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Financial Dead End

Money. According to some it’s the root of all evil and according to others it makes the world go around. It’s also something that Blues don’t have a lot of – as Colin Tattum posted on his blog this morning there have been credible rumours that the money at Blues is drying up completely.

I have to admit, I’ve heard the same rumours. I’ve tried not to pay too much attention to them as there have been rumours of administration since we were in Europe under Chris Hughton and of course nothing happened. However, they do seem to be getting louder and one does wonder exactly where does the financial dead-end Blues find themselves in come?

I have to say I was concerned with the interview with Lee Clark in the Birmingham Mail today – particularly where he is quoted as saying

“How it will be added to, this squad, is by these youngsters continuing to impress me.

“I will keep promoting them, that’s how we will add to the group now, unless – like I have said for the past few weeks – players on the fringes, senior players, move on and go on loan and I can then reinvest the sums I get back for them.”

which implies to me that there is no funds at all to add to the squad, that if he wants to add players he has to use anyone from the academy he thinks is suitable… and that he still potentially needs to sell players in January.

I think this is the fear for me. I’ve been impressed with the way we’ve played over the last couple of weeks – the team has come together as a unit and we’re starting to see what the players can do. However, the thought of the team being broken up further in January in effect to keep the club running just sickens me.

The problem with the sale appears to be not that there isn’t anyone interested in the club – but the price that Carson wants to sell at. Sources in the far east have mentioned a figure of around HK$400million being the asking price demanded by Carson (approx £32million) – with the debts owed to BIH/Carson not included in that – which I would say myself is roughly three to four times what the club is actually worth. Until the price comes down to a more realistic figure I cannot see how a purchase can be completed by anyone – which means the club will continue in limbo until it finally lurches into administration.

I can understand why people think that boycotting the games might speed the club up into admin – after all, that will only happen when the club can no longer afford to pay the bills – but it’s something I just cannot agree with, much less ask people to do. It breaks my heart to see the club in the situation it’s in and yes, it does annoy me that it could be easier if we could lose a couple of hefty pay packets. However, I will admit that I see it as my duty almost to go; in the late eighties the diehard fans went to the games despite the turmoil and I don’t see what has changed since then. I also look at the people behind the scenes at St Andrews, and see all the hard work they put into the club and I don’t want their work to go to waste either.

It does appear we’re heading into a dark winter at Blues and yes, it’s not a great situation to be in. Money drying up, takeovers stalling and a team that is slowly being stripped of anyone of any value – but this is what Blues has always been. In all my life I can’t remember much success at Blues and I can remember lots of heartache – after all, you’re not a true Blues fan until you’ve seen at least one relegation. Our anthem is to Keep Right On – and as much as people won’t want me to agree with Pannu, that’s exactly what we have to do.

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142 Responses to “Financial Dead End”

  • JohnR says:

    I’m just going to ignore all the off field issues and keep on going down to Stans to support my team BCFC. There is nothing we can do to influence matters and I’m totally against boycotting the club, that will achieve nothing.

    • mark says:

      johnR – agreed with your comments………kro

    • Stephen Wood says:

      Agree m8, Unfortunately this is the worst time in my 53yrs as a blues supporter . And if Carson has a heart (he is Chinese so i do not think so) he will relinquish his shares. At the end of the day he has made a few bob. He & his Henchmen have taken more than they donated so all i ask is give the club back to those of us who love it,.As a matter of honour. Even some Chinese have honour m8!

  • mark says:

    Dan – your last paragraph in a nut shell, kro another great piece buddy………..

  • DoctorD says:

    Al — with all our high-earning players (bar Zigic) off the books, it seems to me we are operating as a standard Championship club. Wages have been pared right back to the bone so why then are we in financial trouble? Can any club in a similar position to ourselves ever stay afloat without a rich sugar daddy?

    • chris says:

      It’s more than just Zigic.
      The club is being run like Barnsley, Millwall etc, i.e no external boardroom money coming into the club.
      So at a guess Murphy, Lovenkrands, Mullins, Ambrose and maybe even Robinson will all be earning 10k a week or more which is double the newcomers of this season.
      Losing these players could save the club around £3 million plus Zigic’s 3.5 million, so equates to major savings when you calculate the rest of the team’s wages will be around £4 million for 15 players.

  • AuldBertie says:

    Support your team – if financially possible attend the games. I’m sorry but “I’m not lining the pockets of those charlatans” seems an easy excuse for non-attendance and does nothing to help our club. The team is currently playing some excellent football so support them and the hardworking St Andrews staff in the background.

    • Jassyblue80 says:

      Spot on

    • Sir Harry 1875 says:

      Well said! Its the same people who say “im not going back down there while he is the manager”. There will always be an excuse not to go. Until of course there’s a day out involved or a play off game with the chance of a day out.



    • AlexT says:

      your talking bollock mate.

      I WANT to go to the Blues, BUT the fact is we SHOULD be self supporting but we are not, which means Pannu and Yeung are RAPING this club from top to bottom. Therefore, I will not hand over one more penny to these…… sorry, cant post an appropriate word for them.

      So my saturdays are boring shopfests with the wife…. and you think I am just using any excuse not to go???? You insult me fellow bluenose.

      My approach is, lets ‘Rip the plaster off’! Help us get into Admin now so someone LOCAL can take over.

