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Do The HK Consortium Exist?

Whilst an Italian consortium fronted by Gianni Paladini has been the first group to put a formal offer on the table for the Blues, there has also been talk of a Hong Kong-based consortium being in the running for the club. Is it possible Blues will stay in Chinese hands?

As regular readers of Often Partisan will know, I try to keep up with the Chinese-language press in Hong Kong with regards to stories about Birmingham City and Carson Yeung, and with this talk of another Chinese consortium I have focused some attention on this over the last few days.

The bad news is that there is absolutely nothing to report. In the last four or five days there has been nothing at all published about Carson or Blues, and it leads me to be sceptical if this Chinese consortium really exists. Whilst I wouldn’t expect the press to print the name and address of any consortium the HK Media seems to run on gossip and I’d expect there to be tittle-tattle about someone putting money in.

Last summer, the press out in Hong Kong carried stories of investors from mainland China putting money into Sing Pao (Carson’s newspaper) and BIH; stories I reported on this website. Needless to say, by the end of August Sing Pao had had major investment from the mainland and a gentleman by the name of Yang Yuezhou had invested a large amount of money in BIH (albeit in the form of a loan at a fairly huge whack of interest). It may not have been the kind of investment that many of us wanted – but it happened.

The lack of news in recent times suggests one of three possible reasons; either a) the press don’t care about Carson/Blues; b) the press don’t know what is happening or c) there is nothing to report. I believe that a) can be discounted as every trip to court Carson has made has been reported with relish; and the (first, rejected) Paladini bid has been reported (after a fashion) in Hong Kong too. That leaves b) or c) and I’m inclined to think it isn’t b) either – the press seems to be fairly sharp out there and whilst they couldn’t name people last year they picked up on the meetings being held at least by expedient of seeing people coming into and leaving the offices in question.

The question would then be why would Pannu say that there is interest if there isn’t any – and the answer to that lies in pure cynicism. Hypothetically, if Pannu tells Paladini that he can’t say yes to his bid because there is someone else involved then it could become a Mexican stand-off; who flinches first – either Pannu accepts the bid or Paladini pushes it up a notch more. If this is the case it’s a dangerous game of bluff for Pannu because if Paladini really is the only show in town he can’t afford to let him go without selling it to him. Without any other firm offers it comes down to how good at bluffing Pannu would be; I don’t think Paladini and his consortium will wait forever.

Obviously, if news breaks of any other consortium I will report it here but until then I am of the belief Paladini is for now the only serious bidder – and in all probability will be the only serious bidder. I remain to be convinced that isn’t the case.

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36 Responses to “Do The HK Consortium Exist?”

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Very interesting reasoning. PP has being saying for a very long time that there are interested far east parties, but not a single investor, Chinese, Thai or Indian has dropped even a slight dropped lie for media to pick up. There could be something in what you say. I think we will know on Tuesday. If BIH accept Paladini’s bid it’s. probable that his is the only one on the table. If PP rejects it, then maybe there is interest from HK – either that or PP is playing a risky game of brinkmanship.

  • thongs says:

    It could be the other way round and that the Paladini bid is the ruse. He seems to pop up when things are stalling in a number of different takeover bids.

  • Carl says:

    There’s a lot of assumption in this: there’s no real credibility to the a, b and c theories. You’ve said yourself that the press only dwell on the juicy Carson bits to get their teeth into.

    However, Paladini’s bid is ready now and rather than waiting for eternity for stupidly rich investors – or half interested parties to firm up interest – I just want to see the club change hands for the sake of some stability, a chance of stability before the New Year sales and to stop the alarming decline that we’re currently seeing.

  • Smokin says:

    Sorry, but I tyhink you are panicing a little bit for no reason.

    You seem to believe that it is impossible not to keep secret about a takeover you are involved in… sorry that is rubbish. At present, anyone else who may be interested in Blues may not yet be ready to mention anything to the press, and they have no need to.

    Remember, the Paladini bid is not what is seems with amounts conditional on promotion etc and therefore is not the best bid Yeung and Pannu would want to receive. Therefore, it is in Paladini’s interest to publish his bids and interest in the club to try and get the fans on his side and force a quick sale before other parties firm up any interest.

