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West Ham

Trapdoor Pt III

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I have to open this post by saying that my gut feeling that 36 or 38 points to stay up was probably wrong. The way the results have panned out this weekend have left me feeling that we must beat Fulham now to be secure in our future; whilst defeat may not ultimately cost us heavily I don’t believe we can afford to find out if that is the case.

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Bursting Bubbles

My reflections on the match against West Ham – I watched on Sky Sports 1) Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy can’t you see… …sometimes your goals hypnotise me. Walking back to the bus stop from the Man City game, I’d said I could see Zigic getting one against the ‘appy ‘ammers, and I’m pleased to see I […]

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West Ham

My thoughts on the Carling Cup Semi-final first leg against West Ham. I’m writing this after watching it on BBC2. 1) The scoreline isn’t the end of the world. Okay, we lost. It’s true, we lost – and for at least ten or twenty minutes, we could quite possibly have won. It’s not the end […]

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