      I love my club, but at the moment it is being abused, raped and pillaged by foreign raiders. So…….


      • Chris W says:

        So you are saying the day CY and PP sell up we will see 25,000 down Stans….
        Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons must be loving the Blues not so “Die Hards”
        I drop the wife off at Sainsbury’s, pop in the Roost for a pint, over the road to watch the match, pick up the missus on the way home, treat her to a carvery while I either celebrate or drown my sorrows and she drives the rest of the way home.
        Its called our Saturday Routine for home games, away games we shop on Sundays… I live in Nottingham so have to find an alternative excuse when we play Derby…
        As they say it is not rocket science

      • Andy W says:

        Alex, you are entitled to your opinion, and you are also entitled to spend your money as you see fit. And you are right about what is happening to the club. But from what you say, it doesn’t appear to me that you enjoy your Saturdays? If you had seen the last 3 home performances, I think you would realise that the team are giving everything, and there are positive signs that things may not be as bad as feared in terms of our ability to stay in this division. I have stated on this site many times that I am still not convinced with the manager. But one thing that I don’t think can be disputed is that the players are together and doing their damned best for him. My own view is that I hate the regime behind the club as much as anyone else. But I believe that the manager, the players and everyone else who works at the club and is loyal to the cause deserve me to be loyal in return. And so shall I be.

  • dave mann says:

    very well said Dan and completley true about not agreing with fans boycotting the games.
    Tthey call themselves fans but cant be bothered to support the club in its hour of need
    the same fans that will moan and moan when other ” star” players have to leave to pay
    bills, the same fans that slag of the players and manager when they dont even go down.
    on current home form there should be 18,000 down blues tomorrow but its on telly, early
    kick off, were be lucky to get 13.000 again like tuesday, we might be a big city club but
    who wants to invest millions in BCFC when they see a ground thats less than half full
    every home game, all you that stay away, thats your problem but if the club does go into
    administration i hope your happy in achieving your goal and proud of yourselves! KRO.

    • Sir Harry 1875 says:

      Boycott Brigade

      If you turn your back on your Club in its hour of need then your not a fan. (But if we progress to the semi’s in the League Cup you’ll all sniff a day at Wembley and you’ll all be back pretending to be a die hard for 90 minutes just in case)

      This is Birmingham City. We dont do glory, we dont do normal, we dont do easy. We’ve had to put up with all sorts of sh*t for most of our 138 year history. If you have’nt figured that out yet then you really did choose the wrong team.

      So get down there and get behind our Boys in Royal Blue.

  • mark says:

    maybe the day to day running costs of the club, wasthills staff that work for bcfc, and security of both premises ect ……….. not just the players??

  • Roy Flowers says:

    As our main source of income is gate receipts the fact that we have, after tomorrow, only 4 home games before the end of November makes administration quite likely. We have to hope that we beat Stoke and get one of the big boys to generate some cash in November otherwise we won’t make it until the January window opens.

    • chris says:

      Parachute payments (£8 million) are about the same as gate receipts (guess about 7.5 Million).
      We are only getting about £125,000 from gates (5000 fans) as they have already had and spent the money from 9000 fans through season tickets.

  • Marky mark says:

    The result of the impending court case will have a massive impact on what CY does next,
    Even if he appeals a guilty verdict and it drags on he will have to make a decision.

    I believe the interested parties are waiting in the wings for the court decision and will move when ready. I’m sure people will pick holes in this line of thought but

  • BarthDomak says:

    Dan, quick question…. You talk about finances are very tight and that we still have 1 or 2 high earners, you’ve often mentioned Peter Pannu and the money he makes from the club. So on the back of your forthcoming book which you will be making on the back of BCFC financial troubles, will you be putting any money back into BCFC, or will this be a cash cow for you???

    Just asking like……


    • almajir says:

      You mean apart from being a season ticket holder (actually have 2 cos my daughter who has one) etc?

      As much as I hope it’s a bestseller I very much doubt I’ll make a significant amount of money from it; in fact, at the moment I’ll be happy if it breaks even.

      • BarthDomak says:

        Dan, with your book soon to be published I totally understand you have to recoup your money after all your many visits to Hong Kong and tour of China must of cost you a small fortune?!!

        As a working class guy myself there is no way I could of funded those trips, so whos expenses were/are you on and will any profits you make be put back into our dearest club that we all love?

        • almajir says:

          Well… don’t take this the wrong way mate, but I’ve answered your previous question. Most of the rest of it falls into a category which I consider my private business and not for discussion.

          For the record, I’ve been to HK twice – which in my eyes isn’t “many” and I’ve been to Shenzhen in the People’s Republic of China for a grand total of four hours, which I don’t think constitutes a “tour of China” either.

          Please don’t ask any further questions as a) I won’t answer them and b) your comments may well get deleted.

        • RichardM says:

          What a tool you are. Your insinuation here is pretty clear – Dan’s trying to make a fast buck. You talk about “our beloved club” – how much time and effort have you put into investigating this issue and trying to find out what’s really going on in HK?

          I salute Dan for the time and effort he’s putting into this – someone needs to do this work for the sake of the club – I’d think very long and hard before pointing your grubby little fingers and making the kind of insinuations that you are.

