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Victor Ma Shui Cheong

Personal Info
Name Victor Ma Shui Cheong
Chinese Name 馬瑞昌
Date of Birth 1960
Board Appointments
BCFC 3 February 2014 –
BIH 7 December 2012 – 9 March 2015
 Other ListCo Appointments
Sing Pao Media Enterprises Ltd 13 May 2010 –


Victor Ma Shui-cheong was appointed to the Birmingham City Football Club board on February 3, 2014. He served on the board of Birmingham International Holdings from December 7, 2012 until 9 March 2015 and has been Managing Director of Sing Pao Media Enterprises since December 7, 2010. He was appointed as vice chairman of the BIH board on February 4, 2014.

Ma, who holds a degree from the Open University is a brother-in-law of Carson Yeung.

Latest articles about Victor Ma Shui Cheong

OP Video Podcast – Delays and Reviews

Today saw two announcements from BIH to the HKSE – confirming yet more delays and also the outcome of the internal control review.

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Why is the takeover taking so long?

One question that I have been asked a lot of late is “what if?” What if Carson overturns his appeal? What if Blues pull off the impossible dream and gets promoted? What if Trillion Trophy Asia decide they don’t want to fund Birmingham City any more?

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BIH – Unfounded and Defamatory

In a second announcement made to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, BIH have confirmed a complaint was received by the HKSE with respect firstly to Trillion Trophy Asia being given an exclusivity agreement with respect to a takeover of BIH/BCFC and secondly to Victor Ma Shui-cheong and Panagiotis (Panos) Pavlakis retaining their roles as directors of BCFC.

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Another Day, Another Writ

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed in an announcement to the stock exchange that they are pursuing legal action against U-Continent Holdings for failing to disclose their relationship with Carson Yeung.

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BIH: Massive Directoral Change – Pannu Removed, Panos Resigns

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the stock exchange changes at board level that see seven directors resign including Panos Pavlakis, two suspended and two removed, including Peter Pannu. The new board consists of the receivers alone – however Panos and Victor Ma remain directors at club level.

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BIH Name Victor Ma Shui-Cheong as CEO and MD

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed that Victor Ma Shui-Cheong has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company, effective today.

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Carson Demands BIH hold EGM

BIH have today announced to the HKSE that they have received letters from Carson Yeung and from U-Continent in their capacity as major shareholders demanding an EGM be held to remove three directors and appoint three directors of their choosing.

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Ongoing Battles

Birmingham International Holdings will hold their postponed AGM tomorrow in Gold Coast, Hong Kong with controversial director Peter Pannu seeking re-election as an executive director along with Panos Pavlakis and four others. With all that has happened over the last month people could be forgiven for thinking that this may be the end of an […]

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Revolutions and Civil Wars

The Rowett Revolution carries on apace with Blues picking up another three points at the weekend courtesy of a well fought 1-0 win over Huddersfield. David Cotterill scored the winner with a free kick that left Huddersfield keeper Alex Smithies grasping at thin air to propel Blues up to fifteenth in the table, equidistant between the playoffs and relegation.

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BIH: Informal Non-Binding Offers Will Not Be Entertained

Birmingham International Holdings today confirmed to the HKSE it will not entertain any “informal, non-binding offers” for Birmingham City FC.

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