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GAMEDAY – Burnley v Blues

Gary Rowett’s Birmingham City take a trip north to face Burnley in front of the Sky cameras having won their first two matches in all competitions by a scoreline of 2-1.


Michael Keane returns to the Burnley squad having missed the Capital One Cup game in midweek due to injury while Matt Lowton is also close to return following a shin injury. New striker Rouwen Hennings has not signed in time to play this game.

Burnley come into the game on the back of a 1-0 defeat to Port Vale in the Capital One Cup and will be looking to show their fans that they aren’t as shot shy as they have been in previous fixtures.


Blues are sweating slightly on the fitness of Michael Morrison who came off as a precautionary measure in the cup win over Bristol Rovers but the former Charlton centre-back should be fit to play.

One player who won’t be in the squad is Lee Novak, who has left Blues for Chesterfield on a season-long loan, leaving just 20 first team professionals in the squad.

Blues will potentially revert to the team that beat Reading on the opening day, with Donaldson likely to lead the line again in front of David Cotterill, Jon Toral and Dimmi Gray.

I’ve seen a fair few Blues fans who think this is a match Blues can win and if I’m honest I have to agree. Burnley have suffered with the loss of Danny Ings in the wake of their relegation from the top flight and if they continue to be shot shy Blues can take advantage of that. Blues play better against teams who control possession, hitting them on the counter and I think this can be another of those games.



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62 Responses to “GAMEDAY – Burnley v Blues”

  • Bluesfan says:

    Hope I’m wrong but I think we will do well to get a draw and I just hope we don’t allow burnley to dominate the game. KRO.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Although Burnley have suffered the loss of Ings, an equally big a loss is Trippier. A lot of their attacks stemmed through that right wing corridor. I’m not so sure Burnley are as potent as they’ve been over the last two seasons. I can see us coming away with at least a popint, maybe 3.

  • JohnR200 says:

    Not sure we will get anything out of today’s game. Two lucky wins so far this season and I think we are weak at the back. Besides how often do we win in front of the cameras.

  • andy says:

    We have to be positive I suppose but after witnessing the game against Reading and breathing a huge sigh of relief at the end of it, I cant see Blues getting anything at Burnley but you never know!

  • Mitchell says:

    This is the game you need at least 3 David Davis..make him your key player today Gary. nuf sed.

    • jonno11blue says:

      Davis was poor when he came on last Saturday and did nothing at Burnley this lunch time. In fact by bring Robinson and Davis on as substitutions we just caused pressure on ourselves with no forward outlet to hold the ball.

  • KC says:

    Dan, assume your 20 includes Arthur but not Brown, Adams or Jones as not regarded as 1st team squad.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Same team as against Reading. Must say, the bench doesn’t look too strong.

  • Bluey says:

    Looking at the odds Burnley are even money to win this game. Now that is value. I hate betting against Blues but going to have a ton on that.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Going with my heart today, — NOT my head, 2-1 The Blues,??.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Will be interesting to see how Novak fares up against Edgar today.

  • Pete says:

    Good performance and decent result against a side that has lost 2 players since being a competitive prem side. Will take that. Wish Arthur or shinnie could have been an option with 20 minutes left taken, but another well done to Gary Rowett and his team which cost a total of £300,000!

  • steve says:

    Silly free kicks have cost us. I thought we kept the ball really well. Happy but a bit disappointed with the result.

    • Dave S says:

      Geeeez Steve what does it take to please some fans, you really telling me you wouldn’t have taken a point before the game?

      • steve says:

        Of course i would have.But after the way we played im disappointed with the result. Thought we were the better team and deserved 3 points. I think the use of the word HAPPY,in my post gives it away.GEEEEEZ.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Yes spot on. Giving away unnecessary free kicks cost us the win but can’t be too critical. An excellent performance against a team I would expect to finish in the top six.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Great away performance today. GR and his side continue to amaze and some of that passing and composure in the first half was top drawer. Couldn’t have had a better start to the season imo.

  • paule says:

    What a dick head Sean Dyke,in his interview he thought they controlled the game, We could have been 3 up at half time & looked totally in control!! They played better second half but didn’t look like scoring in open play, problem we had was giving silly free kicks away in bad areas, kuzak looked steady & Donaldson had yet another good game.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think we would all have taken a point before the game. We could and probably should have won it, but it’s an away point against a fancied team, so it’s all good. A big centre back who can head away balls into the box would be nice, but can’t fault the team too much today.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Yes Spector didn’t do too much wrong but a Liam Daish type to partner Morrison wouldn’t hurt.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        For the last couple of seasons, we’ve been hurt by balls into the box. I think it’s our main flaw defensively. We need to win more first headers.

        • Hillfield Blues says:

          As much as I think Spector puts a descent shift in his lack of size and aerial prowess showed up today with high balls into their front two causing problems. Would still love to see Ben Turner come in!

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I think both Morrison and Spector are fine individually, but as a partnership, there’s just something lacking. As I said, we need to win more first headers, then maybe today’s first goal might not have happened. I believe that’s all we lack as a defence.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Guys.thats as good a performance away from home as ive seen for a while , past the ball and looked absolute quality ..a premiership team of last season looked well out of there depth .. We’re you here ? We were not embarrassed and ime so proud of my team .. Are you ? Kro

  • Art says:

    Watch the game from my home in Cyprus and thought it was an excellent performance by a very well organised team.A pity about the two poor free kicks because we out played Burnley in most areas.

    How far we have come since the dark days under Mr Clark.

  • swissjonny says:

    Like all the other Bluenoses living abroad I managed to see the game on satelite.We have come a long way! I was really impressed with keeper first half-composed and authouritarian.Dissapointed that Dimmi didnt take on their defence more and was worried by Spector.When alls said and done a good point away from home.With a couple of focused signings I think we might do OK.Great noise from the lads who went-it was great to hear SOTV 6,000 miles away!!!

