth existence will get us nowhere fast.

    If any interested parties would show their commitment, I am pretty sure – if they have the right intentions – most Blues fans will get on side pretty quickly and together we could speed the sale up. It is ok to say PP and CY will only sell when they are ready; soon they might have that decision taken out of their hands when no more loans are forthcoming and people want to be paid back.

    CY might try and string things along even if he is convicted, but it all takes big money to lodge appeals and hopefully he will realise the futility of his situation fairly soon.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    To illustrate the point I had read NOWHERE that Paul Caddis was about to sign for Blues and I think that it came as a complete shock to us all, including Dan, when the signing was made official, indeed most of us were still not 100% convinced even then, such is the scepticism surrounding the club. I have a feeling that the eventual sale of the club will happen in a similar way, unexpected, unpredictable and sudden (not in timescale as we know it can take time to process).All of the speculation is of course interesting but lets just remember that for now it is just that….. speculation.

  • martin says:

    if people want to protest about what is happening at bcfc why dont we try and set somthing up as manchester united did when there fans wernt happy. For example we could try to change certain mechandise as a quite protest so that when fan go to the game we can get behind the team insted of them getting the brunt of it

  • sappy sad says:

    …………when steve bruce was manager was manager his over defensive ways did my head in ,and the same with A.M.,with C.H.,HE MADE SOME STRANGE DECISIONS,but came good and left ….with L.C.i think he has ideas that could take us all the way to the top ,he is still learning .but the players he has brought in are as good as was available with the prospect of coming good in the near future .,…the councils delay in securing st Andrews future after the fans have suffered for over 2 years I find a total insult …..and unfeeling to this great city ,,,…losing this club would leave most fans feeling gutted and as if they have lost there first love.forever …..make your feelings known now bluenoses

  • andy says:

    When have Birmingham City council ever done anything for the football club that carries the second city name? David Sullivan could never get over their apathy whilst he owned the club.

    • Mac says:

      I couldn’t agree more! We can’t do much to Pannu etc, but we vote for these clowns. We should at least organise a demo against the council and let them know that IF our friends in China DO sell St Andrews they will be held responsible and can kiss goodbye to any bluenose votes.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    We were still openly questioning the signing of Caddis into the evening of deadline day and the first indication was the Swindon Advertiser newspaper story on the previous day…..did anyone seriously belive it would happen?

  • bluenoseneil says:

    I have one question and one questions only to put to you all…

    IF (big if I know) we get 6 points out of QPR and Burnley will it shut a few of you up for the next few months or would you still be moaning if we won them both 1-0 with own goals or deflections off Novak’s arse?

    You have to think what success means for us and the club right now before answering this or any other question in the near future.

    Views would be interesting. KRO

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    It would be an amazing return from those 2 games and I would be delighted, however the moaners would not apologise or congratulate they would simply scurry away until our next defeat! Will you be putting some money on that double Neil?

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Haha Steve not a penny but I will make a withdrawal from the Faith Bank. Wanna cash in too StaffsBlue? ;p

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Like I said the other day… no matter how many wins we get, some people will still wait for the next defeat. Nature of the beast I’m afraid. I think 4 or 5 points is possible from the next 3 games.

  • Dave S says:

    Get as many fans as we can to QPR, make a hell of a noise, there will be a certain person watching who we need to impress, 2 strikers on loan soon.
    We are so close, believe. Keep this post.
    To the end of the road

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Good job Lee Clark moved quickly on Monday. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-defender-neal-eardley-5839771

    We need to give Ryan Higgins some game-time somehow too, we might need him at some point.

