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Friday News Round-Up

Instead of waffling on about something I’ve already covered a couple of times before, I thought I’d put together a roundup of news from the last few days.

I was pleased to see that young Eddy Gnahore has signed a professional deal, which will run until 2014. I’ve seen the lad play a few times, and I think he’s got a future in the game. He’s a big bustling player – like Guirane N’Daw, he’s a bit of a battering ram when he gets going; however he’s also got a nice touch and he can get forward well. I’ve found this youtube clip of him from last season where you can see his range of passing and tackling (he’s the number 8).

I think you’d probably have to be under a rock yesterday to not have heard that Colin Calderwood has signed on to be assistant manager to Chris Hughton. Bearing in mind all the scare stories of how broke Blues are, I think it’s intriguing money was there to take on another member of management. I’ve had a read through Hibs forums and I have to say, not many are complimentary about Calderwood – talk of negative football, negative tactics (where have we heard that before about a former Hibs boss eh?). However, Newcastle Untied fans were complimentary about Colin’s tenure as first team coach under Hughton. It’s weird – Blues now have three coaches who have all been managers at one time or another, a situation that I can’t imagine has been replicated too many times before. I think it says a lot of the respect for Hughton that there must be if coaches are prepared to work underneath him rather than be the main man elsewhere.

On the transfer rumour front there has been talk of Premiership clubs watching Curtis Davies. Whilst I personally believe it would take a fairly hefty offer (£4-£5mil) to sign the centre-back, I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of feasibility that Premier League managers are keeping tabs on him – especially bearing in mind the form he’s been in and the crapola Blues are supposed to be in financially. Likewise, I’m not surprised that teams are looking at Jean Beausejour – what does surprise me is that he’s apparently said he’s not interested in playing for a team in the lower reaches of the Premier League. Beausejour is a footballing nomad – this spell at Blues is his longest spell at any club since he was a youngster at Universidad Catolica back in Chile. There will be no players coming into Blues until January at the earliest now however, as the loan window shut yesterday without any incomings. Nile Ranger, who has been rumoured as a target for Blues in the winter window has ended up at Barnsley until January 14 – it’ll be interesting how he gets on there on and off the field.

Out in China there is very little to report; Carson hasn’t been in the press at all recently and I guess it will remain that way until his pre-trial hearing on December 7th. No news on that front may well be good news. Similarly, there has been little available about anyone else connected with Birmingham International Holdings – however, I’m keeping my eyes open in case anything does break out there.

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8 Responses to “Friday News Round-Up”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    The clip that you provided on Eddy Gnahore, was very welcome, as it seems to show his inclination to always ” pick a pass ” to others, and it generally finds it.s target,!!.
    A long way to go yet,!!. but that is what we are looking for in midfield surely,??.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    First time poster,this defo the “top” site to read any news about B.C.F.C.

    Did anyone see the clip on the football league show (bbc Sat/night) a few weeks back against Brighton.
    Where ridgewell walks towards the bbc reporter on arriving at St Andrews and makes the comment….
    “You must be board coming here” and they both have a chuckle. ??
    Don’t think he’s played since,but of course,maybe he does have thigh strain.
    Or did Chris Hughton hear the remark to.

    # K.R.O. #.

    • jeff says:

      is that the interview where c.h plainly said p.p had been straight up with him from day one?regarding curtis davies,if i were a boss of any team in the bottom half of the prem then i,d be looking at him for defo.he wasn,t fit untill near the end of last season hence a few iffy games

  • Wingman Blue says:

    The thing that stands out about CH is that he rarely says or does anything sensational – and all the while the team keeps on improving and climbing the league. After watching Foster’s last game at Oxford I am astounded the way CH has constructed such a workmanlike team out of left-overs, bosmans, loanees and kids. 8th and two games in hand? If we can maintain this pace we may even make the number two slot. Now that would be a miracle!

  • jeff says:

    i was at oxford.should have been four up at halftme.sound familiar?iv said from day one c.h will have us up there.c.h a proper football man.if there is no mass player sale in jan im sure we,ll be top 6min

  • noobloo says:

    Colin Calderwood was always going to end up at b/ham, who tried to prise him from Hibs months ago. At least we got him now without having to pay Hibs any compensation

  • Mark says:

    colin calderwood i believe is our missing jigsaw piece, it shame we did not have him at the start….
    As a team we need to continue our good work hopefully be in the top five, then kick on after christmas the go for it…….and this will be a team effort constructed by CH…..kro

  • DoctorD says:

    A colleague who’s a Bristol Rovers fan has heaped praise on CH’s other right-hand man — Paul Trollope. Apparently Trollope was a real players’ and fans’ favourite at Rovers and only lost his job as boss there because of off-the-pitch trouble and the fact that he took the helm there when the team was in a crap position.

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