          • BarthDomak says:

            RichardM,can I just point out that I have never accused anyone of anything! Without question Dan has been the life support to us all, he has gone in where others like Ron Toss have failed to do so!

            I believe that without Dan and his efforts we would all be in a dark place right now, but before you go name calling like a big tit that you are just consider others have their own minds and are not sheeplike like yourself.

            Happy to meet you in person to discuss this point

          • RichardM says:

            Barth – the only tit round here is you and you’ve shown yourself up to be a good un. I come on here to discuss matters with fellow bluenoses, I’m not interested in meeting you in person. I take it that was a veiled threat, but mate, I wouldn’t eve give you the time of day.

      • DoctorD says:

        Dan — aim high and promote the hell out of the book. No point writing it and no one reads it. You need a strong media campaign.

    • @BarthDomak – Will you be donating your winnings from any bets on blues to the club?

      Anyone looking to publish a book is taking a huge financial gamble. Judging by the average turn out at Stans and the disinterest from the general public in BCFC I think, I think break even is a good aspirational goal.

      I’m looking forward to the read though so that’s one sale :-)

      • BarthDomak says:

        Mighty bluenose, if we talk about proportionate investment into the club I am a working class guy who buys a season ticket, buys merchandise and spends extra money through food and drink when I go down the games.

        As for betting and donating any winnings i receive, it actually took a year for me and my mate to be paid our winnings at which point we invested our money straight back and bought several pints.

        Hope you put as much time and effort into the blues as you do sucking up to others???

        Grow a pair!

        • Mate its not sucking up its pointing out an idiotic statement!

          You also missed my point, publishing a book is a gamble of which earnings, profit or even getting your money back are not guaranteed.

          I don’t care how you spend your money, the social class or label you stick on yourself or anything else for that matter. I also not going into the debate of I spend more of cash then you on blues… I support blues the best way i can and as often as i can. What i don’t do is turn around to other noses and say you should do this or that… Just saying like

          Grow a pair? Grow a brain cell…

        • chas says:

          If you cant take it, don’t dish it out. Cool your chips .

      • Wingman Blue says:

        …and another…

  • bangkokblue says:

    Having lived in this part of the world for over 20 years I fear that the issue now may be not one of how much is the Club really worth, but how much does the owner perceive it as being worth. If he sells at a price less than he perceives it to be worth then that’s a ‘loss of face’, and ‘face’ is hugely significant out in these parts. I have seen Companies close and buildings left empty for years all because the owner could not get the amount of money he thought was reasonable for his asset. The old English maxim of ‘cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face’ is regularly seen in practice over here. All we can do is ‘keep right on’, there is not much else we can do!

  • DorsetBlue says:

    If Zigic goes it may save the club…simple as that.

    The fact is we do not need him in the team to progress now. So letting him go will be no problem.

    The fact he is not playing every game and playing for a poor side he will not get offers to move.

    So he plods on and will only move end of contract or when we go into admin.

    • DoctorD says:

      Please please sell him in the January transfer window. Andy Walker at Blues should make one of his DVDs showing Zig at his best and hawk it round the top clubs. (It would never work though but worth a punt — making a video would be about 1/10th of his weekly wages.)

  • Bully-beef-jnr says:

    Dan- doesn’t this all depend on pannu getting BIHL floating in the HKSE again as he states its necessary in his statement? ?

    • almajir says:


      As I’ve linked to several times before, the HKSE have explicitly told this website that relisting isn’t necessary for the sale – link here.

      • Bully-beef-jnr says:

        Sorry dan didn’t make myself clear pannu states that when bihl are floating again it will create working capital ie staving off player sales etc etc

        • chris says:

          the only way you’ll get working capital from shares been traded is A) BIHL sells any current shares it owns, B) BIHL offer more shares with a share issue, thus diluting all current shareholders % of the company and probably reducing the price of those shares or
          C) a large holder of shares sells them and re-invests the money into BIHL/BCFC, which in my opinion would be madness unless you could afford to lose the money and even Carson isn’t that rich.

  • TracyKRO says:

    Great piece Dan
    what gets me so many clubs like Barnsley, Millwall, Yeovil, Doncaster, Bournemouth etc all have lower gates than us and still going, not selling there stars and we have second lowest wages in championship.
    We on telly tomorrow lets tell the world how we feel, and the fans who stay away we ALL feel the same we just got to stick together.
    I be Singing SELL OUR CLUB to the Board.
    Come on bluenoses lets show the world who we are cause I don’t think any other club would have
    gone through this like we have.
    Keep Right On

  • Jedda says:

    What I still fail to understand is WHY money is seemingly so desperately tight, given the drastic slashing of the wage bill and the vast amount of money generated by transfer fees and the parachute payments to supplement the ‘regular’ income of any other Championship club. It seems to me that not nearly enough investigative effort – either from the media or the various football authorities – has been invested in this core question.

    Yes, much has been made of Zigic’s contract and we know about the ludicrous sums that somehow PP has been deemed to merit week in week out – but that surely doesn’t come close to explaining why our plight continues to be so apprently desperate. Surely by this stage we should be capable of holding our own financilally as a middling chapmpioship club even without access to regualr extra funding from Yeung.

