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Squad Analysis Pt II

Yesterday I took a look at the Blues squad, highlighting who I thought was likely to leave, the shallowness of what was left and the areas Blues need to strengthen as a matter of urgency. Now the squad for the five day trip to Ireland has been announced, I thought I’d look at that and reflect further.

Firstly, the notable absentees. Roger Johnson has completed his move to Wolves, and it appears that James McFadden’s playing registration has now been released; he is no longer on the BCFC.com squad list and he’s rumoured to be in talks with our rivals from B6 (although I have no proof of this). Two other players have been left behind due to injury – Cameron Jerome (twisted ankle) and Nikola Zigic (groin niggle). Whilst I’m sure they’re in treatment part of me can’t help but think there may be another reason for them not going.

Secondly, let’s take a look at what younger players went as this may be an indication of where they are in relation to the first team. Fraser Kerr, Alpa Ozturk, Nathan Redmond, Akwasi Asante and Jake Jervis are the five youth players to have made the trip; along with young pros Enric Valles and Jordon Mutch. I’m not really surprised at any of these give making the trip; Ozturk is the only backup we have at right back; Kerr was on the bench a few times last year as back up centre back and with no Zigic or Jerome it was always likely Jervis would go as a fourth striker. Butland is in America with the England u20 squad in preparation for the u20 World Cup so Blues are down to two keepers to make the trip.

Blues also play a friendly away to Worcester on the same day as the Cork game, and the squad for that could be very interesting. Barring any new signings making their bow in this game, it’s going to be young pros, scholars and trialists playing at St George’s Lane. I’ve said before that I have a real problem with the way Blues get rid of so many young players quickly; deciding at 18 or 19 that they’re not going to make it and it’s now left us with a huge gap between the academy graduates and the first team; creating a lot of hard work for Chris Hughton to build a squad capable of playing a minimum fifty games.

With the new season starting three weeks on Saturday it’s now imperative Blues start bringing in some bodies; a few injuries in pre season games is going to make picking eighteen players for the matchday squad against Derby very tricky indeed. I understand that there are financial implications, and that Chris Hughton is limited in who he can bring in, but comparisons to Portsmouth of last year are going to be quickly made if something isn’t sorted out soon. Blues have done reasonably well with the five players that they have already brought in; they need to bring in I reckon at least another four or five (maybe more if more players go) to have any hope of competing at all in this division.

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4 Responses to “Squad Analysis Pt II”

  • bluesbot says:

    I love how your blog brings out the stories relating to BCFC especially regarding Yeung etc etc before the local and national press does – infact it seems to me that they rely on what they read here on often partisan to give them a new newsfeed to copy themselves.
    They should be paying you lol

    Keep up the good work – a fantastic blog aljimir

  • I agree with your analysis mate, but look up the road to Forest and I think that puts our problems into perspective – apparently no-one wants to sign for McLaren. (Surprised???)

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    On a side point – You get the Bosmans as fast as possible imo.
    If a free agent is still sitting around and free on the 31st August, surely one would think – Why?

    Having said that, I think as the bigger clubs settle their squads, certain players may be moving to the fringes of those squads, and it is at that point I think, that ‘Loans’ will begin to be a real option to the player and his club.
    Until the player knows he might have a limited future on the pitch – going out on Loan in July early August isn’t a constructive frame of mind. (Unless you are employed by Spurs) Lol.

    I think it will be later rather than sooner that we head for the Loanees. Which will beef up our squad.

    And, on an even sider point – I’d close every domestic transfer window a week before that domestic season starts, and only allow transfer to another league until August 31st. What you have a week before you kick off is what you keep.No one allowed to be bought in.
    We play 5 or 6 competitive matches before we can safely say what our final squad will be like.

    I think that’s wrong.

    Anyway, good article yet again Mr A.

  • viperblue says:

    you have to get the frees in early,before the best ones are snapped up

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