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Must Win: Wigan Preview

Blues take on Wigan in what is their final home league game of the season still searching for their first win at St Andrew’s. They face a Wigan side chasing the playoffs and who know that a win will secure that spot.

Wigan Athletic

Uwe Rosler’s side sit sixth in the table on 70 points, one ahead of Brighton in seventh with this game in hand. They know a win tonight will guarantee them a place in the play-offs but they will also know that Wigan have never won at St Andrew’s before, with four draws and four defeats coming in their eight visits to B9.

Wigan come into this game on the back of two straight defeats, and without an away victory in three and having kept only three clean sheets in sixteen games in all competitions. Martyn Waghorn should be in the squad for the game tonight but Wigan are missing Ben Watson and Chris McCann.


If ever there was a must-win game, this is it. Even though Blues are in the bottom three a win tonight coupled with a Charlton defeat to Watford would ensure Blues safety due to Blackpool and Charlton playing each other on the final day and Blues’ superior goal difference. If Blues pick up a point or more their destiny remains in their own hands; defeat and it’s down to relying on other teams to lose as well as picking up something against Bolton.

Hayden Mullins has been recalled as Tom Thorpe has picked up an injury and returned to Manchester United; Will Packwood is struggling with a knock and Paul Robinson remains suspended. I have a sneaky feeling we could see three at the back – Mullins, Jonathan Spector and Aaron Martin with two wing-backs in Paul Caddis and Mitch Hancox. Scott Allan is in line for a start in the middle and with three at the back Blues could go with both Zigic and league top-scorer Macheda up front.

I want to believe we will win this; I really and truly do but my hope has faded for some time. I think it’s essential that Blues fans do their bit to get behind the team – and even more so that Blues score first. Had Adeyemi netted in the first half against Leeds I think we’d have won – Blues need to get off to a good start and achieve positive results before the inevitable goal is conceded and heads drop. Let’s hope this time tomorrow all talk of relegation focusses on the mob across the expressway.

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37 Responses to “Must Win: Wigan Preview”

  • Blueboy88 says:

    As you go through life it’s a long, long road
    There’ll be joys and sorrows too
    As we journey on we will sing this song
    For the boys in royal blue.
    We’re often partisan
    We will journey on
    Keep right on to the end of the road
    Keep right on to the end
    Though the way be long let your heart beat strong
    Keep right on to the end
    Though you’re tired and weary
    Still journey on ’til you come to your happy abode
    With all our love we’ll be dreaming of
    We’ll be there. Where? At the end of the road.
    Birmingham, Birmingham

  • Matt says:

    Blame the board, LC, the players, whatever… after the game.
    We must do everything to get these boys a win throughout the 90 mins!

    • The Francis Fake says:

      Leeds were there for the taking in the first half but without Macheda there was no goal threat. After Saturday I would be over the moon if we win but I will take a draw at this stage. At least it would mean that Doncaster would have to better our result at the weekend. We can’t afford to lose as confidence would be further drained for Bolton.

  • tony says:

    After the surrender against a pretty average leeds team i don’t hold out much hope tonight.So i will go hoping for the best but expecting the worst unfortunately.

  • Chris W says:

    We have shown more character when playing teams at the top of the league, even at home.
    The last time we won at ST Ans was a Tuesday night and we had the same referee, is that an omen?
    The last point at ST Ans came against Burnley was on a Tuesday night, another omen.
    Blues have a very bad habit of breaking records, usually those against us and Wigan have never won at St Ans, I just hope tonight isn’t the first time they do.
    All we ask from the players is 100%+ in commitment, effort, focus, keep a clean sheet and hope we score the one goal that will see us virtually secure our Championship status for another season.
    The crowd should forget everything else and focus on this one game in the same vain, Noise! NOise! and even more NOISE!… Let the stadium be a cauldren.
    We can break that no-win demon…

  • griptoin says:

    I’m travelling across from Nottingham for this one; bit of a rush as the Mrs has the car for her work so have to wait for her to come home first. Going to be tight to get there for kick-off.

    I must be mad.

  • William Styler says:

    I hate this waiting, its like your driving test day, is the pub open yet?

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Let’s lift the players and roar them on the pitch. Let’s roar every tackle and surge forward. Let’s put the home curse to bed and finish on a win and let’s make St Andrews a hostile place for the opposition. Then, when all finished we can hold our heads high as fans turn our wrath back to BIH; the cancer at our club and the very people that have put us in this position.

  • DoctorD says:

    I hope we win, but we won’t with the final score being 0-2. To everyone who’s going though, please get behind the team from me.

  • Andrew says:

    Must win?! i think its cant win and wont win to be honest.

  • RichardM says:

    £33 poorer and a round trip of 5 hours but worth it, I have a feeling in my bones we will get a result tonight, and it’s still my opinion that a point tonight will be enough to keep us up.

