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Liu Xingcheng is a major shareholder of BIH.

He lives in Guangzhou with his wife Zhou Xin, who is a former shareholder (owning 8.66% of the company until April 13 2012). He is an investor with many investments in mainland China in property.

Liu Xingcheng is the brother-in-law of Carson’s ex-girlfriend, Zhou Dan.



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BIH AGM News – Liu Xingcheng Vote Denied?

Birmingham International Holdings have released the results of the Annual General Meeting held in Tseun Wan today to the Stock Exchange.

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Hong Kong: My Reflections

Having spent a week out in Hong Kong along with Matthew from Tilton Strugglers and OP reader SwissJonny I thought it would now be pertinent having returned to reflect on it all.

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Meeting Liu Xingcheng

Liu Xingcheng is the second largest shareholder in Birmingham International Holdings, owning some fourteen per cent of the company and thus the club. He has never before spoken to the press until today – when he spoke to myself and Matthew from Tilton Strugglers


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We Are Family – Investigating the BIH Shareholders

Blues Trust have revealed earlier this morning that following the fans forum on February 2 that they have made contact with and opened dialogue with BIH shareholders in Hong Kong.

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Who is Liu Xingcheng?

Who is Liu Xingcheng? Many Blues fans won’t have even heard of him, yet he owns 13.74% of Birmingham City – in other words, the second largest shareholder of the club. Yet for a man with a near £7mil stake in Birmingham International Holdings, there isn’t much information about him. I’ve spent some time trying to track him down.

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Whilst Blues have been slogging hard on the football pitch, Carson has done it again. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, he’s been chasing deals within the People’s Republic of China, to expand the “Birmingham” brand name and to bring in more money for the club. This time, it was representatives from the city of Ordos which is in the Inner Mongolia province of China who Carson entertained on a private yacht in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

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