  • Bobble says:

    Hi Dan
    The replies already in pretty well cover everything. I agree that we are disparate and anarchic, I love us for it and here is my sixpennyworth.
    On the football side my credentials are that I was first taken to StAns in the mid fifties, walking from B12, and saw Blues best years, the 56 cup final (on tv), the following year’s semi at Hillsborough against the Busby Babes, Duncan Edwards et al, beating Barcelona and Inter in the Fairs Cup and the best of the lot, lifting the League Cup at a park near Lozells. I have been to StAns every season since, including last Saturday. I lke watching live football, including park football, but my real pleasure is to watch the Blues at 3pm on Saturday. I don’t have Sky and find the whole tv thing is an overblown charade. I do believe: 1) Lee C and his team are changing the way of playing into a more enjoyable format. 2) Caddis is a good signing. 3) There are enough of the right type of player in the present squad to play good football and finish away from the lower reaches of the league, the one doubt being the strikers. 4) QPR is what it is.
    On the finance side my credentials are that I have both finance and business qualifications and have spent my working life up to my neck in it, including HK and the Far East. I have read a little of what is available, including your more recent blogs. I accept that the Club has very little money, but what club has except for ManU and Arsenal. The rest are funded by loans, £200m at B6 and Fulham much greater elsewhere and what have they to show for it. Blues’ owners put money in of which £20m is still in the Club, in part with a view to developing the Blues’ profile in the Far East. That has failed and they have been restructuring the playing side thro’ Lee C. I suspect a) the team would not be particularly improved by introducing, say, Pennant, Myhill, Gardner, Jerome. b) there is a budget in place which is very pessimistic and allows for PP to withdraw his £1.25m per annum (£687k pa + £25k pm + $HK3m pa). c) If there is a favourable wind, eg paying less to King, getting to the third round of the Capial One Cup then some funds will be freed up. d)there are little or no external creditors to send either BIH or BCFC into Administration. e) the best chance that the owners have of recovering their loans is to keep BCFC trading under their own control, and here lies the rub – if I am correct then the PP package will be flexed to pay for small improvements on the playing side. f) perhaps this is a business plan for a championship team playing enjoyable football. g) If I want to go down to StAns at 3pm every other Saturday, then maybe I have to accept the scenario, i can certainly relate to the present players far more than a lot of those that have passed thro’ our gates recently. g) If I protest, what am I protesting at as I would not put money in to fund the acquisition of overpaid players, Pennant anyone?
    I do thank you for your hard work. All the above are thoughts and reflections, I assume nothing of it to be absolute. If you can tell me what I would be protesting at and how, I will give it due consideration.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    How many millions did QPR spend last season? Where did Dave Whelan’s millions get him at Wigan? I’d rather have our honest, hard-working freebies any day to their multi-million pound flops and mercenaries.

  • brumbie says:

    There is no doubt things are pretty grim at the moment even Villa fans are starting to feel sorry for us ! As fans we will be there no matter what owners will come and go. Support the team and to hell with.the idiots who run it.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Protest has a number of faces and who is to decide which one would have the most effect and in what way. By staying away would we really force the hand of the owners to sell and might it put possible investors off us by thinking what a volatile lot we are and at the first sign of trouble would we boycott under their tenure? On the reverse side if we filled stans every week would we strengthen the owners hand but attract interested parties with 30000 gates and a show of real support for the club? To me its a no brainer as option 2 at least sees us staying alive whilst retaining and possibly even creating jobs whilst attracting possible investors. I am missing something here?

  • Tony says:

    Bobbie I too walked from B12 to stans about the same time as yourself,

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Although I do realise that neither of these extremes will ever happen it is good to think it through sometimes and forecast the possible outcome of suggested actions and their consequences.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I used to walk from B7, then later from B9. Happy days.

