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Carson, Greek Mythology and his Ex Wife

As regular readers will know I try my best to look through the HK Chinese language press for new information on Carson Yeung and/or BIH. Sometimes I also pick up pieces that whilst do not concern Blues or BIH immediately have enough tangential connection to be of interest.

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Carson Appeals Against Asset Freeze

Carson Yeung has been back in court today to appeal against the assets freeze order made against him. The order which has frozen more than HK$700million (£55million) was made in the light of the money-laundering accusations made against him last June.

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Chinese Media: Minor Court Victory for Carson

In recent weeks I’ve posted a few articles about Carson Yeung being in court in a civil suit over money he allegedly owes to a guy called Weng Shibing with regard to Carson’s purchase of SMI Publishing.

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Chinese Media – snippet re Carson’s civil case

A short while back I noted that Carson was not only in court regarding his criminal case, but also faced civil proceedings (not unlike the ones Carson faced against Seymour Pierce over the purchase of BCFC) over the purchase of Sing Pao newspaper.

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More on (ex)Mrs Carson Yeung – Li Wing Sze

Last Monday I posted a snippet of news concerning the former Mrs Carson Yeung, Li Wing Sze. Although it’s tangential to Blues, a bit more has come out today and I thought it was worth making a note of on here.

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Carsongate: A look into the world of (the ex-)Mrs Carson Yeung (Li Wing Sze)

As you may know, one thing I’ve tried to do is to research more into Birmingham City’s owners and their business dealings. The info for this article is a bit tangential to Birmingham City, but I thought I’d post about it because I thought it would give an insight into how convoluted business can be in Hong Kong, and because I thought it would be good background to Carson’s current legal case.

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Mrs Carson Yeung revealed – part 2

On Thursday, I wrote a brief post outlining an application made by the Hong Kong Attorney General to freeze the assets of Carson Yeung and his ex wife Li Yongshi (Li Wing Sze in Cantonese). As I did a piece on Carson’s current significant other, I thought it only fair I looked into what I […]

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