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Carson, Greek Mythology and his Ex Wife

As regular readers will know I try my best to look through the HK Chinese language press for new information on Carson Yeung and/or BIH. Sometimes I also pick up pieces that whilst do not concern Blues or BIH immediately have enough tangential connection to be of interest.

I found this piece which has been lifted from Next Magazine. Next is a flamboyant, aggressive magazine which uses paparazzi style pictures and gossipy stories to help sell copies – something that should be borne in mind when reading the story. I apologise that I can only offer Google’s rather mangled translation.

It concerns Greek Mythology Casino, which is where Carson is supposed to have made his money in the early 2000’s. Greek Mythology is part owned by a company called Amax Holdings, who list amongst their directors a lady called Li Wing Sze. Ms Li is Carson’s ex-wife and is named on the assets freeze order against Carson as they jointly own a property together in Ying Piu mansions.

According to the article, Greek Mythology are struggling. They have gaming tables covered unused – which would indicate a low amount of people visiting the casino  – and are allegedly suffering a liquidity crisis which may affect how they pay their staff this month.

Interestingly, Amax holdings also have issues; they have a SGM (Special General Meeting) scheduled (PDF Link) for 12 September where eight directors (including Ms Li) face the boot. This website reported last year that Ms Li was involved in an issue involving loans from Amax that had not been properly approved by the Amax board.

The bulk of the article in Next magazine is devoted to two people – Jie Shi Wei (which translates to “Market” Wei as the symbol for Shi is the same as the symbol for “market”) and Chen Mei Huan. These two people are fighting for control of Amax and for control of the casino. Interestingly, Ms Chen is Li Wing Sze’s aunt. They are also ex husband and wife.

Mr Jie has been in the news recently for taking a beating in a restaurant in Macau, ending up with his hands and feet broken. That article also notes Mr Jie’s former links to the 14k Triads in HK.

According to the Next Magazine article, Mr Jie was also connected to Carson as they plotted stock market strategies together.

It would be incredibly easy to come to conclusions about this article that would probably fall foul of libel laws in this country – and conclusions that may be false due to the sensationalist nature of the magazine publishing the article. I’m not going to do that and for that reason I’m not going to allow comments on this piece. Any comments elsewhere on this site regarding this piece will also be summarily deleted. It is also why I will add no comment of my own to this piece.

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