    One can only come to the conclusion – as most have – that money is indeed being illicitly siphoned out of the club to the far east. The massivklely frustrating thing is there seems to be no one willing or able to ask the difficult questions around this question – leaving us to merely wonder when it will all finally grind to a halt and we topple in to administration.

    Page after page in the papers and hour upon hour on the TV devoted complete non-news around the top handful of clubs – meanwhile Blues, Conventry, Portsmouth and the like are left at the mercy of whatever incompetant and/or corrupt owners have come their way. Long established clubs in the game, central to their communities, tens of thousands of fans…and still no one of influence apparenly gives a monkeys.

    The FA only has one agenda we ever hear about – getting England to limp through a few more rounds in the world cup – and the less said about the Premier League, FIFA and UEFA the better. They barely even pay lip service to these sort of problems let alone mobilise themselves to actually do anything about it. I don’t know why it still surpises me but it does.

    Anyway, I’m sure none of this is new news to anyone here, but I feel marginally better for getting it off my chest.

  • Enckelman says:

    I don’t get how we can have one of the lowest wage bills in the championship, 13th in average attendance and spend hardly no money in the transfer window and still manage to be talk of administration. Does this mean every other chairman in the championship is constantly pumping money in their clubs to stay afloat?

    • Trevor Honnor says:

      I’ve considered this same thing.
      Enough money has come into Blues in the last few seasons to keep them afloat surely. The player sales, the parachute money and ‘not the worst’ attendances in the league. Surely with the wage bill as low as it is, the club can tick over?

      Not buying players is not ideal but but we have a squad who have shown they can play against middle to lower positioned sides in the league. Keeping the lights on and finishing mid-table should be completely possible.

      • chris says:

        Jedda, Enkleman and Trevor,
        Yes other clubs are in the mire but have sugar daddies, e.g. Bolton are alledgedly £70 to £100 million in debt, but their chairman keeps them going.
        Sheff Wed’s chairman puts in £5 million a year and the late chairman of Forest was ploughing in £750,000 a month before he died.
        The Blues would be in admin now if it wasn’t for the parachute payments as our wage bill was £24 million when the parachute payment was £16 million.
        What are our wages this season when the parachute is only £8 million and we take about another £8 million through the gate and season tickets?
        I am guessing the wages are equal to this £16 million total or slighlty more, but untill the accounts are released it’s guess work.
        This doesn’t include running the two grounds and academy, then there’s tax, VAT and agent fees, nevermind Pannu’s expensive wages.

  • P.J.Nicholls says:

    I would like to see the one lifeline afforded to Pannu & Yeung extinguished,that being the hope of their getting the ground.
    Birmingham Council will have a lot to be blamed for if they do not label St.Andrews as a registered centre for Football excellence & hope for any future young footballers.
    By affording that right to Blues the one hope of Pannu of taking the ground for new development outside of it’s present use assures we supporters of at least a base.

  • gerald squires says:

    Im afraid you have to sell in large numbers to see anything significant coming back from à book launch, might cover Lunch Expenses etc hahaha

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Its a shame as the team are doing so well, but it may be that our best outcome would have been to go into admin NOW. That way we could have got in new buyers who could have reinvested in the January window to recover the points lost and avoid relegation. We really are in the lap of the dogs. Ho Hum see you all on Saturday when we whap Bolton!

  • mark says:

    maybe the VOR will come haunt of the fans………………………….he was not far off the mark………

  • Surrey Blue says:

    Yes, administration does seem to be looming a little larger in the rear-view mirror and I’m torn between wanting to go to matches and not put money into the coffers of the people that have dragged our club into the mire. I don’t think a wholesale boycott of games will help but I do think there is a way we can show our displeasure with the regime but our support for the team and the hard-working staff at the same time. Choose a home game before Christmas and make it a protest attendance rather than a boycott. Speak to everyone you know who went to Wembley and hasn’t been since. Drag them down. Get the ground as full as we can, with as many banners and methods of support for the team on the pitch and against the regime. It will be a boost to the coffers, which wouldn’t harm in the short-term as so long as it is made clear it’s a protest game.

    • almajir says:

      I think this is what my friend Margaret over at Long Long Road is trying to achieve.

    • Chris W says:

      I think the ideal game for that would have been Saturdays v Bolton since it is televised.
      The theory of such is better than a boycott as we all know that would never happen, like you, what to do for the best, the players of LC are to blame for the financial plight, they sign the contracts negotiated by club and agents, they are human and want as much money as possible, I have read that Ziggy asked his agent for a wage cut but the agent refused to negotiate, true or not, i have not heard anyone say either way.

  • Well judging by the group of people I used to attend with I’ll be attending on my tod… I can understand some not attending for money/family reasons( another mate made redundant) but, the amount of times I have argued the case that it only hurts the club not attending games.

    PP will still pick up his salary regardless of one person coming through the gates or 20,000. the gates and the shop numbers are what will keep the club ticking over we should be trying our best, if we can to keep these high. Equally, surely its a more attractive purchase a club with good turnover not potentially a good turn over.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As I’ve said all along, there’s nothing we can do about off field issues. Whether the club is sold, or goes into admininstration, all we can do is keep supporting the team through all the difficulties… after all, it’s not the players fault and it’s not Lee Clark’s fault.