  • paule says:

    Its going to be difficult tonight,although i think our players are better than our position implies our manager is like a woodpecker with a rubber beak absolutely useless & ineffective and for that reason i think getting out of this mess is going to be a tall order and in my opinion after going to every home game this season & a hand full of away games i believe Clark is responsible because of his constant messing & fallouts, Come on you Blueboys prove me wrong. KRO

    • Chris W says:

      Having missed just two games this season I have to agree with you, the team selection tonight has to be spot on. The players will have to take the responsibility once they cross that white line and play as if it were the Carling Cup Final.
      They have to go out with fire in their bellies and hate in their eyes.
      Clark should not be allowed within a thousand miles of ST Ans, let those who have got us in this mess sort it….. THE PLAYERS

  • moley dibbers says:

    Stick with the 4 3 3. Go with …


    Spector packwood martin hancox

    Hews allan adeyemi

    Macheda zigic novac

    Burke as potential impact sub.
    Mullins for packwood if injured.

    Win 2 0

  • Safari Blue says:

    Calling it now, Birmingham 1 – 0 Wigan Mullins to score

  • Rkboosh says:

    Agree with your thoughts about a back 3 Dan. Caddis and Mitch as wing backs , 2 ratters in the middle with Allan behind macheda and zigic. That makes sense but then again we’re talking lee Clark so anything could happen. Who would take a point tonite if offered? I would for sure.

  • bluenoserob says:

    In times gone bye i know that we would have filled Stans on a night as important as this and had the stands literaly rocking , like in the playoff games and the cup quarter final .i think now ,so much of the stuffing has been knocked out of the fans ,that i cant see us raising much of a noise and lifting the blue boys , hope im wrong , anyway im on my way out now ….KRO

  • Blooflame says:

    Here we are staring over the edge. If those not very bright ‘so called’ fans who chased messrs Gold and Sullivan out had kept their mouths shut we’d be in the upper part of the premiership and probably (still) in the black. I’m ashamed I did not speak out for them sooner. I can’t see anyone or anything saving us now, it’s all so very bad.

  • Mr Crosby says:

    Seen the team, so we must win at Bolton now. Not going to get anything tonight.

  • Art says:

    1 down after 3 mins.!!!

  • Art says:

    Terrible result-can’t get much worse than this.

    Mr Clark reckoned we would pick up 4 points from the last two games.

    Just about sums him up!

  • mark says:

    Daniel the true blues were fantastic this evening well done everyone……………..lovely bubbly further 3,500 for the bolton game…..kro
    well done to hayden this evening nearly capped a fine performance with a goal at the end,……..these things happen when you dont get the breaks you deserve……. shame ziggy cannot get some angles either side of the goalkeeper instead of straight at the keeper……who’s me to criticize………carson pulled off a magnificent save for them…….for all the world i thought that was in…………….some poor b’tard in front of me got a earful of goallllllllll……..we had great banter this evening…….probably the first time stans felt like a away match…….

  • Chris W says:

    Disappointed with the result, gutted even. The supporters were magnificent and it was great to see so many, where have they been all season. So much noise my misses heard it in Nottingham. Unfortunately it never lifted the team… And if that wasn’t enough to motivate them, then we have no hope
    I suppose LC was onto a loser tonight, slated for leaving Macheda on the bench Saturday so he left Ziggy on the bench tonight.
    Not a fan of Ziggy but tonight was his for the taking, should have gone Ziggy, Macheda and Novak up front, for me Burke should have been on the bench.
    Easy after the fact, so we go to Bolton knowing nothing less than a win will be good enough, a draw might be enough if Donny lose.
    I just can’t see how LC can lift them now, he was totally bewildered on the touch line and for all the shouting and arm waving the players took no notice what so ever. He should not be in charge come Monday, whatever the outcome we need to start with a new broom.
    The passing was diabolical and for all his practising in the warm up, Randolph’s kicking was atrocious.
    There was no one prepared to put their foot on the ball, no creativity, talk about hot potato, for me that was a very poor performance. Men against boys, Wigan never broke into a sweat. My opinion and I’m sticking to it.

    • Chas says:

      Pretty much how I saw it, Chris. I got in late and missed the goal , but ws amazed again at the line up , and as you with Ziggy, so I am with Burke. He shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Not one decent cross from a hood few chances, and Macheda’s workrate and effort put him to shame.

      • RichardM says:

        Chas, I don’t think that’s fair on Macheda, from where I was sitting he chased and harried the Wigan defence as much as he possibly could. Yet again a poor team selection from Clarke, Ibe on the left and Zigic up-front with Macheda should have been the starting 11 (Novak and Allan not effective)

        • Chris W says:

          I think that is what Chas was saying about Macheda, for me he was probably Man of the match. We kept pumping high balls up but were winning nothing.
          It took us 29 minutes to muster a shot, and it did deserve a goal, Wigan only managed 2 shots.
          It was more kick and rush football, no cohesion or tactics. Has as happened so many time this season Burke was shut down and so was Birmingham’s threat until Ibe was introduced down the left, once again too little too late.

      • Andrew says:

        macheda had no chance in the first half on his own against a back 5

    • Andrew says:

      fans deserve to see an entertaining game of football and a team that they love and fight for. A team your excited to see every time they walk on the pitch. i am not proud of that team though or even to call myself a bluenose at the minute. so i can understand why they stay away as they probably feel the same as me

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Instead of having a whip round for a flag a few months ago we should have hired someone to kidnap Clark in order to keep away from the team till this Sunday. To pass the time he should be made to watch every single home game this season all the way through on a continuous loop. This would have served two purposes 1. We would have had a much better chance of staying up and 2) he would strongly consider an alternative career other than professional football management after having to watch the utter rubbish we have had to this season.

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