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The Show Must Go On

Birmingham City are strongly tipped to complete the signing of Brentford striker Clayton Donaldson in the next couple of days to take the number of pre-season acquisitions to eight. Manager Lee Clark is said to want at least another two signings prior to the players reporting back for pre-season training on Monday.

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One of the things that has struck me of late is the impermanence of the Blues team. It seems every season for the last few years the squad has changed drastically and that nobody has been with the club for any length of time. So far this year Blues have already loaned six players in; last season it was nine (ten if you count Butland). With this in mind I wondered if this was a new thing or something that has crept up on us.

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Financial Dead End

Money. According to some it’s the root of all evil and according to others it makes the world go around. It’s also something that Blues don’t have a lot of – as Colin Tattum posted on his blog this morning there have been credible rumours that the money at Blues is drying up completely.

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The Business of Football

As television rights pump more and more money into football, the sport as we know it has become richer than its wildest dreams and thus has become operated more and more on a business footing. These days it’s not just about how high in the league you finish or how many cups you win – it’s also about how much revenue can be brought in and how much profit can be made.

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Football League Considering Drastic Measures Over Parachute Payments

Championship clubs met yesterday to discuss radical proposals in light of improved parachute payments to relegated Premier League clubs next year. Thanks to a windfall of £5.5bn in TV rights relegated clubs will be given a payment of £59mil over a four year period, a 22% increase on the current deal. The new deal will supposedly see clubs receiving £23mil in the first season, £18mil in the second and then £9mil in the two years after it, whilst the “solidarity payment” paid to other clubs in the Championship would increase by just 5%.

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