    If, at the end, we do go into administration, we’ll have done our best as supporters, Lee Clark and the players will have done their best. CY and PP will have to ask themselves if they did their best.

    (“Money is the root of all evil,” is one of the biggest mis-quotes. It’s actually, “For the love of money (and all it buys) placed before the love of God (in reality) is the root of all kinds of evil.” Timothy 6: 10. Nothing wrong with money, just how people use it.)

  • Jassyblue80 says:

    Sums up my thoughts exactly. How people can turn their backs on a club they are supposed to love is beyond me! It’s a bleak time & it’s going to get bleaker… The die hards will still be there! Kro

  • chris says:

    Get the Peaky Blinders involved they’ll sort em out

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    All agreed except the comment ‘you’re not a true Blues fan until you’ve seen at least one relegation’. I think that should be a higher number!

    The stay aways have missed some sparkling performances of late and lets hope the guys that have turned it on will still be with us come February. KRO

  • Cbrccc says:

    Sorry but you are misguided on this one OP . If we lose our ground I for one will blame
    The apathy of the no boycot brigade.
    If no one had ever boycotted or protested then Britain would be in the dark ages as non of the injustices of the past would have been corrected.
    A boycott would no doubt bring a swift end to this sorry sage but no you can carry on a fiddle away because this Rome is well on its way to ashes,
    I say this to you because I feel the respect fans have for you makes you an ideal leader to galvanise them into action.
    Sorry but it’s how I feel .

    • almajir says:

      I hate to disappoint you mate, but I’m not a leader and there is absolutely no way I’m going to organise a boycott.

      It’s your personal decision and that’s down to you and I understand why you feel that way, but I cannot agree with it.

  • TracyKRO says:

    Another thing what gets me when people go on about selling more players, we haven’t got valuable players, like they wanted £650,000 for Burke that will probly last for 2 weeks what is the point of that.
    I hope in that case we get many points on the board before Jan, when the transfer window happens so if we do sell all the players and turn to youth we may have enough points to stay up.
    I hope Carsons verdict is done before Jan.
    All we do go in admin

  • bluepete says:

    I am not one of those who want to boycott the club games, but on the other hand I would like to make a protest about the financial state of things. How about if tomorrow at the Bolton game, we all make a silent protest by continuing to sit in our seats after the game has finished for say 15 or 30 minutes. Peter Pannu will more than likely be at the game and, hopefully, will take note of our feelings.

    • Jassyblue80 says:

      This is the type of action I’d like to see, however tomorrow might be short notice to organise it properly! I think it would be a good idea to try and raise national interest in our plight and shame Carson a little. As is pointed out above “face” is very important in Carson’s culture… Maybe some bad press would help push him a little!!

  • Chris W says:

    Well put and accurate from start to finish Dan.
    You have a fair amount of behind the scenes knowledge and the workings of HKSE so you can probably correct my assumptions.
    Administration has to be entered when the owner, CY, runs out of money or the bank are owed more that the club is worth and is not being repaid loans?
    The price of the club is what CY values it, in selling a house there is a price range, top of the range value and unrealistic unless it is in pristine condition, Mid range is the realistic value, and then the lower range, following the surveyors report, any reduction to the value that is done at sellers expense or sold cheaper and the buyer foots the bill.
    That is my viewpoint.
    How close do you think we are to Administration?
    Is there a valuer who sets the valuation of the club?
    Even if the owners, board or PP put a player up for sale, surely it is ultimately the players decision to sign to complete the sale, they can say always say no, I would assume?
    I have seen more than one relegation since my first came in 60/61 season and apart from living in the remote Highlands of Scotland for a couple of seasons have been ever present at ST Ans since the 70’s, like you it breaks my heart seeing the club in its present climate, the only consolation is it will get better, though it will take a long time to recover this time.
    I have said it, as you have, we need as many supporters behind the team along this very very long road

    • chris says:

      i’m no expert, but as far as i understand the club will only go into admin when forced into it by a creditor, i.e. they haven’t paid someone.
      That individual, business, bank or HMRC will normally apply to the courts to force admin so they can be paid, though they usually only end up with pence per pound owed.
      Companies can also volunteer to enter admin, though i would doubt our board of directors would want to do that.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Seems to be that the ‘buyers’ than Tom Ross referred to may have had the goalposts moved by CY or unrealistic demands from him. What I don’t understand is why the majority of the shareholders are not screaming from the rafters to sell as at this rate they will all end up with nothing. It also seems that CY is convinced that he will be found not guilty at his forthcoming trial with the strategy he is taking. IMO it is either the club going into admin or CY being found guilty that will wrestle ownership from his grip. In a nutshell CY seems to want his cake and eat it.

  • Shane says:

    Who do you see left at the club of any real value?? Burke has 6 months on his contract as does Murphy so who are they going to sell?

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Not who but what.

      • Russticblue says:

        Your statement “not who but what”….hits the nail on the head,these financhal rapists have
        Crippled us and the final death blow will be the sale of the ground.

        Our football club was passed on to my by my dad,
        What are we going to say to our kids?…..we sat there and watch it die.

        Now is the time to act….while we still have a club.

    • chris says:

      So both those WILL be sold in Jan, plus anyone who plays well.
      So Spector, Caddis, Randolph, Mullins, Elliott, Hancox, Reilly, Adeyemi and Shinnie will all be available for the right price. Ambrose and Lovenkrands too, but can’t see any offers for them even on free’s.