  • Tony says:

    That was an ok performance silly free kicks cost us, the keeper was horrific the two saves he made first half were showboating performances.
    For the second equaliser he was too busy trying to organize his wall he was 3 yards of his line, I swear he didn’t see the free kick coming, however the cross evaded five blues players to reach the goal scorer.
    It was controlled performance and we looked dangerous whenever we went forward, but we could and should have won. All in all it was a good point.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Tony , your a legend . Kro

  • terryfied says:

    Pleasant sign of the times that we can argue over a win or draw. Hope it maintains. Well done GR and the Boys.

  • Dan H says:

    I have to say I haven’t been as impressed with us for a long time as I was first half. On another day we could have been 3 up at the break. I thought we should have switched Dimmi to the right and told him to run at Mee as I think he would have caused him problems with his pace and maybe got him sent off. The only thing I think we need is a plan b to keep the ball a little and slow the tempo, take the sting out of it after we have scored and stop us getting on the back foot so much. I’m sure that will come though as we grow in confidence. With a stronger centre half and competition for Donaldson I think we can have a real go at top six this year KRO

  • JbfromOz says:

    Game was also on live “down under” on Pay TV.
    Burnley should have penalty in 6th minute.
    Spector tried his best but is not good enough.
    Need replacement for him.
    Donaldson penalty was a joke….referee was poor throughout on major decisions.
    Rowett is performing miracles with this squad
    Still we could have won….Gray is a poor defender.
    Needs coaching Donaldson was a constant threat.
    We can’t afford any injuries.

  • Dave Mann says:

    It was a very impressive all round performance by Blues ,first half we were confident , organised and well drilled with good passing and scored a good goal with Kuszczak , Donaldson & Toral combining well….great saving punch from our goalkeeper , a great effort from cotterill which it the post and that 30 yard effort from Gleeson .. Second half Burnley were more dominant but kieftenbeld had an early chance just wide but then they score from a set piece where grounds let there player gost threw on the far post , Donaldson made there goalie work and we get a soft penalty but he did put is arm round him so it’s one of them, Grounds good skill would have scored if not blocked then there free kick was a quality strike with kuszczak flat footed on the other side of the goal and of his line but he wouldn’t have saved it anyway because it was pinpoint accurate …. We were lucky to get three points last Saturday but yesterday we more than did enough for a point and the side looks impressive considering we are relegation material according to the bookies .. Ime more than happy with our start of 2 wins & a draw ,bring on Derby Friday night !! Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Dave.. do you think that when we change and bring on defensive substitutes, we tend to lose our attacking flow.. and as such, begin to drop deeper and deeper allowing the opposition the upper hand? Just a thought.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Without question staffs, first half one up and cotterill hits the post after playing good attractive football and bossing the game I thought , subs come on and we start to loose our shape and attacking prowess but let’s not to be down about it .. Like you say I would have took a draw yesterday so enjoyed the journey home being top of the championship though for only a short while . Kro

    • Tony says:

      That’s an accurate summing up Dave, I thought Grounds got a bit of a roasting down that right flank.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Just a line on Clayton Donaldson , 2 league games 4 goals and though he has not scored he has 4 assists , if he’s not scoring them he’s making them , a true striker in any ones language . Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    Watched the game on Sky and keep asking myself ‘can Gray read the game’. Many, many times have I kept a real close eye on him and he simply doesn’t read what’s going on. Yesterday for example Don was winning and flicking balls on but Gray just stood alongside him not anticipating what he should be doing and sprinting forward just before Don makes the flick. I may be too critical here so would appreciate Dave Mann assessment as he was there.

    • Dave Mann says:

      I said to my son on the way to the game yesterday that I thought Dimmi Gray would have a belter .. How wrong I was .. He did do some defending but not a lot going forward .. He does look like an headless chicken some times but he’s still young and a bit clueless but that will come .. Can’t slate him to much as it was a good team performance. Kro

    • Stephen says:

      Rumours are flying around that Dimmi has a “release” fee built into his contract; I don’t think we will see his true performance until after the transfer window closes

  • Blue Lizard says:

    thought that was a good solid away performance but the only downside was causing problems for ourselves…Cotterill needn’t have gone for the ball that gave away the free kick for the equaliser kightley was out by the line facing away from goal..anyone will fall(dive) over if a tackle comes in…first half was as good as I’ve seen us pass it around on the break for a long time in spurts..Just a CH with experience that can hold it and also put himself around away from being a half decent team…(Spector was a lucky boy 5 mins in!!)…Burnley? makes Birmingham look like club Tropicana, nice chips, s**t beer!

  • Dave Mann says:

    And wooden seats.. I was getting splinters in my arse so I stood up all game but then all blues fans away do so not to worry . Kro

  • Bluenosesol says:

    The signs are looking very good after 2 games but major concerns about Grounds at full back. Didn’t even know where his man was for the first goal and too easily passed for my liking.

  • Dave Mann says:

    He was at fault for there goal but we’re only two games into the season and I for one will pass judgement after ten games. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Yes, Grounds switched off at the back post.. but before that, there was a straight line of 5 Blues players who all missed the ball, with both Grounds and Spector marking space at the back post. The whole defence was at fault. We’re pretty poor at reacting to the second ball, this is why we need a tall, strong centre back to deal with those balls into the box first time.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    We are what we are. We won’t reach the play offs with Spector as CH and Grounds as LB replaced

  • Dave Mann says:

    We are what we are Julian , a good championship side from what I saw yesterday and a forward 4 as good as anything in this division as far as ime concerned .. We will be hard to break down this season and I think some of the criticism being dished out is harsh . Kro

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