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Paul Suen Cho Hung

Paul Suen Cho Hung is a 55 year old Chinese Businessman. Educated at the University of Southern Australia, he has been an executive director, chairman and largest shareholder of many Hong Kong listed companies with a reputation for dealing with “distressed stocks”.

His nickname in HK is “細價股殼王” or “Penny Stocks Shell King”

He is named on documentation filed with Companies House in the UK as being involved with Trillion Trophy Asia, who as of August 2015 had signed an exclusivity agreement with Birmingham International Holdings while negotiating to buy either BCFC or BIH.

Latest articles about Paul Suen Cho Hung

BIH: Resumption Confirmed

Birmingham International Holdings have confirmed in an announcement to the stock exchange that trading in shares in the company will resume trading at 9am on Monday morning.

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Happily Ever After

We’re less than a week away from the completion of what must be the longest-running saga in football – the takeover of Birmingham City by Trillion Trophy Asia. Yes, it’s true it’s going to be anti-climactic because it’s actually the shares in the holding company resuming trading with a different person at the helm – but this is it yeah? Happily ever after?

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BIH: The Home Straight

It’s now just eleven days before the scheduled date for the resumption of trading in shares in Birmingham International Holdings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – and with it the completion of the takeover of the company by Trillion Trophy Asia.

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BIH Confirm Board Meeting to Approve Accounts

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced to the stock exchange that the Receivers would be meet on Friday 30 September to approve the yearly accounts for the company.

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Who is Paul Suen? – Part II

As there hasn’t been much in the way of football happening of late due to the international break, I thought it might be interesting to see if it was possible to find out a little bit more about what Blues’ would-be new owner, Paul Suen Cho Hung, has been up to. It appears he has been a busy boy.

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The Takeover: What Should We Expect?

With news breaking on Thursday that the longest running takeover saga in football might actually be completed in six weeks or so, I got asked the usual slew of questions on social media about who Paul Suen/Trillion Trophy Asia are, what their intentions are and whether Blues are going to spend a huge amount of money on transfers in January.

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EGMs and Selfies

It’s less than a week now before the Birmingham International Holdings EGM takes place in Hong Kong and the club can take another step forward in the most protracted takeover known to man.

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BIH: Progress or More Delays?

Today marks the final day Birmingham International Holdings have to make an announcement to the HKSE: To either confirm the date of twice-delayed EGM to approve the measures to allow Trillion Trophy Asia to take control, or to once again delay. Which will it be?

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Cogs Turning in Takeover

Following the announcement made a couple of weeks ago, we are starting to see evidence of the takeover of Birmingham International Holdings take shape.

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OP Video Podcast – Takeover!

Yesterday saw huge news as Birmingham International Holdings announced a roadmap for changes to its shareholding structure which would see the end of Carson Yeung as major shareholder and the installation of Paul Suen Cho Hung and Trillion Trophy Asia as the new owners of the club.

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