  • DorsetBlue says:

    CY is gambling on the club being OK until the end of his trial. If anyone comes in with a high offer at this time then fine…but if not he will sit tight until the outcome. Then keep us and try to rebuild or be in a better position to sell us.

    The gamble is if we can hold on until this time. We need to get 10 points clear of 4th from bottom asap to make sure.

  • mark says:

    gosh come on people money will be found have faith, carson just bought a bigger sofa……….

  • mark says:

    Sorry Dan- changing the subject slight i will be entering the stans with a big smile on face on Saturday,.. true bluenoses live for their football……..kro

  • Cock Eyed Optimist says:

    Burke, Randolph and Murphy could fetch a few quid. Also, I think Reilly is starting to develop into a good player. Man Utd might recall Lingard sometime also. Imagine the team without those players.

  • Bob Your Uncle says:

    Blues will always have about 13,000 die hards that will support the club, what I would like to know is where the other 27,000 have disappeared from that were at Wembley.
    I know that the recession has hit a number of people and employment is hard to find but I do believe that many just use our owners as an excuse. I don’t think Lee Clark has actually experienced a fully booming St Andrews, and with the way he has got our team playing at the minute with the situation that he is in, I believe he fully deserves it. Keep Right On!

  • dave mann says:

    yes to true mark, i will be there with wife and son in tow looking forward to actually going
    down st. andrews because our current form at home is brilliant and all those stay away
    fans dont know what there missing, blues is my passtime, my hobby, my way of life and
    wouldnt change it for the world, administration, relegation, so what i and my family will
    still go down even if we were in the conference, shame other ” blues fans” dont have
    the same passion and love that all true blues fans have! KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    well said Bob, couldnt have put it better myself, respect lol.KRO.

  • Lee says:

    Sooner admin comes the better, the only way to rid the club of these utter wa***ers is to have it taken from them, pannu rolls up this week for a staged interview, in his Ferrari, he’s just bullshitting for time so he can continue to draw 1.5m a year salary, flicking the v’s at the fans on his way in, he has nothing but contempt for us, he’s fu***ing us over and he knows it, he also knows there’s nothing we can do about it(other than not go) and I do believe he’s loving every minute of it, let’s face it he’s not exactly out there trying to draw in more revenue to help the club from selling it’s better players every transfer window, you know, something maybe you’d expect from a guy on over 13k a week, I’m sorry but people can give it the loyalty card all day long for me, I’ve been there in the 80’s and it was different to now, the club was poor, it’s now been raped pillaged and rinsed dry, these guys are blatantly taking what they think is there’s, and no right minded person would stand for this in daily life, I’d rather take my kids out or buy them something than know my money is financing peter pannu’s amazing lifestyle, any other situation than this is be there with my season ticket, but f*ck this man, I’m no mug

  • Chris says:

    Not who but what…….This is my underlying concern i truly beleave that they will sell ground from under our feet….and this is why PP is over here…
    Anyone with any sort of value will be sold on come January On the same note PP may be getting ready to try and buy CY shares in BCFC come his imminent guilty verdict…

    Still cant see BCFC going into Admin these people will not allow it……

  • Rich Roberts says:

    I was one of the people who didnt renew a season ticket this season as i thought i didnt want to give anymore money to the owners however blue running through my veins i have gone to every game this season and will be getting a half season ticket at the end of the year as its not the players that have put us in this situation its the ownership. however it kills me to see the way this club is heading it reminds me of the situation Coventry city are in. i just wish the owners were more open with the situation and honest we might be more understanding

  • dave mann says:

    Lee, i aree with a lot of what you say but ime not gonna allow this man to stop me going
    down to whatch my team play football, i spend my money on the blues because i want
    to not to fund pannus amazing lifestyle, my lifestyle is far more amazing by going down
    the blues than not, travelling round the country, going to diffrent grounds, having good
    banter with opposition fans, its a great lifestyle and i aint changing it because of that
    twat so if thats alright with you i will carry on MY great lifestyle.KRO.

  • Gianni says:

    If anybody wants a true insight into how unsustainable a football club is as a business should read a book called Soccernomics.

    It’s a fascinating read, even though it does concentrate on the top European clubs for much of it, but it applies to the whole industry.

    Football is not a place to go to if you want a business to make money, and this is becoming painfully apparent now at Blues where we have stripped our spending almost down to the bones and we still face impending admin. In any other business you could live within your means, but not football.

    • I remember reviewing some of the football teams share owners literature some stark warning in there for project sometime ago…
      Man U’s basically said if they fail to qualify for the champions league in any season they would have issues to continue as a going concern. Now that was a few years ago 2010’ish but they were still the richest club in the world. If that’s the case for them its shows how precariously close to the edge most clubs actually work.

  • Mickey07 says:

    So mayor what its boiling down too is this…

    1. If yeung don’t take what’s on offer by a bidder for the club then are you saying it sounds like he’s prepared to lose the lot???

    2. What sense would that make to him if the answer is yes too question 1??

    • chris says:

      He may as well gamble and hang on, because if he sells and the BIHL shareholders agreed to sell for £20 million he will get around £5 million for himself, then the banks will want the £14 million he owes them in banks loans which he used for BCFC in 2010-2011.
      So he would be still in debt to the tune of £9 million, so he might as well gamble and see how his court case verdict pans out.