    Like the rest of us you just have to wait and see…. and in the meantime hope for better on Tuesday. KRO

  • Mark Y says:

    I am sure Neil Moxley of the Daily Mail wrote an article at the time when the Paladini interest originally broke where he said that he knew of another alternative bidder/s and he comparied the Bids with words tsimilar to the effect that Paladin’s consortium where cheap supermarket wine and the other bidders a Chateau Lafite. However, since this article Neil Moxley has stated nothing further. Does anyone else recollect this/

  • pete says:

    I’d guess that there are a lot of people who have sunk money into BIH who stand to lose most of it. Carson isn’t the only one who is going to come out of this badly!

    Based on that, I’d imagine there will be people already connected with the club who will consider bidding for Blues but obviously it’ll take a while for that to get sorted (and it might not).

    That’s probably why there is nothing concrete from HK. Personally, I’d rather Paladini buy Blues than someone else from HK.

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    I don’t think there is anyone else. The Italians are our only hope. Surely the official bid would be enough to bring other interested parties out of hiding? And if there is I’d still prefer a European consortium fronted by a midland based businessman to another far east farce.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Is there any truth in,IF,Paladini does get his feet under the chairman’s desk.

    Souness will be manager.

    TREVOR FRANCIS becomes some sort of coach.

    Big Ron to be involved in some way as`well ??

    Thought the first 2 had heart problems & Ron hasn’t been involved with football,since his on~air gaff.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    ALMAJIR:<, Has there been anything attributed to Paladini, actually stating that Graham Souness, would be the new manager,?.

    Likewise with Trevor Francis, having some capacity with the " backroom staff ", ?.

    • almajir says:

      Not heard anything about that. souness as a manager would be frighteningly bad – I read this the other day about him.

      In relation to what Euston said I heard Ron had been sounded out. i will be honest and say I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Almajir mate;, The stunning thing that hit me, reading that article, — Was how simular is the attitude between Souness and Paladini, — In as much as they both hate to listen to anyone else, ???.

    • John says:

      Francis,Souness and Atkinson have been so long away from the managers seat,they would have no chance. With all due respect to big Ron, he’s a bit long in the tooth now, anyway. These names are people that reporters use, to fill the sports page,so that they get paid !

  • james says:

    Souness – awful manager. Atkinson – a complete an utter throw back. If either of this two enter St.Andrews I will give up on football all together


  • Mark says:

    To me the HK element is a total fake.

    If they do takeover they are simply there to look like Carson has practically given away BCFC…. then once he clears his name he will pop up still in control of us.

    It would be an absolute disaster to have any Chinese/HK takeover because I doubt anyone in the football world will trust it’s legitimacy.

  • Paulo says:

    The other two supposed interested parties are either hiding under some sort of anonimity cloak or simply dont exist. I also doubt any seriously interested consortiums have been able to stay under the radar for this long, especially in HK, as I gather their reporters will be more than willing to add ‘anything’ to the man who is facing trial for money laundering (plus his mortage fiasco). I also think BIHL and PP have used the media to its fullest gossip impact, but it is wearing thin, and if almajir can write a piece like this ..then I wonder who else is thinking the same?

  • Blue Steve says:

    Almajir you could well be right. However BIHL made an official announcement to the HKSE that they were in discussions with 2 parties. They can’t lie about that can they? We just don’t know who they are. We can assume one is Paladini. KRO

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Surely Paladini has sufficent contacts and nonce to know whether there are any serious rival bids in circulation. For any due dilligence process I have been involved in, this has included the competitive bid scenario and usually identifies the other bidding parties. Why would Paladini front up £60k if he wasnt availed of the competitive status? If there are some, then they dont appear to moved to an offer stage and if there arent any, then we should be wishing God Speed to Paladini’s consortium.

  • Bongo says:

    Would take Souness over Clark any day of the week chaps…

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    Possibly, there have been no other bidders than Paladini & Co. Perhaps, it was just a way to raise their bid to mention that there is a Chinese/HK consortium.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    The most likely scenario is that the other parties interested are waiting for the court case.

    Everybody seems to think that Paladinis bis is acceptable?

    Maybe he aint offering what the seller wants?

  • utbb says:

    i just pray ANYONE buys us so we can afford to pay the prats contract up and get him gone – sort the debts and start over without all of the anxiety. I see what some people mean about Souness, but look at his managerial win rate percentage – its pretty good and he has had some big jobs to handle, he’s won 4 major trophies as manager, albeit in the 90’s, early 00’s but id wager that’s loads more than Clark will ever do. 2 – 3 years from now he’ll be at some tin pot league 2 club – and that may be us unless our white knight in shining Armour comes in oh please please please!!! Standing/sitting in the freezing cold watching that yesterday was awful – the players are there, well ace – but Clark couldn’t manage his shit into the pan!!