  • Bobble says:

    Hi Tony
    Seeing the buses disgorge and as the ground came nearer, the pavements became busier. The bike parking down entries. Admission for a child was the same price as a pint (so I was told). Once inside, being ushered down to the front. I remember Eddy Brown couldn’t stop and he threw himself in a dive over the top of us to be caught by the adults behind. Arriving back at New Street from Hillsborough and the 48 was so full we stood on the stairs. I am so pleased for the youngsters for the successes of the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      When I first went to a match, it was 2/- for kids and 4/- for adults. What value for money it was too. :-)

      • maurice walters from thailand says:

        staffs i feel guilty not giving my support to our beloved blues (i now live in Thailand) but still follow them with Andy Walker every match.was you at st andrews for blues 9-1 win against liverpool 1953/4/5season what a christmas present that was .MEMORYS

  • Bobble says:

    Hi StaffsBlue
    I think that we have been very blessed. I went Old Trafford, first season back. On the tram to the ground the ManU fans of our age were nervous wrecks (all about the three points) couldn’t be doing with that.l

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I go to a game to enjoy a match, I just love real football. At the end of the day, each season, only 1 team can win each of the Premier, the Championship, League 1 and 2, FA and League Cup. That’s 6 trophies, 6 teams. The rest of the 86 clubs won’t win them. Fact of life. Why worry about it.

  • Bobble says:

    Football is the one sport that the watching is not improved by tv. The big crowds are the proof of that. Also tv screws the scheduling, premiership offers 19 matches and you are lucky if twelve of those kick off at 3pm on Saturday. These lads we have at the Blues have talent that we would have died for.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I don’t have sky and don’t want it. And, unless all (or the majority) of the teams in a division play on the Saturday, it devalues that league in my opinion.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I feel that football will eventually eat itself, there has to be a tipping point and whilst the clubs lower down the food chain are facing financial difficulties it will pale into insignificance if ever anything happens to Murdochs golden egg laying goose. Sky has changed the footballing landscape and brainwashes young fans into supporting the big players irrespective of where they originate from.As much as I hate to say it I would prefer to see a local kid in a Vile shirt than a Manchester United one.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Absolutely agree. I remember what the BM and Argus used to call “The Big Six” … Blues, Villa, Albion, Wolves, Coventry and Walsall. I’d rather see kids in any of those shirts.

  • sxblues says:

    I have followed this article with interest. I

  • Blooflame says:

    Chris Burke can’t get a start with the blues under Lee Clark!! Brian McDermott wants him, he’s in strachan’s squad to play for his country……..well there you have it…Lee Clark is a myopic, incompetent who is single handedly isolating himself from the squad, with his openly critical outbursts (such as the “penny has to drop”). the man is incompetent and our days are clearly numbered. It is so hard to see a way out, there is little sign of any reliable buyers. Anything from HK will be indirectly linked to the same people as Yeung. Knowing how it is out there, I’m completely skeptical of anyone from HK or China. Oh for the days of Sullivan and Gold!!

  • sxblues says:

    i have followed this debate with interest and I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring with regard to my support for Lee Clark. I am in my 50’s and have seen most things happen at Blues over the years. i recall my first memories as a kid of Fred Pickering, Barry Bridges etc. I have seen lots of good players and probably more poor quality players. What I like about Lee Clark is that he doesn’t moan about the bad hand that he has been dealt. If you look at how many other championship managers have behaved when they don’t get the transfer kitty that they have been promised by the chairman we should be proud of our manager. I would also like to add that some of the football played in the second half of last season particularly away from home was of a higher standard than Chris Hughton got out of the team. I am quite sure that under Lee Clark we would have got past Blackpool in the play offs. I am sure we are in for a very hard season and I agree with Almajir that anything above the bottom three will be a positive result. I just ask fans to take a long look at what LC has had to deal with and then make your judgement – Take a look at Ravel Morrison now at West Ham compared to when he joined Blues – In Ravel’s own words LC is a terrific manager and that has come from England’s future midfield star.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I haven’t heard a single player that has criticised Lee Clark or the backroom staff. All the players seem to be loving life at BCFC (other than the results.) I think that speaks for itself.

      Maybe few will agree, but I have 100% faith that Clark will get it right and as the season goes on, we’re going to see some good football. We might not get into/near the play offs, but I think they’ll give it a right good go.

  • Steve says:

    Bear with me in a negative and pessimistic offering. The situation is awful. We may have been in marginally worse situations in years gone by but this is 2013 and it hurts that we’ve fallen apart so quickly , dramatically and, in the present circumstances, so irreversibly.

