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Cameron Jerome

Full Name Cameron Zishan Rana-Jerome
DOB 14th August 1986
Place of Birth Huddersfield, England
Nationality English
Position Striker
Blues Playing Statistics
Total League Appearances 170
Total Appearances 189
League Goals 37
Total Goals 41
Birmingham City Debut against Colchester United 05 August 2006
Birmingham City Debut goal against QPR 12 September 2006
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Twitter Twitter
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Latest articles about Cameron Jerome

Flak for Fahey

I guess it’s probably the same at every other team, but it seems that Blues need one player to be the goat – one player to blame our woes and our strife on, the one who holds us back. Cameron Jerome, Damien Johnson, Liam Ridgewell – it seems every year there are players who are picked upon because they “don’t score enough goals”, or “are too limited” even though they may be a playing a team that doesn’t score enough or is limited. This year, it’s Keith Fahey.

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The Bristol City game saw Keith Fahey making his one hundredth appearance for Birmingham City, joining Stephen Carr and Liam Ridgewell as one of three players at the club with appearances in three figures. It got me thinking about player loyalty – there were of course more players with bigger amounts of appearances but our summer sales saw a fair few leave – and I thought I would discuss it further.

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Ins and Outs – a transfer deadline day summary

September is finally here, and with it the end of the transfer window. It’s been a massive monkey on the Blues’ collective backs, and to see only Scott Dann and Cameron Jerome go on transfer deadline day I think is quite pleasing. Not only that, but Blues made two acquisitions in Pablo Ibanez and Wade Elliott that actually cost money. The shock!

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Looking forwards to the week ahead

After a hectic few weeks of European games, transfer intrigue and rumour, things promise to die down a bit this week. I suspect it’s going to be a bit busy in the next forty eight hours as Blues finally (hopefully) sort out the sales of Scott Dann, Cameron Jerome and Nikola Zigic; and even more hopefully bring in a couple of bodies to help rebuild the squad.

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Give Hughton a Chance

One thing that is clear from all the reports I’ve seen from people who went to see Blues play yesterday at Middlesbrough is that the team is knackered. They tried hard first half, did well first half but the after effects of playing in Europe kicked in in the second half, and the team just fell away. It’s understandable really, and shouldn’t be used as a slight against them or Chris Hughton. However, with one and a bit weeks left in the transfer window, it’s getting down to a time period when things need to happen.

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I have to admit, I cursed my timing in taking a week away. I was going to miss for sure the first match of the season and (as happened) the second too. I wouldn’t be able to follow what happened when Carson had his day in court, and no doubt we’d have sold some players and maybe brought one in. As it turned out, I didn’t really miss much at all – and whilst it’s a bit relieving to have a pause in the current maelstrom of events at Blues I can’t help that at the moment we’re trapped in stasis.

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Ins and Outs: a Transfer story roundup

With all the background stuff going on at Blues, I’ve not talked about the playing side much, so I thought today I’d take a look at the transfer rumours out there and discuss them further.

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Squad Analysis Pt II

Yesterday I took a look at the Blues squad, highlighting who I thought was likely to leave, the shallowness of what was left and the areas Blues need to strengthen as a matter of urgency. Now the squad for the five day trip to Ireland has been announced, I thought I’d look at that and reflect further.

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Squad Analysis

With Blues scheduled to play friendlies against Cork City and Worcester City this weekend, I thought it might be worth having a look at the squad as it stands just to see exactly how thin it is and where I think we will have to strengthen if we’re to have a hope of doing well this season.

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Everything must go?

And so it begins. Reports that Craig Gardner has all but sealed his move to the Stadium of Light; reports of a Stoke joint bid for Scott Dann and Cameron Jerome. It’s set off some discussions on the forums, and I thought I’d write a quick post about the way I see it.

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