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BIH Embroiled in New Courtroom Battle

Reports have emerged from Hong Kong that Birmingham International Holdings have found themselves embroiled in another courtroom battle. Former director Lee Yiu-tung took the beleaguered company to an employment tribunal today for a claim of unfair dismissal after his disqualification from the board on January 11 2013.

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Oriental Daily reports that Mr Lee, who was director at BIH (formerly Grandtop) from June 2006 until January of this year told the tribunal that he felt the company was struggling after the resignations of Hua Yong and Jiang Hong Qing in January 2012.

Mr Lee is pursuing the company for HK$1.48million (around £120,000) in owed wages, expenses and severance pay. The company disqualified Mr Lee claiming that he had not attended board meetings for six months, a claim Mr Lee vehemently denied. BIH have also claimed that Mr Lee didn’t perform his duties as a director and have submitted a counter-claim against the former director. Due to the complexity of the nature of this case it has now been referred to High Court.

Whilst I have no doubt that BIH and it’s MD Peter Pannu will want to defend the company’s reputation I can’t help but personally feel that a hearing in High Court – particularly if it’s open to the public – is the last thing that Mr Pannu will want; with the accusations that have been made it would be a simple logical step to conclude that there would be a lot of company information brought out into the open that the company would potentially want kept quiet.

Once I have details of the court date I will update the blog. Due to the sensitive nature of this story I have turned comments off.

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