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Carson in Court Again

Carson might not have been to St Andrews recently but it seems like he has a season ticket to a seat at the Hong Kong high courts the amount of times he or his legal team have had to appear there.

Birmingham International Holdings were hauled into court on Friday due to two counts of filing notices regarding resignations of directors late. The charges related to the resignations of Jiang Hong Qing and Hua Yong from the BIH board back in January of this year.

According to the report in the Oriental Daily, BIH were fined HK$47,200 (about £4,000) for the two rule breaches. BIH had claimed mitigating circumstances – frequent changes of personnel and lack of manpower but these were dismissed.

Meanwhile, Carson will now appear in the Hong Kong high court on Wednesday 22 August at 9:30am (2:30am BST) to appeal against the decision not to allow him to go to mainland China for his father’s funeral.

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11 Responses to “Carson in Court Again”

  • Sandyback says:

    Thong you really are an oxygen thief…..

  • Tamuffblue says:

    thongs I would have thought you would have been more concerned at the way Bent starred at Lambert as if to say are you Alex in disguise !!!!!!!

  • Masaccio says:

    Packwood played well on his debut on the hottest day of the year. The kids 19 ffs and at times linked up with Burke and Ravel. Okay as the game went on he faded a little, but then quite a few of the blues players did. As for relegation I think the vile porkers have more chance of going down than the team that bears the great city’s name.

  • ChrisG says:

    Maybe we should all club together & get Carson a new watch, this bloke doesn’t seem to know the time of day as all his files, accounts etc seem to be late, apart from all the court appearanses, surely he must have more time on his hands with everything continually falling down around him .KRO

  • Mickey07 says:

    I wish they would just hurry up and send the moron down so we are rid of the mug.

  • Paulo says:

    It really does sound like CY is going to be up against more than just the big one in November. Question is ..in the end, will anyone be left in BIHL to answer to anything thrown at that company, or are thay all going to let CY take the heat instead.
    It’s interesting how we have had such success under his ownership, then at the same time, huge risks of financial troubles.
    I just hope we have got some kind of possible takeover in the wings, as I can’t see how investors will take us out of this mess we’re going to be in soon.
    But ..being Birmingham City, it wouldn’t be normal without any sort of controversy or doom and gloom ….and then coming through at the end.
    Oh well, we can but hope can’t we??

  • Ted says:

    Accused (not yet proven guilty) of money-laundering – Waiting well over a year for a chance to clear his name – Prevented from travelling – His home threatened with repossession and subjected to so much hatred from Blues fans!

    Is it not therefore some kind of miracle that, whilst still under CY’s ownership, Blues have been sufficiently protected to remain one of the strongest squads in the Championship?

    Other than give up his dream, along with £70-80 million, what on earth is he supposed to do?

    I cannot say I am a fan of Carson, but give the guy a break.

    Happy days will return.


  • Tamuffblue says:

    Ted mate – think you are spot on with your remarks but I believe the problem the fans have is this continual non communication problem which eminates from the ex colony which is irritating to say the least and damn well pissing people off !!!!!!!!

  • stevo says:

    Ted, I think the reason we,ve been well protected is down to the bank and Peter Pannu.Not Carsen Yeung.

    • Ted says:

      So long as BCFC pay-off the bank (which is not a lot), they could not object to selling-off the crown jewells and repaying debts to Hong Kong.

      CY does not appear to want such a disgraceful scenario. I’m sure he still hopes to win his court battle, retain control, fulfil his dream and save face (as well as money).

      PP seems to be doing a good job, but you can be sure that he is taking his orders from CY.

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