  • Bully-beef-jnr says:

    Sorry dan didn’t make myself clear pannu states that when bihl are floating again it will create working capital ie staving off player sales etc etc

  • Chris says:

    With the big fella off the books at the end of the season there is not a cat in hells chance of us going into admin…
    We may have no money but we wont go bust PP CY wont allow this…Anyone with half a clue about BCFC and its goings on should no this….

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I agree Chris. I can’t see what the owners would gain by it. Making a loss on a business isn’t unusual, some you win, some you lose.

      If it’s all about ‘saving face,’ what is going into administration, if it’s not failure?

    • tmsblues says:

      We may lose Zig, Lovenkrands, Ambrosia and Muggins wages (and Burke and Murphy) but to counter this we lose the parachute cash. Net result therefore being zero change I reckon!

  • TracyKRO says:

    Ive said this before fellow bluenoses we on telly tomorrow, SHOWN TO DIFFERENTS PARTS OF THE WORLD.
    Let the WORLD know just how we feeling, they cant stop us singing GET CARSON OUT, SELL OUR CLUB can they.

  • bluenoserob says:

    Like most of you guys I have come to this blog pretty much every day since all this sh–te started.and am so sick of the whole sorry story ,let’s concentrate on the football.pannu and cy can go to hell.kro

    • Stephen Wood says:

      I agree Rob instead of bitching about the Chinese lets look at the facts! We have been hear befor with the Kumars . We have had had poor owners , made Bad decisions , been relegated , won promotion , won cups!! But way far above the low life that have masqueraded as caring owner one thing reigns supreme ONE OF THE MOST LOYAL, PROUD GROUP OF FANS EVER we will journey on REGARDLESS!!!

  • dave mann says:

    Tracy, because were on telly that will defenitley happen, all the songs against yeung and pannu
    will be sung but will the world really care when theres only 3,000 fans singing them, the
    football at blues over the 3 games has been brilliat, the support, as per usual as not been,
    you cant please some fans cuz they just come to moan and groan, a less than half empty
    stadium is not going to impress the world or new owners but true fans turn up because
    its our way of life and it means more to us than going shopping or doing somrthing others
    find more exiting! KRO.

  • mark says:

    myself i would prefer 20,000 souls singing kro, and continuing our winning streak……….let the players hear kro, let them hear us rocking the stans……………let the boltons fans know who are yah who are yah…….sing sh8t on the vilers…………..sounds like a great day to me……………………where only one lee clark…………………

  • TracyKRO says:

    I know what you mean Dave, Its the only game at the moment we on tv, I just think it could be a good way for other fellow bluenoses across the world can see us trying to do something, Im like you am a season ticket holder and seen the last two games and im well chuffed with Clark and players KRO

  • dave mann says:

    well said Tracy and mark, agree with you both, another great performance like the previous three
    and ALL the fans should be singing, those that aernt, let them know about it and bully them into
    showing some passion, none stop singing and support for our team is all that we can do, the
    rest is upto them two dead heads to sort out amd theyed better get a move on with it,
    respect to both!!!!!!…KRO.

  • Gardenshed says:

    It is the love of money which is the root of all evil not money itself.
    This sort of post is just what we need before an important match. Encourage more fans to feel melancholy and stay away. The tempting thing is too go the local pub and watch it, but I will be done at St Andrews with my lad (a birthday treat). KR

  • parchy99 says:

    Good piece.

    “They are idiots i’m not going.
    They are rinsing the club i’m not going.
    We need better owners i’m not going.
    The burgers are rank i’m not going.
    The bloke next to me keeps farting i’m not going.
    Any decent owners would pay us to go so i’m not going.
    Why didn’t we score 32 goals i’m not going.
    They should be playing me i’m not going”

    If people don’t want to go because they have no moral fibre, no backbone, get out when the going gets tough, arent really Blues fans or are just plain weak then just say so.

    Stop making excuses that fit your M.O. Every proper blues fan sees straight through you.

    I for one will always be there.

    To all the real fans KRO

    • mark says:

      got to say spot on…. we will sing this song for the boys in royal blue……………….lets show carson and pp how passionate we are as brummies…………….support the team and manager……finances sort themselves out eventually……………………

  • dave mann says:

    ime glad your going down Gardenshed and hope you and your son enjoy the day, but if fans
    are feeling melancholy and would rather stay away and go down the local then more fool
    them, they can stay there for all i care cuz thats all there good for, its so easy to have a go
    at the team when your not there but that just means your opinion is not valid and falls on
    deaf ears so who cares! KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    parchy99, thats not a good piece thats a great piece, all abstainers take that on board,
    stop making excuses about this and that because we can see straight through you, if#
    you dont support blues just be honest with yourself and STOP calling yourself a fan or
    a supporter because your neither, if you dont go down,keep it down,comprenday!!!!! KRO.

  • TonyE says:

    Should CY be found guilty would that mean he immediately has to relinquish his hold on BCFC or would that wait for the appeals process to be completed, which could easily be another 12 months. Presumably he wouldn’t be required to sell his shares (unfortunately), just not hold a position within BCFC or the holding company BIHL.

