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Kevin Phillips

Full Name  Kevin Mark Phillips
DOB  25 July 1973
Place of Birth  Hitchin, England
Nationality  English
Position  Striker
Blues Playing Statistics
Total League Appearances  69
Total Appearances  82
League Goals  19
Total Goals  22
Birmingham City Debut against  Sheffield United 9 August 2008
Birmingham City Debut goal against  Sheffield United 9 August 2008
Facebook Fan Page  Facebook
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Do You Remember When… Phillips scored 2 to beat the Wolves?

With it being international week and football news being quieter than the proverbial church mouse, I thought it would be nice to reminisce about games from time gone by. I don’t really want to do the obvious ones like the Carling Cup Final or Brugge away but more games that are a little bit less obvious but were special in their own way and develop it into an occasional series. The first one I wanted to talk about was the February 10 2010 meeting between Blues and Wolves.

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I’m not going to write a match report for the Fulham game. There are so many synonyms for gutless, and having left myself with fifteen minutes to go feeling physically sick at just how bad we’d played, I couldn’t do it justice. Suffice it to say, that was the kind of performance that not only gets you relegated, but deserves relegation.

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Under Pressure

Tomorrow sees the visit of Wolves to St Andrews, in what can only be described in the classic football cliché of a “six-pointer”. With the end of the season now coming up fast, pressure is starting to bear down on Blues – even more so on Wolves – and tomorrow could be an absolute humdinger.

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Two Boxes

Saturday’s game was not just seen as a return to winning ways by Blues fans, but a return to a team that is attacking; a team full of purpose, of vim and vigour. For many, including Colin Tattum here, the return of Kevin Phillips to the team is seen as the catalyst for the improvement of performance. Whilst not denigrating at all KP’s contribution to the game on Saturday, I think that there is more to the win than just Phillips being able to score a goal – Blues were better defensively, and for Blues that can mean the difference between three points and no points.

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Humble Pie

Why Kevin Phillips is worth a start, why Curtis Davies isn’t and where we need to go from here.

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As the 2010-11 season draws to a close, eleven Birmingham City players are in a position where they don’t know what club they will play for next season. Under the Bosman ruling, they are free to talk to any club outside of the English League system about a contract for next year, but will have to wait until June 1 before they can discuss terms with another English team. I thought I’d take a look at those eleven players in a bit more detail.

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The Kevin Phillips Conundrum

For a team that doesn’t score many goals, the Kevin Phillips conundrum is an intriguing one. For a player that has scored in every game he has started this season, you can understand why he might want to start more games. It’s an issue that has caused discussion on the messageboards, and I thought that I would look into it a bit deeper.

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After the Lord Mayor’s Show

Here are my reflections on the Birmingham City v WBA game. Due to illness, I was at home watching this on Sky Sports 2. 1) David Bentley is going to have to improve As things stand, I don’t think we can afford him anyway, but on today’s performance I wouldn’t sign him. He has got […]

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