  • Tonytiler says:

    Surprised George graham. Hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      And “SVEN” !!

      Think the job is to big for LEE CLARKE at the moment,just hit 40 & his first big club,with are problems,but he needs to leave.Ipswich & Bristol were suppose to get BLUES nearer the play~off’s,but,maybe if we don’t win Tuesday,I don’t think there is any come back,even if it takes weeks or months to get a new owner in,don’t think the new board will trust him with there money.

      BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The players who were with us last season need a F`ing bollicking for the way they have preformed this season,no commitment or desire to play in front of there OWN SUPPORTERS,they can’t look in the mirror this season & think “I’M PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER & DONE A SHIFT FOR THE HOME FANS.

      I hope its not true that about the BONUS’S not been paid or BLUES have welshed on any agreement the players had,the reason for this no show at home.

      In my eyes there should only be a bonus if you get promoted or win a cup.Play~off’s is not success just a bonus to the FANS & CLUB.

  • Woods says:

    I met Big Ron last year and spent an evening with him, although a big personality the games moved on.

    Let’s hope the next few weeks brings some stability but in the interim keep supporting the team as difficult as it sometimes is!

  • andy says:

    Yes i totally agree with u almajir, iv often wondered if the chinese consortium is a myth. Apparently they are ready to pay £40 Million for the club, the fee which Carson is looking for. Bit ironic that. I believe the Paladini consortium is and will be the only offer on the table and i for one hope its accepted and we can all move on.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    I am sorry but most of what I read here disgusts me.

    Why the hell are we pandering to Paladini? What’s all this “quick, get him in before they lose interest” crap? Whatever happened to making sure we have the RIGHT people at the helm?!

    As fans, most of you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and realise YOUR job is to get behind the team, however they are performing. The recent run of results and managerial decisions are frustrating but who the hell says we’re entitled to challenge for EPL status just cos we were there 2 years ago?

    We all seem to forget it was the Hairdresser that bankrolled that success and I agree if he cannot sustain the club he needs to go but that doesn’t mean we need to jump into bed with the first slapper that flashes her knickers at us….sorry for the crude analogy.

    Get real, man up, be patient and start turning up and singing for our team and future!!!!


  • evesham blue says:

    Must admit I am skeptical about any other consortium being ready to bid. If there are they are probably waiting to see how CY court case goes before firming up any interest.

    Anyway there is only one bid on the table at the moment and if we dont sell soon then we wont change hands for the January sales.

    If previous history of this regime is anything to go by – then this saga is set to rumble on which will mean Butland or Redmond or both going in January?

    The supposed chinese interest worries me – this deal would probably mean CY remaining in the wings in some capacity.

    At least with the Italians there would be a clean break. It is also worth noting we would have owners who could at least make money available to the club. Something our current owners cannot do at the moment.

    So we have reached an impasse yet again. One thing is for sure there will be no quick answers.

    Playoffs are beyond us now. Lets not kid ourselves. It’s looking like mid to lower table. If it get any worse a relegation battle.

    Changing ownership is crucial but just how desperate is CY to sell?

  • The Truth will hurt says:



  • B25dave says:

    amazed at how little thought is given to such an important subject..
    do they exist dont they exist oh well lets go with the Flashy Bidder at least we know he is real..

    To inform HKSE that two Bidding Groups have signed an agreement and for this to be false is hardly the style of PP..lets face it he loves to expose but not be exposed.And then Paladini via media lets it be known he is raising his bid and also the amounts involved which tells us two things
    one hes not that clever and that also his group is not one of the two that have signed a binding agreement.For once Almajir is summising based on the lack of HK chatter..it may well be that whoever is owed the money by CY and i mean the real Money man or woman doesnt fancy the idea of writing off £50 or £60 million..or even the most recent High Interest Lenders want a return greater than a sale now would deliver.The HK group would most likely involve those individuals taking control in exchange for a free pass for CY which to me would be better for him than any sale..This would explain the HK silence as they dont seem as keen to publish about the faceless money people but all too quick to inflict as much pain on CY as possible..when clearly he is not and never has been the person the HK authorities reaaly want.

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