  • BigmanSteve0 says:

    To CY & PP………are you the kumars in disguise

  • mark says:

    we are brummies yes we are, we are brummies yes we are, proud to be a brummie…………..we are poor , we poor but we dont care, we are proud to be a brummie…………….kro

  • mark says:

    we are brummies yes we are, we are brummies yes we are, proud to be a brummie…………..we are poor , we poor but we dont care, we are proud to be a brummie…………….kro

  • Art Watson says:

    Supporters need to bring this nightmare to ahead by no longer feeding the club with money.

    PP and co will either have to sell quickly (which I think he will do ) or we go in to administration.

    Continuous financial support in any format will just prolong the agony and will enable PP to draw his monthly pay check -from the pay packets of the fans.

    • My understanding is that even if we go into admin PP will still get his money as he is paid through his consultancy firm, this would mean in the event of administration he would be a creditor owed fees for services.

      Not right by a long way but its common model in lots of businesses. PP is fully insured and looked after he does not care if one person or 20,000 come through the gates. He is still getting paid, low gates give him the argument to sell more in Jan.

      The argument of not lining the pockets of these people because they are selling anything of any value is a self fulfilling prophecy… you don’t put money in, club can’t stay afloat from its revenue streams, assets have to be sold, fans react badly and more stop going — more assets have to be sold to pay the day to day bills….

      I would rather avoid administration if at all possible its not a good thing or a solution… For a start PP would pick the administrators and I wonder who would be paid first? Well after the players and other clubs.

      It’s your call ultimately and i know its less of an logic argument and more of an emotional one… Thats one its so divisive
      All I will say is you are missing some first rate football at Stans currently if you don’t turn out at thats no one fault but your own.

    • Chris W says:

      If that is the case why does Lee Clark and the players train and turn up for matches, why do the ticket offices open or the club shop, how about all the stewards stay in bed, Birmingham City do not need your kind of apathy, may I suggest you and all the other moaners visit the rest of s**t at Vile Park

  • BluesBlues says:

    It’s not to late for a simple protest at tomorrow’s game, just spread the word fill the Tilton and stand up for the whole game. It’s on TV and is bound to be viewed by various national / international papers. Make or voice herd Together we stand divided we fall


  • StaffsBlue says:

    Tom Ross has just said on his radio show that he’s wrote to Peter Pannu and asked for a private meeting, so that he can discuss what he knows face-to-face.

    No answer as yet.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      TR is going to try to talk to the council about why they’re dragging their feet over the listing of the ground.. and he’s going to get The Blues Trust on his show on Monday evening.

    • Chris W says:

      Bet he don’t get one either, for me TR and the local media are doing nothing to help us or highlight our true plight, and now it seems it is too little too late and without any conviction.
      Dan and OP has kept us up to date with events and is in touch with contacts in HK, maybe they should take a leaf out of his book… Or better still sign him up…

  • Sh*t on the villa says:

    Time to make banners for tomorrow? kro

  • Bluefan says:

    I am hoping the fringe players mentioned by Lee Clarke are those on offer already, namely Loverkrands, Ambrose & Mullins and thus the financial situation has not deteriorated significantly, bad as it is already.

    Rumours about any subject in our dire circumstances spread like wildfire. Recently we have had all the rumours about new owners, part-owners, Peter Pannu returning from Hong Kong to finalise some sort of deal etc. I am afraid everyone is very short of any facts and the rumours will keep coming. The trick is not to believe them.

    We all know who to blame for our demise and within reason anything to cause then to ‘lose face’ in front of the TV camera’s tomorrow has my support.

    With that off my chest I have been supporting Blues for nigh on 60 years and believe me these are not the only set back we have suffered and we have come through it. I for one will be at St Andrews tomorrow and for an old ‘un trying to get behind the lads. KRO!

  • sappy sad says:

    ………..this all might come to a head in about 10 weeks if carson is sent down ….if it doesn’t the plight of this club must be heard world wide …the fans do not want to put off new buyers off ….so showing bare braveheart type items with a certain initials markered on them must not be used enmasse while he is owner……..but getting backing of tv or press is a must ……

  • BigmanSteve0 says:

    Tom Ross ; I have a some questions for you I know you read the post’s on this site.
    (1) are you a secret villa fan ?
    (2) where are you getting your nonsensical information from about phantom buyers ?
    (3) are you aware of the upset your ongoing pathetic statements are causing to passionate blue noses.
    (4) is it not time for you to put up or shut up?

    • Mac says:

      What a completely stupid post!
      We all know Tom Ross is a true Blue. He says he can prove what he says when the time is right,
      Pannu is not the most trustworthy individual and I tend to doubt everything he says.
      If Tom is right, Pannu’s latest statements must be seriously p***ing off the people dealing with him, maybe we’re not too far away from getting a detailed statement from TR and his contacts.
      The only thing distressing me is we’re still owned by CY and co.

      • BigmanSteve0 says:

        Mac, I can see why you not likening my first question to Tom be he has caused more back bitting between blues fans than the vile ever had…I stand firm here ……Tom shut you bloody mouth!…..sorry about the bloody almajar but I really need to make my point here…kro

  • Tony says:

    Dont think I have ever read such a load of sentimental trash in the whole of my life

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