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Reflections on the Blackburn game

There are too many people who write reports, so I thought I’d just sum up my thoughts in a few points

1) Paul Robinson is not an international class keeper

Barring one top drawer save from a Scott Dann header, he didn’t really do much – and he should have had the second Craig Gardner goal covered. I’ve never been that convinced about him as a stopper from range, and once again he proved he’s not up to it.

2) Ben Foster could well be an international class keeper

Three or four world class saves; the penalty save from where I was sat was just brilliant. Commanding, claiming the ball at corners well; good kicking and quick to roll it to a defender; he did all what we expect after a season of Joe Hart. I think the England keeper’s jersey is between him and Hart; no one else I’ve seen comes close.

3) Michael Oliver isn’t a Premiership Referee whilst he’s got a hole in his arse

Blues have had problems with this ref before, and again his performance was abysmal. The pen was so soft I think even the cheating Blackburn players were amazed it was awarded; time and time again he missed shoves in the back of Blues players from Blackburn players going for headers; time and time again he seemed to punish us for tackles the Rovers players got away with.

4) Whilst Nikola Zigic is 6’8, the long ball to him doesn’t work

At least not whilst he’s up against Chris Samba. I was worried in the first half, because we seemed to have resorted to “lump it up to the big guy” tactics, when it’s obvious Samba was just gobbling up everything aerial. Zigic clearly has a nice touch, so let’s play it into him on the deck, and not force him to have his back to goal all the time.

5) Blackburn are a team of cloggers

I expected nothing less from a team managed by Sam Allardyce, and they didn’t fail to deliver. In a way you had to admire it; N’Zonzi looks a very decent prospect – he’s just 21 – and time and time again he was into our midfield, hassling them. Givet and Salgado gave some muscle to them at full back, and Samba is just a beast at centre half.

6) James McFadden CAN do it.

I get frustrated big time with James McFadden; so often he runs into blind allies, or as he did in the first half just lumps a ball into nowhere without looking up, and then has the temerity to complain because there was no one on the end of it. However, his touch for Gardner’s first was sublime; beautifully weighted and gave Gardner the simplest of tap-ins for the equaliser. When he’s on form, he’s a great player, and if we get a pacy left midfielder in we can use him where he’s probably best; as a striker, playing off someone like Jerome or Zigic.

7) Matt Derbyshire could be a good signing

I was impressed with him when he came on; full of running, strength and a footballing brain too. He linked up well straight off with the team, and I suspect he could be good for  a few goals for us this season. As a loan signing with a view to a permanent deal, he’s probably going to be a bargain for us.

and Finally

8) Craigy Gardner is a Blue

cos he hates Villa.

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4 Responses to “Reflections on the Blackburn game”

  • gavin.rayment says:

    Zigic needs crosses , if it is hoofed at him even if he wins it his knockdowns are very inaccurate. I’d get rid of McFadden, Mr Inconsistent. Derbyshire is a fabulous signing. McLeish has done very well with his signings, well on the whole. Not sure about thge reports that Blues will pay £8.5m for NZogbia. You could get a really good player for that.

    • almajir says:

      In fairness there were crosses today, but Zigic seemed to want to wait for them to come to him a little, and as such Blackburn defended them well. If he attacks them a bit more, he’ll be fine – he’s obviously got a bit about him.

      I wasn’t enthralled by the capture of Derbyshire at first, but if he can play like that every game I will be, looks a class act.

  • Aff says:

    Agree with you re. McFadden. At the moment, he’s appearing to be a luxury in the squad that we can’t really afford. He won’t be satisfied to sit on the bench but we’re not getting the best out of him on the left.

    Big McFads fan but the way I see it, there just isn’t a logical place in the squad for him IF we sign N’Zog / An Other.

    Re. The ref, McLeish thought he did well.

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