    I understand the view that this is the time when we should rally round the players (Tatts gripping piece today) but, in my view, the balance has now tipped from recognition of good employees of the club to revulsion at the treatment of the club by the owners. We’re told that in Chinese business and social dealings ‘honour’ is all important. The financial mire we find ourselves in may or may not be self inflicted but ‘honour’ would dictate that the owners or their representatives would face up to the supporters and explain their thoughts, actions, plans and commitment. No honour, no word, so clearly no commitment.

    As an old bluenose I won’t be able to resist following the results and will get the usual buzz when we win but, personally, I will spend not one penny on or at the Blues until there is a change. To those who continue to patronise the club in the present desperate circumstances I say OK, fair enough, but you may be just delaying the inevitable. Almost certainly we have to get worse before we get better.

    Doffing my hat to LC, his players, and to the worthy people at St Andrews and Wast Hills, I hope you’re all still there to give it a go after the purge.

    And to my fellow supporters I say the Big Purge is all that matters at the moment.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I agree that everyone has the right to act in the way that they see best but please explain what the “big purge” is as I haven’t heard of it, whom is purging what and is this some organised purge of something?

  • mark says:

    Simple facts of life there always two sides of every story………..two kinds of people negative and pro-active. I would like to say I am pro-active in my support of the team and manager. Whether we win lose or draw, my divided loyalty is to bcfc…………….not to the pack of wolves who hide behind their reasons of reality…………….kro

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    It would be interesting to know how many of the people actively boycotting the team are Sky Sports subscribers. It would be ironic if you are withholding your funds from our club but fuelling the coffers of the people who have, in my opinion, ruined our game and tempted in the kind of people that you are now boycotting to rid our club of. Greg Dykes stayements yesterday would be better aimed at the Premier league as they are the ones who dictate what home grown talent is in England, very rarely an Englishman, but the FA are toothless in comparison to the the Premier League. I really dont like the idea that the pressure is now off the England manager and players as the FA have targetyed 2020 before we can hope for any success…without hope and a dream football is nothing.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Greg Dyke is living in cloud cuckoo land. England to win the world cup in 2022? I nearley pi**ed myself laughing when I heard that. If Mr Dyke can find a way of convincing ENGLISH clubs to give ENGLISH youngsters a chance, then he might have half a chance. If not, he’ll fail and so will England.

      And this is born out by none other than Franco Baresi former Italy defender

      “In Italy we have the same problem. It is difficult for young players, whether Italian or English, to grow up and get chances now.

      In England, some of the owners are not English. They just want to win and are not really worried about anything else.”


      • StaffsBlue says:

        As I’ve said before, not got Sky, don’t want Sky. They’ve ruined the game as I loved it… why would I want to support them? I have absolutely zero interest in watching the top 6-10 every week. That’s all Sky are interested in…. with a few Championship games thrown in.

  • mike b says:

    hi all……..a lot of words again………..when the football starts it will be up to inspirational players like ….caddis and zigic…to give us the impetus to kick start the season………….

  • Evesham blue says:

    I admire Clark’s passion but it’s a Kevin Keagan regime without the goals. The man would not be in charge if we had any money. We will continue to lose at home due to baffling team selections and no atmosphere in the ground. Fan Morale is low and won’t improve whilst the current regime holds sway.

    It’s an absolute doddle coming to St Andrews for visiting teams. All they need to do is score and heads drop. I think I heard a couple of muted KRO’s the entire Ipswich game. No one sings as there is not enough people in the ground!

    Attendances are dropping year on year? What are we now 14k? Last season 17k? Only the season ticket holders left now and even they have had the spirit kicked out of them and are not renewing.

    It is Doom and Gloom. You won’t get 14k disillusioned fans singing in a half empty stadium. Even the Olympic Gallery/railway end is closed down now.

    What is served up for the paying punter? Dire depressing football and very mediocre players dishing it up. The quality is dropping year on year.

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