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You may have noticed I don’t often do match reviews/reports/reflections on away games – I don’t get to many and to be honest I don’t listen to the radio commentary much either when we’re playing – generally out of frustration because we’re losing. I caught the last thirty minutes of the live comms from BRMB today, and I thought I’d write something about it as there has been a lot of talk online.

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Friday News Round-Up

Instead of waffling on about something I’ve already covered a couple of times before, I thought I’d put together a roundup of news from the last few days.

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Goals, Goals, Goals? BCFC v Peterborough preview

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Tomorrow sees the return of the Championship to St Andrews with the visit of Peterborough United. It’ll have been three weeks since the last home league game and sixteen days since the thrilling draw against Club Brugge, so I suspect I won’t be the only fan chomping at the bit to watch Blues in action again.

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Recharging Batteries and Wetting Babies’ Heads

I hate international week. I’m not a huge fan of international football (although I’ll probably end up watching England on the box) and as you’ve probably noticed if you read any of the messageboards around it’s kinda killed discussion about Blues – which is a problem when you’ve made a personal commitment to updating a […]

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The Comeback Kids Strike Again – Blues v Brugge review

Here are my reflections on the Birmingham City v Club Brugge Europa League group stage game:

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Where’s Valles?

Some time back on a messageboard not too far away, there was a bit of an in-joke made about players being in the squad, but never anywhere near the team – as if they were locked in a cupboard somewhere. The original joke named it the “Jamie Clapham” cupboard, after the erstwhile leftback, but I think we’ve got a new occupant and a new updated name for a sad old joke – Enric Valles.

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Tired Legs: Blues v Brighton review

Here are my reflections on the Blues v Brighton match at St Andrews.

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Outfoxed: the Blues v Leicester review

Here are my reflections on the home game against Leicester City today at St Andrews.

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Continuous Improvements

Instead of endlessly going on about the financial situation at Blues, I thought it would be nice this weekend to talk about football for a change. After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? I’ve been reading through some of the stuff Chris Hughton has said about players pushing on and I thought I’d put my own take on it.

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Foxes come to St Andrews

Ye Gods and little children, football at St Andrews this weekend. It feels like an absolute age since our last game at home – well, three weeks is a long time I guess. And yet I have this massive feeling it’s going to be an anti-climax with so many fans looking forward to the trip to Brugge in midweek. However, Sven is coming to town and thus I present my Leicester preview.

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