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What’s Going On – an OP Editorial

I’ve been asked by a few people via the comments on articles here and by email what my thoughts are on the developments with regards to Hong Kong – to wit the resignation of two executive directors and the news that money has come into the club from the parent company. I’ve had some time to think about it now, and this is what I think. Please note unless I where I point out otherwise this is going to be speculation on my part and shouldn’t be treated as gospel truth.

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More Directorial Changes at BIHL

A second executive director in ten days has resigned from the board of BIHL this morning.

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Directorial Changes at BIH

Birmingham International Holdings have announced in the last few hours that executive director Hua Yong has resigned from his position.

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BCFC, BIH and Finances: The OP Perspective

Long term readers of this blog will know that one thing I have tried to do is to work out exactly what is happening with regards to Birmingham City, and to it’s parent company Birmingham International Holdings Ltd. I have tried consistently to find information that is researched and provable to pass on to Birmingham City fans to stop some of the hyperbole and outright lies that are out there. I’ve put this article together to give you an idea of where I’ve got to; what we know for sure and what is still unknown.

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Chinese Media: Yang Yuezhou making further acquisitions

It’s not strictly anything to do with Blues, but I’m posting this titbit as people have been interested in Yang Yuezhou, vice chairman of BIHL.

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What’s Going On?

I’ve been trying to make sense of what the hell is going on at Blues recently – with stories in the Daily Mirror of financial meltdown at Blues; stories from China of Carson being let off a HK$9.5mil loan, and Peter Pannu apparently refusing to speak to Tom Ross because of an article on this website. With this in mind I’ve had a bit of a think about it all, and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

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Further Player Sales?

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It’s a three sentence story in the Mirror, it’s by James Nursey and it’s about how Blues are going to have to sell players again. Yes, despite there being some twelve and half weeks until the new transfer window opens, the bad vibes have started again. Is it because it’s the international break and thus a slow news week, or is it really time to panic at Blues again?

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Who is Yang Yuezhou? Pt II

Judging by the amount of emails I get and the google searches that have led people to this site, it appears that this “who is Yang Yuezhou” is still a question on some fans’ lips. There is an absolute dearth of information about Mr Yang in the press, so I’ve spent some time trying to piece together a bit more about him and his business interests, in the hope of working out if he really is our “billionaire” white knight saviour.

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International Recruitment – investors and players?

It’s been confirmed – by James Nursey of the Mirror at least – the supposedly billionaire new investor is Yang Yuezhou – as first mentioned on this website nearly a month ago. I have to admit, I’m sceptical as to just how rich Mr Yang is; I’ve seen nothing to indicate that he is “mega-rich” but then again it’s entirely possible he’s the front for a group of investors that possibly could include the government of the People’s Republic of China. It’s once more into the unknown – that’s for sure.

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Chinese Media – Debts and Yang Yuezhou

Yesterday, I linked the news from China that Yang Yuezhou had loaned BIH around £6mil, and had taken the vice-chairship of the board, as well as installing two placemen. Unfortunately, I’ve now seen in the press the reason for this infusion of cash – and the bad news is BCFC aren’t going to see a penny of it.

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